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Illustrious Populus™

Research indicates that picking other people's patterns can vary by the picker.
This happens at Elevanto daily. That's why it's part art and part science and there are so many angles that can be used. Look at them all at this site!
Do you agree on the categories for the following Illustrious Populus™? Do you use this to pick patterns?.

Director - ESTJ

Teresa May: UK PM.
Condoleeza Rice: US Secretary of State.
Michelle Obama: US First Lady.
Saddam Hussein: Dictator, Iraq.
George W. Bush: US President.
K9: Border Collie.

Developer - ENTJ

Margaret Thatcher: UK PM.
Napoleon Bonaparte: Emperor of France.
Julius Caesar: Dictator of Rome.
Bill Gates: Dictator, Soviet Union.
Josef Stalin: Dictator, Soviet Union.
Carl Sagan: Dictator, Soviet Union.
Elizabeth I: Queen of England.
Aristotle: Astrophysicist.
K9: German Shepherd.

Results - ESTP

Sir Winston Churchill: UK PM.
Theodore Roosevelt: US President.
John F. Kennedy: US President.
Donald Trump: US President.
Malcolm X: Civil rights activist.
Ernest Hemingway: Author.
Arthur Conan Doyle: Author.
L. Ron Hubbard: Scientology.
Marquis de Sade: Philosopher.
K9: Jack Russell Terrier.

Inspirational - ENTP

Leonardo da Vinci: Inventor, painter.
Socrates: Philosopher.
Catherine the Great: Emperor of Russia.
Steve Wozniak: Apple.
Benjamin Franklin: US founding father.
Chuck Palahniuk: Author.
Voltaire: Philosopher.
K9: Bull Terrier.

Persuader - ENFJ

Martin Luther King Jr: Activist.
Nelson Mandela: Activist.
Justin Trudeau: Canada PM.
Maya Angelou: Author, poet.
Pythagoras: Mathematician.
K9: Boxer.

Appraiser - ESFJ

Pope Francis: Pope.
Harry Truman: US President.
Gerald Ford: US President.
K9: Great Dane.

Promoter - ENFP

Mark Twain: Author.
Oscar Wilde: Author.
Anne Frank: Author.
Anais Nin: Author.
Julian Assange: Wikileaks.
Walt Disney: Disney.
Che Guevara: Marxist.
K9: Golden Retriever.

Counselor - ESFP

Michelangelo: Painter.
Bill Clinton: US President.
Eva Braun: Adolf Hitler.
Anton LaVey: Church of Satan.
K9: Poodle.

Specialist - ISFP

Nero: Emperor of Rome.
Rudolf Hess: Deputy Fuhrer, Nazi Germany.
K9: Saint Bernard.

Investigator - INFJ

Adolf Hitler: Fuhrer, Nazi Germany.
Jane Goodall: Anthropologist.
Mahatma Gandhi: Activist.
Carl Jung: Psychologist.
Plato Philosopher.
K9: Greyhound.

Agent - INFP

Vincent van Gogh: Painter.
George Orwell: Author.
Virginia Woolf: Author.
J. R. R. Tolkien: Author.
Edgar Allen Poe: Author.
Hans Christian Andersen: Author.
William Shakespeare: Author.
J. D. Salinger: Author.
Sylvia Plath: Author.
Isabel Myers: MBTI.
K9: Tibetan Terrier.

Achiever - ISTP

Bruce Lee: Martial artist.
Steve Jobs: Apple.
Vladimir Putin: President, Russia.
Dalai Lama XIV: Head, Tibetan Buddhism.
K9: Bassett Hound.

Practitioner - ISFJ

Mother Theresa: Activist.
Rosa Parks : Activist.
Heinrich Himmler: Nazi Germany.
K9: Alaskan Malamute.

Obj.Thinker - ISTJ

George Washington: US President.
Warren Buffett: Investor.
Jeff Bezos: Amazon.
Sigmund Freud: Psychoanalyst.
Dwight D. Eisenhower: US President.
Angela Merkel: Chancellor, Germany.
K9: Bernese Mountain Dog.

Perfectionist - INTP

Charles Darwin: Biologist.
Albert Einstein: Physicist.
Marie Curie: Physicist.
Richard Dawkins: Author.
Abraham Lincoln: US President.
K9: Papillon.

Enhancer - INTJ

Sir Isaac Newton: Physicist.
Louis Pasteur: Inventor.
Nikola Tesla: Inventor.
Stephen Hawking: Physicist.
Elon Musk: PayPal, Tesla.
Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook.
Isaac Asimov: Author.
Friedrich Nietzsche: Philosopher.
Karl Marx: Philosopher.
Jane Austen: Author.
K9: Afghan Hound.

"I just want you to know that,
when we talk about war,
we're really talking about peace.

-- George W. Bush, US President (Director) --

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