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D - Dominance - The Eagle

Dominance is the D in Disc - the behaviour profile methodology commenced by William Moulton Marston in 1928. There have been many additions and variations since then. This site aggregates a lot of it with the one aim: finding patterns. Then you can impose correctly. How do you do this without filling out a questionnaire?

We are always careful to emphasise to the cohort that this measures behaviour. It does not measure a person's values, aptitude, honesty, intelligence, personality nor whether they have any mental health issues or have been brainwashed.

Conducted and Composed by Elizabeth Hunter™ - Last Update 30 January, 2019


1. Director Bossy. I'll administer by example. Director profile in pdf

Approx. Population - 13.0% - 1/16 - M:16.0% - F:10.0%. You may be more like pattern 16 if an Introvert. MBTI - ESTJ. Extrovert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging. Kiersey - Supervisor (Guardian category)

2. Developer Work, work, work. Full steam ahead. Developer profile in pdf

Approx. Population - 4.0% - =11/16 - M:5.5% - F:2.5%. MBTI - ENTJ. Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging. Kiersey - Field Marshal (Rational category)

3. Results Tries too hard to be awesome. It's only the results that count. Results profile in pdf

Approx. Population - 10.0% - 4/16 - M:12.5% - F:7.5%. MBTI - ESTP. Extrovert, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving. Kiersey - Promoter (Artisan category)

4. Inspirational Curious, but obnoxious and lazy. I'm always here to help you. Inspirational profile in pdf

Approx. Population - 4.5% - 10/16 - M:6.0% - F:3.0%. MBTI - ENTP. Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving. Kiersey - Inventor (Rational category)

As a Leader

1 - Director - An overbearing leader. Prioritisation of efficiency can result in the making of hasty or overly harsh decisions that ignore the human impact of their decisions. Examples: JOSHUA. John D Rockefeller. Lyndon B. Johnson. Bill O'Reilly. Frank Sinatra.

2 - Developer - An innovative leader. Do not often weigh the consequences or possibilities of other options when making decisions. Examples: SOLOMON. John McEnroe. Gordon Ramsay. Steve Jobs. Julia Gillard. Kevin Rudd. Tony Abbott. Margaret Thatcher.

3 - Results - A dominant leader. Charge ahead fearlessly, tend to move quickly and prefer decision options which reduce effort and increase efficiency. Examples: PAUL. Richard Nixon. Jesus. Rupert Murdoch. Nicolas Sarkozy. Winston Churchill. Donald Trump.

4 - Inspirational - A motivational leader. Desire for spontaneity and excitement may lead to not base decisions enough on present actualities or tangible ideas, choosing instead to listen to their own advice on the matter instead of allowing other information or advice to come into play. Examples: APOLLOS. "Devil's Advocates". Thomas Edison. Eddie McGuire. James Hird. Malcolm Turnbull. Walt Disney.

Pos Twosome Descripta™

1 - Director - That boss.

Augmentation: A no-nonsense, take-charge demeanor makes others feel confident and secure.

Seven Pos Traits: 1. Dignified, strong willed, principled. 2. Loyal to the group - family, community, country. 3. Great strategist, outstanding game player. 4. Ethical, hardworking, ethical, honest. 5. Focusses on what is practical, preferring tradition and order. 6. Extremely organised and has difficulty dealing with uncertainty. 7. Responsible and would rather strategise before acting.

2 - Developer - World dominator.

Augmentation: A take-charge, commanding personality exudes confidence and appeal.

Seven Pos Traits: 1. Natural born leader who likes being in charge. 2. Lives in a world of possibilities. 3. Project oriented and focusses on the task at hand. 4. Logical and thoughtful before taking action. 5. Can be a bit of a perfectionist. 6. Well developed communication skills. 7. Self confident and sure of themselves and their abilities.

3 - Results - Adrenaline junkie.

Augmentation: A quintessential daredevil who takes others us along for the thrills and excitement.

Seven Pos Traits: 1. Strong flair for drama and style. 2. Fast moving and fast talking with appreciation for the finer things in life. 3. Uncanny ability to perceive people's attitudes and motivations. 4. Lives in the present moment and likes to see immediate results. 5. Loves to have fun and be the centre of attention. 6. Attracted to adventure and risk. 7. Excellent people skills.

4 - Inspirational - Explosion executor.

Augmentation: A trailblazer of innovative ideas and out-of-the-box strategies.

