This is the 2019 logo

This is the latest 2019 offer with a new blue, new 'rotating' logo (after a few gins), the full stop and new complimentary colour, Coral, the 2019 Pantone colour of the year.
We incorporated the tag 'Impose Correctly' as we have not found any site that offers this technique based on others' behaviour patterns.
It's our best logo yet - we love it - we designed it. We did all the others as well and liked them at the time.
The 2019 logo was composed to compliment the website design by Okler Themes - 'Ezy' from the Envato Market. This design is licensed. Don't you worry about that!
The name 'Elevanto' is synonymous with Elizabeth Hunter™ and seems destined to stay.

2018 back to 2013

The Consultiteer 'eye' came first in 2013. (Consult it here). Emeritus Professor Ridley Kive™ did not like the eye, so it was closed.
Then a fresh logo and format, first with tag line (2014).
Then the tag line was dropped in 2015.
In 2016, we became Marston Collins, combining the names of the Disc founder, William Marston and the management guru Jim Collins. This was a failure.
In 2017, we implemented the name Elevanto, based on the notion of 'elevation of performance'.
In 2018, we followed the colour blue as being more trustworthy than red; plus a new logo.