The Dove

Conducted and Composed by Elizabeth Hunter™

Last Update 14 February, 2018


9. Specialist Does not Care. Well, we got the job done on time! Specialist profile in pdf

Approx. Population - 6% MBTI - ISFP. Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving.

10. Investigator Really wants to be a good person and usually is. I’m determined to find out what’s causing this. Investigator profile in pdf

Approx. Population - 1%. MBTI - INFJ. Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging.

11. Agent 24/7 in la la Land. Just tell me what you would like me to do. Agent profile in pdf

Approx. Population - 4%. MBTI - INFP. Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving.

12. Achiever Low key Awesome. It’s my project. I want the credit and I’ll take the blame. Achiever profile in pdf

Approx. Population - 3%. MBTI - ISTP. Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving.

As a Leader

9 - Specialist - A cautious leader. Example: JOHN. Martina Navratilova. Ted Baillieu.

10 - Investigator - A determined leader. Examples: ABRAHAM. Jimmy Carter. Adolph Hitler.

11 - Agent - An appreciative leader. Examples: NEHEMIAH. Nelson Mandela. Martin Luther King.

12 - Achiever - A missionary leader. Examples: ISAAC. Clint Eastwood. Tom Cruise.


9 - Specialist - Gentle, quiet, unobtrusive commitment.

10 - Investigator - I think this is important!

11 - Agent - Be guided by your heart.

12 - Achiever - You stay off my back and I’ll stay off yours.


9 - Specialist - Create calm, safe environment.

10 - Investigator - Dogged determination and follow through. Integrates attitudes, values, standards and the opinions of others into one's own identity or sense of self (particularly if 'boss' is Developer, Results or Inspirational).

11 - Agent - Treats people with respect.

12 - Achiever - Fights for equality and justice. Often involved in 'causes'. Immovable on issues.

Conflict Matrix

9 - Specialist - Will want to keep things the same.

10 - Investigator - Will provide rationale.

11 - Agent - May avoid conflict to preserve the group.

12 - Achiever - Will be precise about facts.

Sins and Virtues matrix

9 - Specialist - Diligence (Virtue Rank 4/7) - Steadfast application, assiduousness and industry, hard work. A zealous and careful nature in one's actions and work. Decisive work ethic. Budgeting one's time; monitoring one's own activities to guard against laziness.

10 - Investigator - Chastity (Virtue Rank 7/7) - Sexual behaviour that is acceptable to the moral standards and guidelines of their culture, civilization or religion. Sexual abstinence, especially before marriage.

11 - Agent - Forgiveness (Virtue Rank 3/7) - Forbearance and endurance through moderation. Resolving conflicts peacefully, as opposed to resorting to violence. The ability to forgive; to show mercy to sinners.

12 - Achiever - Humility (Virtue Rank 1/7) - Act or posture of lowering oneself in relation to others; having a clear perspective and respect for one's place in context. Modest behaviour, selflessness, and the giving of respect. Giving credit where credit is due; not unfairly glorifying one's own self.

In a meeting

9 - Specialist - Dinosaur.

10 - Investigator - Have gripes / mood swings.

11 - Agent - Hijacker.

12 - Achiever - Hostile.

Self Improvement

9 - Specialist - Be aware that you may hold too much to past tradition in both procedures and processes.

10 - Investigator - Be aware that you might need to reduce “either/or” thinking and realize that “both/and” solutions are possible.

11 - Agent - Be aware that you may prefer to maintain silent in a negative situation rather than to work in a pro-active way to create changes.

12 - Achiever - Be aware that you could use more people skills in motivating and managing others.

As a negotiator

Style - Tend to Compromise.

Result - Tend to be they lose and the other side loses.

Outcome - Unsatisfactory.

With Others at Work and in Social Situation

Scale 1 - 8. 1&2 Excellent; 3&4 Good; 5&6 Fair; 6&7 Poor.

High S with High D: Work: 1. Social: 6.

High S with High I: Work: 1. Social: 5.

High S with High S: Work: 3. Social: 1.

High S with High C: Work: 2. Social: 1.5.

As a performance appraiser

Style - High S's will likely be the most lenient managers.

Result - They prefer stability to change.

Outcome - A waste of time and the status quo remains - good or bad.

As a customer service representative

Style - High D's put relationship building as secondary to fixing the problem. Never put a High D across the counter from the customer who wants to vent.

Result - Perfect when customer service means getting to the point, fixing the problem, and moving on to the next customer. For all other situations there will be problems.

Outcome - Maybe two-thirds of the population hear an abrupt “tell me what you want me to do to the fix your problem” as cold and un-empathetic. High D's are really not suited to these roles.

As a gift buyer

9 - Specialist - Scours a plethora of DIY blogs for ideas then crafts incredibly personalized gifts for each of their loved ones. Blows their friends and family away by showcasing how readily they’ve been picking up on their unique interests and styles.