Seven Pos Traits: 1. Creative, smart and charming. 2. Values freedom. 3. Likes to create ideas and theorise. 4. Does not like to be controlled. 5. Competent and highly knowledgeable. 6. Innovative and ingenious at problem solving. 7. Good social skills.

Neg Twosome Descripta™

1 - Director - Too uncompromising.

2 - Developer - Too controlling.

3 - Results - Too self-contradicting.

4 - Inspirational - Too unrealistic.

Surprise, Surprise Descripta™

Surˌprise, surˈprise - you should not be surprised about these sorts of behaviour!

1 - Director

Surˌprise, surˈprise: The extreme lengths they will go to when they feel they have been wronged will always amaze you. No Director ever gave up when someone else expected them to quit.
Smartness Explorer™ : 0.26 compared with norm of this pattern (Sak, 2004, Uni. of Arizona). Rank: 16/16. Excellent Leadership Intelligence.
At ya Best™ : A great manager. You are great at executing all sorts of plans and you can move up quickly through the ranks and be put in charge of many sorts of projects at work. You are dedicated to your goals and your determination to get things done is nothing short of legendary — and indisputably effective.
Your likely vehicle : Audi A8.

2 - Developer

Surˌprise, surˈprise: Whenever you think a Developer might just have done something selfless or out of empathy for another person - they always surprise you with how they actually did it to prove a point or get their way.
Smartness Explorer™ : 1.49 compared with norm of this pattern (Sak, 2004, Uni. of Arizona). Rank: 7/16. Excellent Leadership Intelligence.
At ya Best™ : A bold leader. You are shameless when it comes to sharing your opinions or taking charge of a situation. While others may worry about what people think, you know it does not matter so long as you can make the change you want to in this world. You're a perfect leader in this regard, and you know how to get stuff done even if you're not always well-liked every step of the way; often despised. The fearless generals like you.
Your likely vehicle : Tesla.

3 - Results

Surˌprise, surˈprise: Continuously surprises you how much one person can love both cars and themselves.
Smartness Explorer™ : 0.49 compared with norm of this pattern (Sak, 2004, Uni. of Arizona). Rank: 11/16. Excellent Physical Intelligence.
At ya Best™ : You are daring. You will say 'yes' to the most daunting of tasks and through your sheer will, you will get stuff done. You make awesome salespeople because your charisma is unnerving and you know how to take on any challenge. A lot of people get scared but you do not let fear hold you back. That is a pretty awesome trait that inspires others around you to be a little braver.
Your likely vehicle : Porsche Boxter.

4 - Inspirational

Surˌprise, surˈprise: It will always amaze you the insane things an Inspirational will believe and be passionate about in the short term. They will be embarrassed when they “come down” from the obsession. Tend to have folks figured out.
Smartness Explorer™ :: 2.32 compared with norm of this pattern (Sak, 2004, Uni. of Arizona). Rank: 5/16. Excellent Leadership Intelligence.
At ya Best™ : You are charismatic. You are really able to get how to make a lasting impression on people through your very impressive brain. Whether it's by uttering a great witticism about society, or cracking a joke, or adjusting your attitude based on the person you're with, most people find you an irresistible personality. It's pretty strategic — you are always thinking critically about how you come off. You know how to mold to the emotional environment before you and your logic is what gets you able to perceive what side will be best accepted. Most people from all walks of life are drawn to you initially.
Your likely vehicle : Smart Car.

Discs - Pidgeonholed v. The Real World

1 - Director - P: Intelligent, dependable, productive, competent, forward thinker. R: Remind teachers about homework distribution and collection every single day. Get off on educational videos. The Business Snake; The Lion.

2 - Developer - P: Dominant, efficient, strategic, ideal leader. R: One of the few types to physically frown and do not understand that they are scary. The Commander Snake; The Bear.

3 - Results - P: Daredevil, life on the edge, famous and popular. R: 100% of decision making is weighing the pros and ignoring the cons, shrugging and doing whatever stupid thing they got dared to do. The Classic, risk-taking Snake; The Cheetah.

4 - Inspirational - P: Quickest thinkers that you will ever meet, witty, intellectual masters of debate. R: Uses ideas or values or patterns of behaviour that are passed from one person to another by non-genetic means (as by imitation) and accepts this. Catchphrase is "Well, actually....". The Argumentative Snake; The Fox.

"Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Lao Tzu

1 - Director - Plan the work and work the plan.

