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Spitefulness Explorer™

Observing people when they are spiteful out can be handy when picking someone's pattern.

You will most likely need assistance :-) This might tell you what but it will not tell you how. Here are all sixteen patterns, all spiteful to a degree - you will be here, too! Contact us for an obligation free quote.

Conducted and Composed by Elizabeth Hunter™ - Last Update 15 August, 2018

1 - Director - ESTJ

On the Surface: Move bitch, get out of the way.

In the Middle: Not evil.

Deepest / Advanced: Enough. Move right now before I swear.

2 - Developer - ENTJ

On the Surface: Executive aggressive style evil.

In the Middle: Seriously kind.

Deepest / Advanced: A psychopath who commits antisocial and sometimes violent acts and fails to feel any guilt for these acts.

3 - Results - ESTP

On the Surface: My middle name is 'Dangerous'.

In the Middle: Fight me.

Deepest / Advanced: Results folk are all bluster and are little bunnies.

4 - Inspirational - ENTP

On the Surface: Evil laugh (as thinking of evil things) sometimes followed by a cough.

In the Middle: Antisocial evil showing a lack of sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

Deepest / Advanced: I did not mean to be so evil.

Besides the practical knowledge which defeat offers, there are important personality profits to be taken."

William M. Marston, Creator of the Disc Pattern Method. (Perfectionist)

5 - Persuader - ENFJ

On the Surface: 1% evil with a 1% margin of error.

In the Middle: With smirk, "Are you sure you want to mess with me"?

Deepest / Advanced: I told you the world is in flames.

6 - Appraiser - ESFJ

On the Surface: Not evil.

In the Middle: Passive-aggressive evil.

Deepest / Advanced: The Appraiser can set you on fire.

7 - Promoter - ENFP

On the Surface: A flower.

In the Middle: You make a perfume with the petals of the flowers and you die intoxicated.

Deepest / Advanced: 200% evil. The most evil of the 16.

8 - Counselor - ESFP

On the Surface: Smiles and giggles.

In the Middle: Invokes super rude and disrespectful bitch mode.

Deepest / Advanced: Regrets all they said and did in bitch mode; does not really care; sort of evil, but not dangerous.

  • We cannot guarantee success.
  • Because we are not you.
  • It's about your preparation.
  • Who you are.
  • What they are.
  • How you impose.
  • Make speaker & listener equally responsible.
  • Don't be better.
  • Be different.
  • Contact us today!

9 - Specialist - ISFP

On the Surface: Calm evil.

In the Middle: Slightly bitchy behaviour.

Deepest / Advanced: Get out of my face you son of a bitch.

10 - Investigator - INFJ

On the Surface: Pretty kind.

In the Middle: The Investigator's hidden malice starts showing up.

Deepest / Advanced: They are so done with you they could kill you with only one hand.

11 - Agent - INFP

On the Surface: Opinionated yet harmless evil.

In the Middle: Opinionated evil.

Deepest / Advanced: Wise advice is to run and hide from these loons.

12 - Achiever - ISTP

On the Surface: You do not really know what to expect.

In the Middle: Bad boy, bad girl, oh no!

Deepest / Advanced: May be the cutest of the 16.

13 - Practitioner - ISFJ

On the Surface: Loving and caring.

In the Middle: Practitioners kind of hate you and your petitions but they can handle it.

Deepest / Advanced: Best to nick off and leave the Practitioner alone or you may regret it later.

Pick me when I'm spiteful!
Figure #5. Pick me when I'm spiteful!

14 - Objective Thinker - ISTJ

On the Surface: Cold cat.

In the Middle: Angry cat.

Deepest / Advanced: Cold and angry cat.

15 - Perfectionist - INTP

On the Surface: Zero evil.

In the Middle: Do not mess with my state of being a fan or enthusiast of some thing or some one.

Deepest / Advanced: Tries to be 110% evil because they do not want to be the 'good ones'.

16 - Enhancer - INTJ

On the Surface: You'd be better off by staying away.

In the Middle: When you know an Enhancer well, they really are not as evil as you might have thought.

Deepest / Advanced: They have already killed you.

"Realize what you really want. It stops you from chasing butterflies and puts you to work digging gold".
- William Moulton Marston 1893-1947

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