10 - Investigator - Crafts personalized, heartfelt gifts that explain what each of their loved ones means to them. Delivers them weeks ahead of the holiday season, because it feels inauthentic to use a socially constructed holiday as a means of sharing love and appreciation.

11 - Agent - Waits until they’re feeling inspired, then sits down with a glass of wine and a playlist of instrumental music to write heartfelt letters for each of their loved ones. Pairs each letter with a carefully selected hand crafted gift from an on-line store that captures the person’s essence.

12 - Achiever - Picks out the tech gadget they’ve been secretly wanting to try out. Gives it to someone who they know will let them play with it.

What to give as a gift

9 - Specialist - Time, An Adventure, Soft cosy items, Act of service, Artwork or artwork supplies, Fun gadgets, Scented items.

10 - Investigator - Crafts personalized, heartfelt gifts that explain what each of their loved ones means to them. Delivers them weeks ahead of the holiday season, because it feels inauthentic to use a socially constructed holiday as a means of sharing love and appreciation.

11 - Agent - Waits until they’re feeling inspired, then sits down with a glass of wine and a playlist of instrumental music to write heartfelt letters for each of their loved ones. Pairs each letter with a carefully selected hand crafted gift from an on-line store that captures the person’s essence.

12 - Achiever - Practical tools, Affection from romantic partner, An experience, High quality food and drinks, Quality socks, Technological gadgets, Cash.

Patterns & Fascination

9 - Specialist - Trust - Build relationships through dependability. With Trust as Secondary, The Old Guard - Predictable, Safe, Unmovable.

10 - Investigator - Trust - Build relationships through dependability. With Mystique as Secondary, The Anchor - Protective, Purposeful, Analytical.

11 - Agent - Trust - Build relationships through dependability. With Alert as Secondary, The Good Citizen - Principled, Prepared, Conscientious.

12 - Achiever - Trust - Build relationships through dependability. With Power as Secondary, The Gravitas - Dignified, Stable, Hardworking.

Tension Warner

SD - S with D - Pace & Priority. Indirect, Slower-Paced, Open, People-Oriented v. Direct, Fast-Paced, Guarded, Task-Oriented.

SI - S with I - Priority. Indirect, Slower-Paced v. Direct, Fast-Paced.

SS - S with S - Passive, Inactive.

SC - S with C - Priority. Open, People-Oriented v. Guarded, Task-Oriented.


9 - Specialist - Mr. Routine. Robin. Cocoa. Adventurer. Snob. Saint Bernard.

10 - Investigator - Mr. Stubborn-Opinionated. Hummingbird. Mineral Water. Advocate. Messiah. Greyhound. [Activist]

11 - Agent - Mr. Volunteer. Dove. Green Tea. Mediator. Fanatic. Tibetan Terrier. [Activist]

12 - Achiever - Mr. Workaholic. Cuckoo. Vodka. Virtuoso. Assassin. Basset Hound.


9 - Specialist - Won't change.

10 - Investigator - Tactless.

11 - Agent - Upset if you do not agree with them.

12 - Achiever - Tends to take over.

Female Dressage

9 - Specialist - With a sensitive and kind nature usually enjoy the present moment more so than the past or future. Work in their own time and at their own pace. Not a fan of conflicts and arguments will enjoy an easygoing dress that requires minimal effort yet is also stylish.

10 - Investigator - Hold strong personal values. Interested in discovering connections and meaning in ideas and relationships. A structured blazer illustrates bold and self-sufficient personalities.

11 - Agent - Idealistic and also adaptable and flexible to the environment around them. Curiosity and intuitiveness allow to be less afraid of the season’s trends, so cropped flared-denim jeans is the go.

12 - Achiever - Stay out of the limelight for the most part but are quick problem-solvers. A jean jacket is the perfect third piece for a fuss-free and fashionable outfit.

Male Dressage

9 - Specialist - Like to wear things that are a bit unusual and quirky according to their personal aesthetic preferences as opposed to what is socially standard. They may be a bit unorthodox yet modest although they do like to look swanky. They want to look attractive and oftentimes have a very classy style sensibility that is different and intriguing. Because many of them have an artistic bend, ISFPs may have a hipster streak and incorporate ironic juxtapositions into their wardrobe.

10 - Investigator - Like to convey something about themselves through their clothing. They may adopt an edgy artistic aesthetic or a buttoned up and professional one. Whatever look they go for, it will likely be alluring and well put together in a subtle and low-effort kind of way. Do not seek to call attention to themselves with their clothing but rather blend in by wearing what seems appropriate for the situation yet doesn’t impair their individualism.

