Disc Spitefulness Explorer™

Conducted and Composed by Elizabeth Hunter™

Last Update 21 May, 2018

Spitefulness Explorer™

Generally, this consultancy uses the various techniques based on the positive side of things, but negatives are very useful as well. This Spitefulness Explorer™ can be a useful behaviour picker when spitefulness and meanness are on display. Here are all the sixteen clearly evident depths of spite!

1 - Director - ESTJ.

On the Surface: Move bitch, get out of the way.

In the Middle: Not evil.

Deepest / Advanced: Enough. Move right now before I swear.

2 - Developer - ENTJ.

On the Surface: Executive aggressive style evil.

In the Middle: Seriously kind.

Deepest / Advanced: A psychopath who commits antisocial and sometimes violent acts and fails to feel any guilt for these acts.

3 - Results - ESTP.

On the Surface: My middle name is 'Dangerous'.

In the Middle: Fight me.

Deepest / Advanced: Results folk are all bluster and are little bunnies.

4 - Inspirational - ENTP.

On the Surface: Evil laugh (as thinking of evil things) sometimes followed by a cough.

In the Middle: Antisocial evil showing a lack of sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

Deepest / Advanced: I did not mean to be so evil.

5 - Persuader - ENFJ.

On the Surface: 1% evil with a 1% margin of error.

In the Middle: With smirk, "Are you sure you want to mess with me"?

Deepest / Advanced: I told you the world is in flames.

6 - Appraiser - ESFJ.

On the Surface: Not evil.

In the Middle: Passive-aggressive evil.

Deepest / Advanced: The Appraiser can set you on fire.

7 - Promoter - ENFP.

On the Surface: A flower.

In the Middle: You make a perfume with the petals of the flowers and you die intoxicated.

Deepest / Advanced: 200% evil. The most evil of the 16.

8 - Counselor - ESFP.

On the Surface: Smiles and giggles.

In the Middle: Invokes super rude and disrespectful bitch mode.

Deepest / Advanced: Regrets all they said and did in bitch mode; does not really care; sort of evil, but not dangerous.

9 - Specialist - ISFP.

On the Surface: Calm evil.

In the Middle: Slightly bitchy behaviour.

Deepest / Advanced: Get out of my face you son of a bitch.

10 - Investigator - INFJ.

On the Surface: Pretty kind.

In the Middle: The Investigator's hidden malice starts showing up.

Deepest / Advanced: They are so done with you they could kill you with only one hand.

11 - Agent - INFP.

On the Surface: Opinionated yet harmless evil.

In the Middle: Opinionated evil.

Deepest / Advanced: Wise advice is to run and hide from these loons.

12 - Achiever - ISTP.

On the Surface: You do not really know what to expect.

In the Middle: Bad boy, bad girl, oh no!

Deepest / Advanced: May be the cutest of the 16.

13 - Practitioner - ISFJ.

On the Surface: Loving and caring.

In the Middle: Practitioners kind of hate you and your petitions but they can handle it.

Deepest / Advanced: Best to nick off and leave the Practitioner alone or you may regret it later.

14 - Objective Thinker - ISTJ.

On the Surface: Cold cat.

In the Middle: Angry cat.

Deepest / Advanced: Cold and angry cat.

15 - Perfectionist - INTP.

On the Surface: Zero evil.

In the Middle: Do not mess with my state of being a fan or enthusiast of some thing or some one.

Deepest / Advanced: Tries to be 110% evil because they do not want to be the 'good ones'.

16 - Enhancer - INTJ.

On the Surface: You'd be better off by staying away.

In the Middle: When you know an Enhancer well, they really are not as evil as you might have thought.

Deepest / Advanced: They have already killed you.