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How much self-control does the person that you want yo impose on have?
What are the exceptions?
Poor self control patterns are:
Results; Inspirational; Promoter; Counselor; Specialist; Agent; Achiever; Perfectionist.
This group is the same as the Space Cadets. Space Cadet Explorer™ and are likely to have Peter Pan behaviour (Outlined in D, I, S and C pages).
They have allegedly been issued with a post-nominal title (Yes or No)
at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose University on April 1, 2018, using non standard orthography.

Director - ESTJ

Sellfe-kən-ˈtrōl™: Yes.
Why? Immense self-control, controls their environment, stubborn and have lots of willpower. Works hard to get things done and will do whatever it takes to efficiently accomplish goals and getting what they want.
Exception: None as it will affect outcomes.
K9: Border Collie.

Developer - ENTJ

Sellfe-kən-ˈtrōl™: Yes.
Why? Works hard to accomplish goals and be in control of self. Makes decisions the way they want to. Strong-willed; capable of controlling actions and emotions.
Exception: Momentarily lets loose but can deal with aftermath.
K9: German Shepherd.

Results - ESTP

Sellfe-kən-ˈtrōl™: No.
Why? Live in the present moment and like risk and excitement. Do not always think things through and will often jump in without too much thinking which can get cause difficult situations.
Exception: None. Makes life more fun.
K9: Jack Russell Terrier.

Inspirational - ENTP

Sellfe-kən-ˈtrōl™: No.
Why? Enjoys taking calculated risks. Gets into trouble often as they enjoy pushing people and crossing lines. No desire for self-control; rather learn from experiences.
Exception: Great at getting out of uncomfortable situations if it is beneficial for them.
K9: Bull Terrier.

Persuader - ENFJ

Sellfe-kən-ˈtrōl™: Yes.
Why? No issue multi-tasking while possessing strong will and mind. Controls others as often doing things for them.
Exception: When under stress / overwhelmed.
K9: Boxer.

Appraiser - ESFJ

Sellfe-kən-ˈtrōl™: Yes.
Why? Keeps cool in most situations, especially if it is most important.
Exception: Reacting to emotions of others. Giving their loved ones what they ask for and making others happy.
K9: Great Dane.

Promoter - ENFP

Sellfe-kən-ˈtrōl™: No.
Why? Take lots of chances. Jumps in head first. Lives life as it comes at them. Ignores ridiculous standards. Make foolish mistakes because of their lack of self-control but learns from them.
Exception: If issue is extremely important or if someone close is depending on them.
K9: Golden Retriever.

Counselor - ESFP

Sellfe-kən-ˈtrōl™: No.
Why? Lives life to the fullest; takes risks; wants fun; not really great at controlling themselves in most situations. Wants to be the entertainer at all costs. Enjoy making decisions as they go along.
Exception: None.
K9: Poodle.

Specialist - ISFP

Sellfe-kən-ˈtrōl™: No.
Why? Lives life in the present. Prefers a quiet and peaceful life enjoying surroundings with no real care on control and prefers to just enjoy the moment.
Exception: If a moral belief, will exercise self-control.
K9: Saint Bernard.

Investigator - INFJ

Sellfe-kən-ˈtrōl™: Yes.
Why? Pride themselves on being in control of their decisions, no matter how difficult it might be and possess very high standards. May sometimes seem too controlled.
Exception: When relates those close. When stressed.
K9: Greyhound.

Agent - INFP

Sellfe-kən-ˈtrōl™: No.
Why? When issue is not important. Lacks self-control to force self into action.
Exception: With things that mean the most to them; stand up for themselves regarding moral choices and stay strong.
K9: Tibetan Terrier.

Achiever - ISTP

Sellfe-kən-ˈtrōl™: No.
Why? Likes to live in the moment. Prefers to analyse things beforehand, but often actions are not ruled by any desire for control. Enjoys calculated risks leading to jumping into more dangerous situations.
Exception: Can navigate anything new and scary, hence good at getting out of trouble.
K9: Bassett Hound.

Practitioner - ISFJ

Sellfe-kən-ˈtrōl™: Yes.
Why? Especially when it is important e.g. family. At work, keeps controlled and calm. Level-headed and knows how to get things done as efficiently as possible. Good at following orders and focussing on tasks.
Exception: Will do more than they should to make those close happy.
K9: Alaskan Malamute.

Objective Thinker - ISTJ

Sellfe-kən-ˈtrōl™: Yes.
Why? Knows where to draw the line. Good at holding back especially if it is important. Controls self in order to get to where wants to be.
Exception: Rare. Some of the most well adjusted individuals.
K9: Bernese Mountain Dog.

Perfectionist - INTP

Sellfe-kən-ˈtrōl™: No.
Why? Keeps to self, using extreme lengths. Shows pride on being extremely direct and unconcerned with social niceties and offends people. Hates being told what to do / deadlines; difficult to manage; dislikes rules and empathy.
Exception: Can be self-controlled if left alone.
K9: Papillon.

Enhancer - INTJ

Sellfe-kən-ˈtrōl™: Yes.
Why? Decisions based on logical thought with pride. Takes time before jumping into things, wanting to be sure of the smartest choice and with complete understanding. Knows when to hold back, appears cold.
Exception: Stress may cause over indulgence, only rarely.
K9: Afghan Hound.

You can’t control the fact people will annoy you,
but what you can control is your reaction.

-- Anonymous --

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