11 - Agent - Like to accentuate their good qualities and uniqueness without being ostentatious or attention grabbing. They probably dislike uniforms and restrictive dress codes. Adopt a fashion sense that probably echoes the unique image they hold of themselves and conveys their individuality. They may be a bit hipsterish and inclined to experiment with unusual combinations and put a twist on conventional styles.

12 - Achiever - Many may prefer to dress in a casually stylish and comfy way. They may dress in a a lot of sporty apparel like jerseys, caps and Adidas track jackets. They may enjoy wearing novel tees that showcase their particular subculture such as Star Wars or Harry Potter. Baggy pants, cargo pants and ripped or jeans with a rugged or faded look may be examples of things they might wear. They like to dress in a slightly working class style rather than wear crisp professional or pretentious attire.

What sort of Holiday

9 - Specialist - Wildlife project volunteering.

10 - Investigator - Creative writing retreat.

11 - Agent - Backpacking with a soulmate.

12 - Achiever - A long distance trail.

As a house Guest

Preliminary - Under Research. Contributions welcome. "Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days." ― Benjamin Franklin

9 - Specialist - As Host: Ok, you'll find it in a mess. As Guest: I might unexpectedly tell you when I'm coming and for how long.

10 - Investigator - As Host: My rules, don't leave things like that! As Guest: I'll use as much hot water as I like.

11 - Agent - As Host: Of course, but I might not be there. As Guest: I'm likely to bring unwanted folk back from the march.

12 - Achiever - As Host: Let me tidy up first. As Guest: I may well just dive in and fix broken stuff. I'll want to be entertained and I will exhaust you.

In a Relationship

More information is available on other sites. This is a summary. Elevanto does not totally agree with this.

9 - Specialist - With Director and Appraiser.

10 - Investigator - With Promoter, Inspirational and Enhancer.

11 - Agent - With Persuader and Inspirational.

12 - Achiever - With Appraiser and Director.

Jobs and Tasks

9 - Specialist - Making others happy. Providing practical services for others; Helping people with information; Planning social events; Being patient with others; Taking care of others; Getting answers for people now; Finding resources for people; Following written procedures; Making others feel comfortable and at ease; Serving; Focusing on what people need.

10 - Investigator - Empowering others. Encouraging others to grow and develop; Creating programs that enrich others; Motivating and inspiring others; Focusing on personal meaning and self-expression; Motivating others to use information for their own benefit; Solving new and complex problems that will benefit the future of humanity; Changing the way people do things; Helping others resolve conflict; Mentoring; Designing projects; Focusing on performing.

11 - Agent - Empowering others. Encouraging others to grow and develop; Creating programs that enrich others; Motivating and inspiring others; Focusing on personal meaning and self-expression; Motivating others to use information for their own benefit; Solving new and complex problems that will benefit the future of humanity; Changing the way people do things; Helping others resolve conflict; Mentoring; Designing projects; Focusing on performing.

12 - Achiever - Getting things right. Analyzing information in a detached and subjective way; Collecting and keeping track of data; Managing projects; Doing budgets and overseeing them; Instructing; Finding more efficient ways of doing things; Controlling information; Applying principles consistently; Doing cost-benefit analyses; Improving; Focusing on what needs to be done now.

As a friend

9 - Specialist - In touch. The earthy and artistic friend, who knows more about pop culture than you. They are always current on what is popular and are very in touch with the world around them. Which is fine by you since they keep you hip. They may be a little bit of a hippie, but you love how in touch with nature they are.

10 - Investigator - Suspicious. The friend who always finds a way to make you feel ready for the future. The friend who encourages you to live your life the way that you want to. They are supportive and always there for you, but are probably constantly afraid that you will betray them. When you two talk it feels like you are being understand and completely accepted.

11 - Agent - Sympathetic. The friend that you feel completely comfortable being yourself with. They don’t look down on you for your flaws and are completely understanding of you. When you get tired of the shallow world, you can always come to this friend for the in depth and passionate conversation that you need.

12 - Achiever - Laid back. The laid back and sarcastic friend who you always seem to have fun with, even if you aren’t doing anything. They know how to fix anything, so that’s a plus.

Myers Briggs & Kiersey & iPersonic Xref + Career & Examples

9 - Specialist - Myers Briggs MBTI - ISFP. Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving. KIERSEY - Artisan (=Craftsman) - Composer. iPERSONIC - Sensitive Doer. Career: Painter, potter, jeweller, fashion designer, carpenter, chef, surveyor, botanist, chemist. waiter, beautician, retail clerk, bookkeeper or legal secretary. Key hate: Being trapped. Examples: Kevin Costner; Victoria Azarenka; Anthony Hopkins.

10 - Investigator - Myers Briggs MBTI - INFJ. Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging. KIERSEY - Idealist - Counselor. iPERSONIC - Harmony-seeking Idealist. Career: Professor , teacher, counselor, educational consultant, clergy, nun, director of religious education. social worker, social scientist, mediator, human services, marketing, job analyst, novelist, designer or artist. Key hate: Darkness. Examples: J.K. Rowling; Mother Teresa; Heath Ledger.