2 - Developer - I knew I was right.

3 - Results - Let's try that.

4 - Inspirational - No, let me explain....


1 - Director - Uphold the law.

2 - Developer - Independent work focused on logic.

3 - Results - Dominance and independence.

4 - Inspirational - Creating the vision.

Anxiety Explorer™

1 - Director - When you have to hand over the reigns to someone else.

2 - Developer - When you have to hand over the reigns to someone else.

3 - Results -When you are not able to extract what you need from your environment - affection, attention, a job opportunity or a physical need.

4 - Inspirational - When you feel as though you are lacking options.

Green About the Gills Explorer™

1 - Director - Works fervently from bed on their laptop while internally scolding their immune system for not trying harder.

2 - Developer - Rests for about 30 minutes, decides that’s enough self-care and then gets back to work.

3 - Results - Pops some drugs, chugs along on energy drinks and carries on on a business as usual basis. If it’s not terminal, what’s there to complain about?

4 - Inspirational - Develops a plethora of strange new medicines that they test on themselves, ultimately extending their sickness weeks longer than necessary.

Spot behaviour seen on Social Media

1 - Director -Profile picture is a professional head shot – just in case potential employers are looking.

2 - Developer - Checks into a lot of networking events and is wearing a suit in every tagged picture they have.

3 - Results - Gets tagged in a lot of drunk unicycling photos that gives their relatives anxiety.

4 - Inspirational - Argues with the Agent's humanitarian posts, just for the hell of it.

Behaviour seen on the Elevanto Bus™

1 - Director - Aisle seat in the row behind the driver. Checking how the driver drives, sometimes offering advice. Row 2/7.

2 - Developer - Window seat on driver's side. Looking at what they are heading into. Row 4/7.

3 - Results - In the back row, window seat on opposite side from the driver. Gesturing at vehicles travelling behind the bus. Row 7/7.

4 - Inspirational - Aisle seat on opposite side from the driver next to the Promoter. Whispering weird things to the Promoter trying to enter their sub-conscious. Row 5/7.

The Cannot Stomach Listings

1 - Director - People that are too clingy. Emotionally charged situations. Immaturity and people with poor self-control. Laziness and low effort. Ineffective systems and ways of doing things. Arguments that are emotion-based instead of fact-based.

2 - Developer - When people take a long time getting to the point. Slow-moving systems and processes hampered by bureaucracy. Being under someone else’s control and having to be dependent on others. When people don’t take responsibility for their own mistakes and failures. Complaining and excuse-making. Moochers. Expressing feelings and being emotionally vulnerable. Stagnation and having nothing to work towards. Political correctness and superficial rhetoric. Jealous haters and emotional manipulatiors. Plans cancelled at the last minute.

3 - Results - Missing out on big opportunities. Waiting. Dealing with complicated problems that cannot be resolved quickly. People driving slowly in the fast lane. People who complain about their weight yet make no effort to exercise or eat properly. When friends hang out without them. Pompous intellectuals and pontificators. Controlling people and anal-retentive whistle blowers. Shoddy quality.

4 - Inspirational - When they hear a great idea they wish they’d thought of first. When people take themselves too seriously. Performing domestic duties. Being boxed in by conventional and stagnating circumstances. Having no one to talk to. Doing time-consuming detail work with little creativity involved. Stifling bureaucracy and stringent rules that inhibit creativity. Having to censor themselves or walk on eggshells. Suppressing their individuality and conforming to generic group standards. Regressive people who live in the past.

Conflict Matrix, plus Defence Mechanism

1 - Director - Will enforce the agreed rules.
Defence Mechanism: All or Nothing Thinking.

2 - Developer - Will be better at one-on-one conflict.
Defence Mechanism: Isolation.

3 - Results - Will push for closure.
Defence Mechanism: Compartmentalizing.

4 - Inspirational - Will try to understand and influence.
Defence Mechanism: Compensation.

On a team and as an Instructor

1 - Director - Team: Conducting. Most Hard Charging. Instructor: Made you and about 7 other students cry at some point in their career when they got mad at you for talking in class or because your project wasn’t the right file type supported on their laptop. Most likely to display an innate desire to control the class and let the power completely go to their head.

2 - Developer - Team: Conducting. Most Commanding. Instructor: Your terrifyingly intimidating business teacher who has no moral compass whatsoever and is probably plotting world domination after they set you task after task that is said to prepare you for the next stage of your life.

