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Unsurprisingly, the Counselor is the most optimistic with a score of 10/10.
How do you fare in optimism about anything? Do you use this to pick patterns?.

Director - ESTJ - Rank 6/10

Observed: Optimistic, but prefers to be prepared.
Features: In situations without being ready for negatives - wants to be aware with preparation.
Danger: Being naïve in any situation.
K9: Border Collie.

Developer - ENTJ - Rank 7/10

Observed: Not blindly opimistic, but positive.
Features: Emotion ahead of facts Allowing life to get them down, even when struggling.
Danger: Focussed, realistic and driven but have fun.
K9: German Shepherd.

Results - ESTP - Rank 5/10

Observed: Not opimistic, but realistic.
Features: Not achieving goals which ensure things come their way.
Danger: Takes matters into their own hands.
K9: Jack Russell Terrier.

Inspirational - ENTP - Rank 7/10

Observed: Cynical and opimistic; interesting people.
Features: Not having caring people who are positive about the future.
Danger: Accepts status quo. Uses humour to deflect against their feelings.
K9: Bull Terrier.

Persuader - ENFJ - Rank 8/10

Observed: Optimistic, pushes forward, tries hard.
Features: Make a difference / causes happiness, on the go, hopeful other good people are out there.
Danger: Juggles too many errands.
K9: Boxer.

Appraiser - ESFJ - Rank 8/10

Observed: Optimistic or pessimistic, depending on the company that they keep.
Features: If you need an optimist get an Appraiser. Makes those close happy.
Danger: Dislikes feeling out of control.
K9: Great Dane.

Promoter - ENFP - Rank 9/10

Observed: Very optimistic, prefers to remain positive.
Features: Does not allow life to get them down, even when struggling.
Danger: Prefers optimism for things to get better. No misery.
K9: Golden Retriever.

Counselor - ESFP - Rank 10/10

Observed: Extreme optimistic; often gets them into trouble.
Features: Wants to remain positive about the future; dislikes too much negativity.
Danger: Never give up hope things will get better.
K9: Poodle.

Specialist - ISFP - Rank 9/10

Observed: Very optimistic; positive; at peace with their lives.
Features: Always believe that things will get better if positive.
Danger: Enjoys present moment instead of dwelling on the past or pushing too hard towards the future.
K9: Saint Bernard.

Investigator - INFJ - Rank 2/10

Observed: More cynical and realistic than optimistic.
Features: Often feel burdened to find a way to help in changing things. Kind, helpful.
Danger: Fearful of being too optimistic, = overwhelmed then disappointment. Believe there for a greater purpose.
K9: Greyhound.

Agent - INFP - Rank 5/10

Observed: Mix of emotions; both pessimistic and optimistic.
Features: Depends on the mood.
Danger: Copes with emotion mix, but are often all over the place.
K9: Tibetan Terrier.

Achiever - ISTP - Rank 0/10

Observed: Neither. A cynical realist in the present moment.
Features: Prefers to understand things fully. Not naively optimistic about the future, realises things can go wrong and accept that.
Danger: Accepts the ups and downs.
K9: Bassett Hound.

Practitioner - ISFJ - Rank 8/10

Observed: Surprisingly optimistic, constantly hoping for the best.
Features: When capable of preparing for things, extremely optimistic for the future.
Danger: Can be high stress, worry about those close, dislike negativity, disharmony.
K9: Alaskan Malamute.

Obj.Thinker - ISTJ - Rank 3/10

Observed: Not optimistic, realistic.
Features: Sees things how they are, prepares for things going wrong. Research and understanding assists planning for the future in an intelligent way.
Danger: Can be positive about the future, but wants to plan for the bad beforehand.
K9: Bernese Mountain Dog.

Perfectionist - INTP - Rank 1/10

Observed: Pessimistic and cynical.
Features: Sees all possibilities = sees negatives of how things might turn out but plans around this.
Danger: Can be down about the future.
K9: Papillon.

Enhancer - INTJ - Rank 2/10

Observed: Not optimistic; realistic.
Features: Facts always are ahead of emotion. Realism means lives in a beneficial and intelligent manner. Plans for negatives.
Danger: Can take things for what they are.
K9: Afghan Hound.

An inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome.

-- Merriam-Webster Dictionary --

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