11 - Agent - Myers Briggs MBTI - INFP. Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving. KIERSEY - Idealist - Healer. iPERSONIC - Dreamy Idealist. Career: Visionary in the world of music, art, entertainment or dance. Professor, teacher, counselor, social worker, organizational development, HR, religion or librarian. Key hate: Not living up to ideals. Examples: Shakespeare; Al Pacino; Mahatma Ghandi, Jesus.

12 - Achiever - Myers Briggs MBTI - ISTP. Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving. KIERSEY - Artisan (=Craftsman) - Crafter. iPERSONIC - Individualistic Doer. Career: Computer programmer or technician, pilot, race car driver, marshal, intelligence agent, banker, purchasing agent, securities analyzer or tradie. Key hate: Physical helplessness. Examples: Clint Eastwood; Brad Pitt; Tom Cruise.

Philosophy regarding money

9 - Specialist - Happy. Is a starving artist or lowly paid worker, but wouldn’t have it any other way due to reluctance to change.
A Player also. Overly impulsive and optimistic about risks and carefree about planning. Resourcefulness and a can-do attitude can be just what’s needed for an entrepreneurial experiment.

10 - Investigator - Saver. Works long hours as a coach / therapist / guidance counsellor, eventually saving up enough to build an off-the-grid cottage / sanctuary in the forest or at the seaside.
A Pleaser also. Can be subject to financial abuse at the hands of individuals who may take advantage of the desire to put others’ needs above their own. May overspending on themselves “because I’m worth it". Should steer clear of toxic friends who can manipulate best intentions.

11 - Agent - Donor. Gladly gives their last $20 to a homeless person, occasionally forgets to pay the utility bill.
A Pleaser also. Can be subject to financial abuse at the hands of individuals who may take advantage of the desire to put others’ needs above their own. May overspending on themselves “because I’m worth it". Should steer clear of toxic friends who can manipulate best intentions.

12 - Achiever - Risky. Earns a living playing on-line poker, buys at least one motorcycle.
A Player also. Overly impulsive and optimistic about risks and carefree about planning. Resourcefulness and a can-do attitude can be just what’s needed for an entrepreneurial experiment.

Spending Attitude

9 - Specialist - Aesthetic. Finely honed aesthetic tastes and are generally interested in expressing their identity to people with money. Look for high spending on clothing especially along with dining out with friends. More reserved than Developer and will scale back when required. Optimistic about risks. High Roller.

10 - Investigator - Tempted. Good savers but, when surrounded by peers who are spending more exuberantly, may feel tempted to spend more. Should steer clear of toxic friends who may manipulate best intentions. Although they will generally not join in, they may sometimes make bad decisions randomly as a result of stress and momentary carelessness. Money not that important but it is when making career decisions. May overspend 'because I'm worth it'. Social Spender.

11 - Agent - Carefree. Spending habits are very reflective of the environment they are in. e.g. brought up in a money-conscious household will also be that. In the absence of proper guidance, are apt to take risks beyond what they can handle. May overspend 'because I'm worth it'. Compulsive Shopper.

12 - Achiever - Full Lifer. Very interested in traveling and new experiences with dining along with other material luxuries. This can lead to rash decisions and spending then becomes too high, especially given a high propensity to take risks which are viewed optimistically. Luxury Shopper.

Financial Toxicity

9 - Specialist - Safe. Pay what's due, when it's due. Simple. Won't splurge on themselves or you.

10 - Investigator - Extractor. Pretends to reach for the wallet but always comes up short, so the other party pays. Or gets up to go to the bathroom when they see the waiter coming to the table with the bill.

11 - Agent - Over Generous. Insists on paying for your dinners every time you go out. Tries to be the one who handles things, gives expensive gifts, or just does more financially than necessary. But there's a trick. While it may appear to make them happy, they are creating a circumstance that you have some sort of debt / commitment / time / emotion etc. They'll be upset but it is wise not to get into debt.

12 - Achiever - Slacker. Acts like they need help though they really don’t need it - 'crying wolf'. They ask for money, though they actually aren’t doing anything to try on their own. Living off others is what they would rather do, instead of taking the difficult step of trying to be self-sufficient. This can be a challenge, so don't lend.

The Sir Robertson Sole Symptoms™

The Sir Robertson Sole Symptoms™ are really the harsh truth. No-one likes this section and Sir Robertson is aware of this. These symptoms are useful in picking patterns if you have the chance to observe how someone goes in a very negative way. You'll need to look in the four quadrants to explore all sixteen soles. [Signed: R. Sole]

9 - Specialist - The Fat Bulldog. Posses no logic at all and see no patterns in reality. Switch from petting animals at the zoo then go hang gliding afterwards for excitement. Some work fiercely on trying to come up with less obnoxious things for the subculture to do. This does not redeem them.

