Director - ESTJ

Parents Advice / Style: Drives past McDonalds. "No McDonalds. We already have food at home."

Teachers Advice / Style: “Yes, Jimmy, I understand that your Grandpa passed away this weekend, but did you not see clearly outlined in the Syllabus in Section 12.72, that all unexcused absences must be immediately reported to the Principal? I mean if you had submitted the assignment only a minute after midnight, I may give you a little bit of credit... but four minutes and thirty seven seconds? I don’t think so.”

by E. Hunter™

Developer - ENTJ

Parents Advice / Style: "Career Plan A. Also, because Mother knows best. Also, you are becoming a doctor."

Teachers Advice / Style: "I understand your pet dog just died, but we need to stay focussed on what is at hand. We only have eight more weeks until the practice test and I want all of you to be achieving perfect scores on that. And hold on. Did you just call me Mr. Pork-Belley? That’s Sir Fitzroy to you.”

by E. Hunter™

Results - ESTP

Parents Advice / Style: "Live life dangerously. Go out and break a leg. Jump off a plane if you have to!"

Teachers Advice / Style: "Yooo what’s good my guys? My name’s Kyle and I’ll be subbing in for Mr. Wordsworth today. I’m a bit hungover from the university party last night, so sorry about that... but I bet you all know what that’s like. He he he."

by E. Hunter™

Inspirational - ENTP

Parents Advice / Style: "Live wholesomely! Learn to do everything balanced."

Teachers Advice / Style: "All right, time for some class discussion." {Everyone tries to avoid eye contact} "Let’s see… Ah, Harold you have been a bit quiet recently! How would you defend against the Senate’s recent decision to pass the the Climate Change (It's all nonsense) bill?”

by E. Hunter™

Persuader - ENFJ

Parents Advice / Style: "This is what you want? Alright, let's make your dreams a reality." *Fast forward 10 years* "Wait, I thought you wanted this? This is not what you want? At least you are a doctor, I guess?"

Teachers Advice / Style: "So ladies and gentlemen, while our history class may now be coming to a close, I want you all to let this example of Martin Luther King Jr. stay with you forever. No matter what anybody tells you, never give up. Never let anyone tell you who you can or cannot be. So go out there now, live your wildest dreams and be the person that you were always meant to be. Thank you."

by E. Hunter™

Appraiser - ESFJ

Parents Advice / Style: "Hey kids, look what Dad just brought home!" *Shows the Disneyland tickets*

Teachers Advice / Style: "You said 4 + 4 = 5, Freddy? Oh, you’re just a tiny bit off! But a really good try! You’re doing great!"

by E. Hunter™

Promoter - ENFP

Parents Advice / Style: Drives past McDonalds. Kids scream: "McDonalds!" and the parent also scream: "McDonalds!"

Teachers Advice / Style: "All right guys, I don’t know about you, but learning about volcanoes is just so fascinating! You know what would be awesome? To see a real life volcano! That gives me an idea... hmm..." {goes on phone} "Ok, guys I just bought 28 tickets for us all to go see the volcano in Mauna Loa in Hawaii!"

by E. Hunter™

Counselor - ESFP

Parents Advice / Style: "Just enjoy and live in the moment, because the future that exists after stems from the now."

Teachers Advice / Style: "All right kids, let’s start off class today with a mixer! Pair off in groups of three and talk about your favorite thing you did over the Christmas holidays."

by E. Hunter™

Specialist - ISFP

Parents Advice / Style: "Life is a blank canvas. It's what you paint in it that makes it colourful."

Teachers Advice / Style: "For the final exam, I’ve decided to do something a little creative. I’d like you all to create an interpretative painting of French history in the baroque era and how that intertwines with the modern era."

by E. Hunter™

Investigator - INFJ

Parents Advice / Style: "Be kind and care for one another, because a good character always comes first."

Teachers Advice / Style: {Student:} "So that’s why he dumped me. And I’m not really sure who to ask for help with my anxiety because my parents are going through a divorce. And then of course, my pet dog died the other week, so I’m looking for advice on how to cope with that as well."
{Teacher}: "That must be so hard and I really am deeply sorry. But what exactly does that have to do with Algebra 2?"

by E. Hunter™

Agent - INFP

Parents Advice / Style: "Do what makes who you are and what frees you. No, I'm not talking about drugs!"

Teachers Advice / Style: "All right, I wrote a poem to help us learn this: Six times seven is like two blissful sailors skimming the ocean blue. And when they reach their celestial shore, written in the sand is 42."

by E. Hunter™

Achiever - ISTP

Parents Advice / Style: "You broke your bike again? Sure! I'll fix it up right now." *Pulls out welder*

Teachers Advice / Style: "Ok, so now’s the part of the class where I’m supposed to explain and describe the theory behind all this, but let’s face it. None of us are going to use that in the real world anyway, so let’s just do some more examples."

by E. Hunter™

Practitioner - ISFJ

Parents Advice / Style: The parent who packs lunch for the kids diligently every morning at 5am. The president of the Parents Support Group.

Teachers Advice / Style: "I know we have a big final exam coming up, and you all must be so stressed out. I feel bad for you all, so that’s why I’ve decided to give you all an automatic A even if you fail the final exam."

by E. Hunter™

Objective Thinker - ISTJ

Parents Advice / Style: *Micromanages grades, allowance, spending and time. "You are 1.2 seconds late, I thought you would be back at 10pm sharp?"

Teachers Advice / Style: "If you want to do well in this course, you’ve got to put in the work. I would expect at least five hours of studying this material each day and, preferably, a little extra on weekends. At least that’s what I did when I took this course in high school."

by E. Hunter™

Perfectionist - INTP

Parents Advice / Style: Encourages learning and curiosity while being laid back.

Teachers Advice / Style: "So then you use Gaussian elimination to find the derivative and you set x equal to 217, to get the final answer of 2. And that’s how you solve 1 + 1."

by E. Hunter™

Enhancer - INTJ

Parents Advice / Style: "We will have Career plans A, B, C, D and E. And maybe a plan Z in case the kid wants to pursue the arts."

Teachers Advice / Style: "What’s that you say? You think I made a mistake when writing the exam paper? If you think that, I’m guessing you must be a flat-earther and think pigs can fly, too."

by E. Hunter™

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