Director - ESTJ

Advice / Style: Drives past McDonalds. "No McDonalds. We already have food at home."

by B. Collie

Developer - ENTJ

Advice / Style: "Career Plan A. Also, because Mother knows best. Also, you are becoming a doctor."

by G. Shepherd

Results - ESTP

Advice / Style: "Live life dangerously. Go out and break a leg. Jump off a plane if you have to!"

by J. Russell

Inspirational - ENTP

Advice / Style: "Live wholesomely! Learn to do everything balanced."

by B. Terrier

Persuader - ENFJ

Advice / Style: "This is what you want? Alright, let's make your dreams a reality." *Fast forward 10 years* "Wait, I thought you wanted this? This is not what you want? At least you are a doctor, I guess?"

by T. Boxer

Appraiser - ESFJ

Advice / Style: "Hey kids, look what Dad just brought home!" *Shows the Disneyland tickets*

by G. Dane

Promoter - ENFP

Advice / Style: Drives past McDonalds. Kids scream: "McDonalds!" and the parent also scream: "McDonalds!"

by G. Retriever

Counselor - ESFP

Advice / Style: "Just enjoy and live in the moment, because the future that exists after stems from the now."

by A. Poodle

Specialist - ISFP

Advice / Style: "Life is a blank canvas. It's what you paint in it that makes it colourful."

by S. Bernard

Investigator - INFJ

Advice / Style: "Be kind and care for one another, because a good character always comes first."

by G. Hound

Agent - INFP

Advice / Style: "Do what makes who you are and what frees you. No, I'm not talking about drugs!"

by A. Tibetan

Achiever - ISTP

Advice / Style: "You broke your bike again? Sure! I'll fix it up right now." *Pulls out welder*

by H. Bassett

Practitioner - ISFJ

Advice / Style: The parent who packs lunch for the kids diligently every morning at 5am. The president of the Parents Support Group.

by A. Malamute

Objective Thinker - ISTJ

Advice / Style: *Micromanages grades, allowance, spending and time. "You are 1.2 seconds late, I thought you would be back at 10pm sharp?"

by B. Mountain

Perfectionist - INTP

Advice / Style: Encourages learning and curiosity while being laid back.

by P. Illon

Enhancer - INTJ

Advice / Style: "We will have Career plans A, B, C, D and E. And maybe a plan Z in case the kid wants to pursue the arts."

by A. Ghan

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