10 - Investigator - The Conspirator. Fond of themselves and try to have friends but they often do not get past the “hello” phase. After telling too much and then too little, can befriend and then listen and pretend other's anecdotes actually were own experiences. Then it's all about them. Validation for their ideas from other people is unrealistic as the ideas are half-witted. Confuse facts and beliefs. Even if an idea is validated may be taken a negative and converted into an insult. This is considered to be dumb behaviour. Prefer non-interactive media, which is why they like poetry and prose. Will not let go if they bite you, which they are prone to do.

11 - Agent - The one who is overly annoyed or bothered by a perceived insult to their bullshit. A leech to a fun environment that no one wants to deal with them or help them. May not succeed in life. Say to them you understand when actually there is nothing to understand. Disinterested in the material world as anything that matters to them happens inside their head. Find meaning in meaningless things. They are the kid in the back of the class who understands nothing and believes themselves to understand it all. Never ask questions and always make assumptions. If you correct their assumptions they are likely to not hear you. Will forgive all due to doubt that anything they perceive is truly there. If you leave, it might take them up to three weeks to notice, had you been living together.

12 - Achiever - The useless son of a bitch. Ignore social norms. Introspective thinking creates logical consistency in fixing things - cars etc. May be considered dumb accordingly. Can be helped by taking a chill pill. Unpredictable in the worst of ways – one second they might be slouching around doing absolutely nothing, and in the next they will be all up in your face screaming and flailing. They don’t care about their own or others’ safety, they rarely check facts, and they often endanger others with their shenanigans. Imagine them as ticking bombs. A relationship with an ISTP is exhausting. If they do not get what they want they will act like a child and you will be thoroughly embarrassed because these grown-up babies will sulk or throw fits.

Truthful Toxicity & Ingeniously Problematic™

Can the Elevanto expertise assist in lie detection? Sometimes. Ingeniously Problematic™ behaviour is on display when it is clearly known what the desired outcome is, yet an assertion is made that may not be untruthful, is likely to be ambiguous and the author can use it to advantage. It is designed to give the recipient hope; reality may be 'bugger off' or (mis)leading you into taking up some sort of offer. It is often involves blatant hypocrisy.
Outright lying is easy to pick as I claim to be cruising today in the Gulf of Siam aboard the USS Nimitz that I own. The Ingeniously Problematic™ folk tend to be in the High D quadrant, but not always. Using our technique is part art and part science. Sometimes you have to look as to who gave instructions to whom.


Question to Tony Blair: Will Labour introduce tuition fees for higher education?" Blair's answer was: "Labour has no plans to introduce tuition fees for higher education." No plans does not mean no tuition fees.

Unknown: "Nobody is sorrier than me that the police officer had to spend his valuable time writing out a parking ticket on my car. Though from my personal standpoint I know for a certainty that the meter had not yet expired, please accept my expression of deep regret at this unfortunate incident."

High S The impression of tension, nervousness or fear that is given off naturally by socially anxious individuals is interpreted by observers as indicators of deception. Interestingly, their demeanour seems not to accurately reflect their behaviour and they are less likely to persist in lying when challenged.

9 - Specialist - Tells lies to get something done. Rank 12/16.

10 - Investigator - Tells lies to hide what embarrasses them. Rank 3/16.

11 - Agent - Tells lies to hide what embarrasses them. Rank 16/16.

12 - Achiever - Tells lies to hide what embarrasses them. Rank 9/16.

Ingeniously Problematic™ behaviour ignores the behaviour of the audience; most of whom accept the bulltish but Owls (High C's) treat it with the contempt which it deserves.

Weirdology Explorer™

9 - Specialist - Social Media Stalker. Wants to know everything about everyone. A fault with the phone will be seen as a catastrophe when, in fact, it does not matter.

10 - Investigator - Intense. Come across too obsessive (= excessive in degree or nature) at times.

11 - Agent - Fantasises about folk they know. Not in a sexual sense, it's about where they will end up. Stares into space living out some imaginary scenario.

12 - Achiever - Looking out for themselves. Always does this and this tends not to sit too well with others.

Guiltology Explorer™

9 - Specialist - Forgiver Of Guilt. Very internal, compassionate and sensitive individuals, who may feel guilty over things that they shouldn’t. Strong internal morals, a desire to do what they believe is right. If feels like they have harmed someone in some way they will feel very upset this and will attempt to make things right, often apologizing for the tiniest things. Want to be a good person, working hard to follow their own morals. May stray from this path sometimes, but they always find ways to make up for their mistakes. In caring about others will experience guilt when a negative act affects people around them. The sense of consideration for others often makes it very easy to forgive.
Shame: Compassionate outlook can often lead to feelings of shame. If feel like they have wronged someone, will definitely feel ashamed of themselves. Sometimes have a hard time living up to the expectations of others and may experience shame because of this. Needpeople in their lives that will love and accept them completely. Having a safe place to go where they do not feel judged, ill be able to cope with their shameful emotions.

10 - Investigator - Internalise Guilt. Feel guilty over the smallest actions, finding it very important to be a good person and to right wrongs (make amends) when causing upset, hurt or harm. Need to know what they have done wrong as sometimes they do not realise that their actions cause angst - particularly when they have no clue how tactless actions are seen by others. In caring about others, may feel guilty for things they should not feel guilty for.
Shame: Experience shame on very drastic levels, and sometimes suffer from a shame spiral that can be hard to pull out of. Once embarrassed for something they have done, may find themselves thinking about all of their previous shameful actions Can be extremely hard on themselves, so they definitely struggle with feelings of shame. Best way to help to cope with feeling ashamed, is by others reminding them of their true self. They need to understand that they are not worthless just because they have made mistakes. Even the kindest souls have had moments where they have not been perfect.

11 - Agent - Always Apologising For Guilt. It is extremely important to do the right thing in their lives and want to be good people. A very strong sense of morality and often know exactly what they believe is right and wrong. Hold themselves to higher standards than most people are aware of, causing them to experience guilt very often. They may feel guilty for the smallest of actions, wishing they could be doing more to help people. Always striving to make a difference, wanting very deeply to be a good person. They constantly feel like they could be doing more for others and the world in general. Apologize often, wanting to be sure that they make amends for any possible wrongdoings.
Shame: Care and sensitivity can lead to them feeling a lot of shame over their actions. Feel shame towards even the smallest things, like forgetting to smile at someone in the supermarket. They might be afraid that their actions have negatively affected others and that will truly upset the Agent. May experience feelings of shame for times when they fail to be their best selves. Best way to help an Agent is by reminding them how hard they try. They know that no one can be perfect, but they certainly do try to be good. They have a knack for seeing the good in others and are capable of pushing past some of the hardest experiences.

12 - Achiever - Move On From Guilt. Often handle feelings of guilt in a very logical manner. Instead of being upset when they do something wrong, often accepts own failings. Will analyze the mistake and find ways in which they can make it right. Once they have atoned for their mistake will be more than capable of moving on, seeking ways to improve in the future. Takes life as it comes at them, believing that everyone makes mistakes and that is simply part of life. Often do not hold onto these guilty feelings, believing that to do so is a waste of time.
Shame: Intelligent individuals, who favor logic over emotions. Understand that everyone makes mistakes in life, which often helps them refrain from feeling ashamed. May sometimes feel ashamed if they believe they have harmed the people that they love. Just deal with shame and are skilled at understanding situations and will often be able to forgive themselves for their mistakes in life. No one can be perfect including the Achiever.

Judgeology Explorer™

9 - Specialist - Closed Judgeology™. Least openly judgmental. They try to be nice to everyone and dislike the idea of hurting anyone’s feelings. They may hold internal judgments when they witness people being immoral or harming others without caring. They believe that everyone should be able to do the right thing and are hurt personally when they see people being cruel towards others. Try to reserve judgments, but sometimes it is challenging when people continue to be harsh. In the end they are very forgiving and just want people to try harder.

10 - Investigator - Self Judgeology™. Judge themselves much harder than they do others and have a way of being very hard on themselves. Do not want to be seen as judgmental with a strong desire not to cause others angst. However, often tactlessness takes over. Often appear judgmental and use considerable intuition if someone is going to hurt themselves or others and they want to assist. Can often see the good in people but annoyed about society behaviour.

11 - Agent - Moral Judgeology™. Have their own views on what is right and wrong and are very clear about what they believe. They often judge themselves very harshly and push themselves to be a good person. Because of this strong desire to follow what is right can be viewed as judgmental. They do not judge people for being weaker than others or for making mistakes in life. They are more likely to feel judgment towards people who harm others or commit immoral acts constantly. They are very forgiving and do understand that people make mistakes but they also realize that people need to be held accountable for constantly doing bad things. If someone is harming another person, this action should not be accepted.

12 - Achiever - Factual Judgeology™. Judgments come from a factual and not a personal place. They do not make emotional judgments but rather pick up on certain behaviors that prove their judgments. They notice people’s behaviours and their actions and make decisions based on that. With a good memory will take into account all of the actions of others. If someone proves to be stupid by constantly saying stupid things, they realize that this person is probably stupid. These judgments are not made with emotion and are usually correct. It doesn’t make them treat this person poorly, it just means they will take note of it in the future.

Clutter Explorer™

This technique emanates from the service station industry where it was always necessary to understand the attitude of operators and staff towards 'sparkle and housekeeping'. Elevanto's techniques are all about observing so if you can see how someone approaches the issue of clutter, it's another tool to work out their pattern to reap the advantages of using these techniques. You'll need to look in the four quadrants at all sixteen clutter descriptions.

9 - Specialist - Leave Clutter. Perhaps it’s time to start cleaning. After assessing the situation thoroughly and devising a plan, you remember that you could really use a separate laundry bin for your whites and you need new dish cloths. Solution is to go and get some before you start. You might see if someone else has a better plan, further delaying action.

10 - Investigator - When motivated Clutter. A thorough cleaning is important but generally it's a once a week or once a month when you are feeling motivated. If you find yourself cleaning throughout the week, you’re probably avoiding other work you’re supposed to be doing, because you “won’t be able to focus until it’s clean”.

11 - Agent - Encourage Clutter. Why would you clean when there are so many more meaningful things to do with your time? Plus, you would first need to figure out all the possible approaches to tackle that mess and the pros and cons of each. You might ponder how and why our society began placing significance on clean environments. You think about cleaning more than you actually clean until it actually affects your current task and only then will you take action.

12 - Achiever - Succumb to Clutter. When eventually you notice how cluttered things are, you take care of the mess quickly, efficiently and on a no frills basis. You will be puzzled if another party to all this is an Agent as they will want to brainstorm possible approaches as you get back to what you were previously doing.

Kitchen Explorer™

This is the sort of kitchen you may like and how you organise things in the kitchen. This is useful if you have the chance to observe how someone else handled the kitchen. Another very useful indicator to pick their pattern. You'll need to look in the four quadrants to explore all sixteen kitchens.

9 - Specialist - The Romantic Kitchen. You are gentle and flexible, with a strong sense of style. You'd be perfectly happy in a little Paris kitchen with airy lace curtains and a set of French doors that open out to the balcony. A good looking French companion would also not be out of place.

10 - Investigator - The Scandanavian Kitchen. You are creative, idealistic and always looking for ways to improve. Light, bright, and white! You love authentic white subway tiles with dark grout, white-washed floors, and clean, tidy spaces with just a few bright pops of color. This reminds you of a better future ahead.

11 - Agent - The Organic Modern Kitchen. You are imaginative, sensitive, and spiritual. You love greenery and natural materials, like wood and linen, but often accent with classic or modern pieces. You are not afraid of a tapestry rug in the kitchen.

12 - Achiever - The Fixer-Upper Kitchen. You are hands-on, detail-oriented, and a keen observer. Are there cabinets to be repainted? Appliances to be fixed? New lighting to be wired? You're on to it. Where's the fun in a finished kitchen? It's all creating something with your own two hands.

Religiousness Explorer™

While religion needs to be kept out of discussions generally, together with sex and politics, sometimes if it is known that someone is very religious it may be yet another source of information to pick Disc and then impose correctly. Percentages are the best we can find as to whether various patterns agree that they are "very religious". You'll need to look in the four quadrants to explore all sixteen percentages.

9 - Specialist - 47.98% Rank: 3.

10 - Investigator - 44.33% Rank: 6.

11 - Agent - 33.50% Rank: 14.

12 - Achiever - 36.71% Rank: 11.

Intimate Explorer™

How you go and they go in the bedroom may not be the starting point to pick someone's pattern. However, as with any model, the more information you have, the more likely you can reap the benefits of picking others behaviour patterns. You'll need to look in the four quadrants to explore all sixteen positions.

9 - Specialist - Express Feelings Bedroomer. You see the physical act of sex as a prime opportunity to express your feelings for someone. To you it is one of the best ways to show someone that you truly care for them. You are capable of separating sex from love but see no value in those sorts of shallow experiences. You look for comfort and trust within a relationship and that translates well into your sex life. You are eager to make your partner feel loved and appreciated in the bedroom which they definitely appreciate.

10 - Investigator - Not that Important Bedroomer. Sex has to mean something to you, or else it is pretty miserable. You want to completely trust the person you make love with, that being said you don’t trust easily. You take time to warm up to people and are not the most physically open person in the world. Although you are hesitant at first, when you find the right person it is electric. You don’t believe in setting boundaries in the bedroom with someone you love and are willing to try new things. Sex is not the most important thing to you, but you find you are rather amazing at it with the right person. You are capable of taking sex to a whole new level of spirituality.

11 - Agent - Emotional Connection Bedroomer. For you love-making is about just that, love. Without a deep bond and strong emotional connection, you see little point in sex itself. Sex being just a physical act is something you do not desire. Casual sex is definitely not for you and would make you very internally unhappy. That being said sex is actually very important to you within the confines of a deeper connection. You see sex as a physical manifestation of a powerful emotional connection with someone. It is your opportunity to connect intimately with your partner. You are very willing and eager to try new things in the bedroom as long as there is an emotional connection.

12 - Achiever - No Emotion Bedroomer. You have a relatively high sex drive and are able to see sex in just the physical terms. You don’t scoff at the idea of sex without a deep connection, but you probably agree that it adds another element to the sexual experience. You view sex in the highly chemical sense and are drawn to people you are physically attracted to. You are often very visually stimulated and enjoy what is aesthetically pleasing. You usually see sexual encounters as an outlet and do not require an emotional connection.

Nefariousness Explorer™

Generally, this consultancy uses the various techniques based in the positive side of things. But there are nefarious people of all patterns. This section looks briefly at the 'bad ones'. And we have come across some over the years. You'll need to look in the four quadrants at all nefarees.

9 - Specialist - Self-serving, judgmental, indulgent.. Easily lost in self-pity and bitterness over numerous perceived or misunderstood slights. They will go from stages of passive aggressive coldness to stages of self-righteous indignation. They live for the moment and can be exceedingly reckless; they habitually overeat, over-shop, drink too much, or seek pleasure without thought for how it might impact themselves or others. They are easily angered by people who don’t understand their intense emotional reactions, even though they never actually vocalize them. They are not swayed by logical arguments or reasonable discussion; everyone they allow into their life is at the mercy of their ever changing emotions. They may decide to shut people out entirely if they can’t get complete approval. Crimes: Drastic, murder. Unpaid parking tickets.

10 - Investigator - Manipulative, scheming, self-righteous. Above all, they seek to fulfill their vision for the future. They will go to any lengths to reach this vision, even if it means deceit, underhanded deals, and trickery. They justify what they do because in their mind “the end justifies the means”. They often consider themselves better and more broad-minded than others, and thus conclude that any input from the outside world is silly and shallow. They live in their own subjective fantasy world and stop attributing value to human interactions. People are to be used to reach their end goal. If they hurt people along the way they’ll try to stifle any sense of guilt they might feel. They will try to escape those people so they do not have to actually confront their own wrongdoings. In their close relationships they may be passive aggressive, and use people’s faults and shortcomings against them as blackmail. When faced with their wrongdoings, they may fall into self-pity or else shut people out of their life who don’t show them complete approval. Crimes: Stalk or never commit crime. Conspiracy, heresy.

11 - Agent - Self-absorbed, self-righteous, and waver between being passive and extremely judgmental. They enjoy living in their fantasies, but care little for the practical realities of daily life. They may neglect their loved ones and family members and instead prefer to live in a world of their own making, in essence abandoning everyone who holds them dear. They may consider themselves more morally superior or “righteous” than others, married to their idealism to such an extent that any and everyone in the real world seems flawed and disappointing. They may retreat from the world and silently judge everyone they see. Over time, they may become increasingly harsh and condemning of people in their lives. They may become so obsessed with their own emotions and fantasies that they shun or berate anyone who tries to find a way into their hearts. Crimes: Steal from the rich and give to the poor. Stalking.

12 - Achiever - Cold, self-destructive, indulgent. Ruthlessly logical, but in pursuit of their own pleasure and at the expense of anyone who gets in their way. Ignore own moral compass and have no concern for the welfare or feelings of others. They keep to themselves and scorn attachments to other individuals, only seeking to get ahead or enjoy sensational thrills even if it harms themselves or others in the process. They become calculating and selfish, easily angered by anyone who seeks a foothold in their life. Nefarious Achievers can be the perfect mercenaries, using their hands-on skills to find wealth or sensory experience, even if it means destroying another life. e.g. Darth Maul (Star Wars). Crime: Graffiti, arson, impulsively violent. Domestic violence.

Bratty Behaviour Shortcuts!

One of our latest techniques is to match these bratty descriptions to the person you are studying. Then you have their Disc pattern. You'll need to look in the four quadrants at all sixteen bratty descriptions.

9 - Specialist - Avoiding necessary confrontation. Conflict averse and need to realise that ironing out conflict and disputes is a necessary evil and avoiding confrontation often aggravates the situation. An alternate tendency is to drop the issue rather than risk offending the other party.

10 - Investigator - Pretentiousness. At only 1% of the population, are generally misunderstood, can be very tactless and are not easy to get to know well. Some may even be pleased about being misunderstood and not understand that rare does not equate to superiority. May use their uncommon nature as a means of belittling others for lacking their depth or analytical abilities or as an excuse for looking down on others.

11 - Agent - Holding others to unrealistic expectations. Despite seeing the best in people, wild imagination over embellishes (invents the best in) the other person or situation such that they become upset when the real-life version falls short of the fantasies. Need to grasp reality.

12 - Achiever - Unwarranted grouchiness. Often very innocently, will respond grouchily towards whomever interrupts their train of thought. Needs to fake social pleasantries from time to time, even when not really in the mood to do so.