3 - Results - Team: Activating. Most Spontaneous. Instructor: Most likely to be your super ripped and slightly scary fitness advisor who is probably having an affair with one of their clients.

4 - Inspirational - Team: Exploring. Most Inventive. Instructor: Likes to share their opinion a little too much and will literally tear apart anyone in a "diplomatic" and friendly manner if they share an opposing opinion. Usually either loved or hated as they have pretty interesting classes but their methods and teaching style may be a little too unorthodox for the more conventional student. Sometimes don’t know when to shut up and can even offend some students involuntarily. Also most likely to assign homework to be done by the next class only to forget they ever assigned it, to the dismay of those who had already finished it and get no recognition.

Sins and Virtues matrix

1 - Director - Sloth (Sin Rank 4/7) - Apathy and inactivity in the practice of virtue. Spiritual or emotional apathy; neglecting what God has spoken; being physically and emotionally inactive in the sense of sadness, depression or the inability to feel joy. Extreme depression leads to have thoughts or plans for suicide. May lead to wrath. If love is lost or lacking, sloth may be extreme.
Sins: Avoids expressing emotion, tends to be blunt, obsessed with correctness, judgmental, stubborn, inflexible, overly concerned with social status.

2 - Developer - Lust (Sin Rank 7/7) - Self-indulgent sexual desire. Emotion or feeling of intense desire in the body. An insatiable need, desire, thought or action for sex or things of a sexual nature including pornography. If unfulfilled, it can lead to masturbation, rape and even bestiality. Lust also includes the desire for knowledge and power.
Sins: Controlling and intimidating, appears angry, impulsive, arrogant, impatient, bad with emotion, cold & ruthless.

3 - Results - Wrath (Sin Rank 3/7) - Belligerence aroused by a real or supposed wrong. "Love of justice perverted to revenge and spite" - Dante. A need to do harm to others. Emotional response related to one's psychological interpretation of having been threatened. Indicates when one's basic boundaries are violated. Extreme anger, rage, hatred, or a need for vengeance or revenge. Often resort to taking the law in their own hands if they feel the justice system has failed them. To the extreme, may even turn to physical abuse of themselves or others, murder or even genocide.
Sins: Prone to boredom, can be insensitive, lack of long-term focus, impatient, defiant, too detail-oriented, unstructured.

4 - Inspirational - Pride (Sin Rank 1/7) - Unreasonable and inordinate self-esteem. Inflated sense of one's personal status or accomplishments. Hubris (Loss of contact with reality; overestimation of one's own competence, accomplishments or capabilities, especially when in a position of power). Once considered a need to be the most beautiful, Pride can also mean a need for public acceptance in all acts and / or a need to be more important than others. Those who suffer with Pride issues, usually fail to give due complements to others, but instead fish for complements for themselves. They find ways to be better than those around them and usually have a "One Up" story. Pride is said to be the original and most deadly of the seven sins, leading straight to damnation! Derogatory explanations often assist our clients to remember things. Try "Bishop of Sneakiness" or "Auctioneer of fine goods about to be stolen."
Sins: Trouble with conflict, manipulative, easily bored, bad at focusing, weak against stress, too independent, highly emotional.

In a meeting

1 - Director - Networker.

2 - Developer - Speedy Gonzales.

3 - Results - Troublemaker.

4 - Inspirational - Show off.

Exaggeration Explorer™

Exaggeration is “Swearing in your native tongue”. Carl Jung, the legendary Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, indicated that when things get dicey, we are more apt to react in a manner that feels most familiar. By doing this, we lose access to the auxiliary function that keeps us balanced. This notion of exaggeration is why under a certain amount of stress, our personality becomes ‘bigger’, but not necessarily more effective.

1 - Director - Become detached and cold; Feel everything must be rational; Oversimplify for sake of clarity; Interrupt and critique others’ logic; Dominate by dissection.

2 - Developer - Become detached and cold; Feel everything must be rational; Oversimplify for sake of clarity; Interrupt and critique others’ logic; Dominate by dissection.

3 - Results - Speak and act without thinking; Become hyperactive; Chatter and disturb others, disrupt; Are blunt and curt; Are pedantic – every detail is crucial.

4 - Inspirational - Are obsessed with/convinced of links between things; Want change for the sake of change;relationship Are over the top, frantic, out of control; Are swamped with options, can’t decide; Experience sudden, irrational change.

Self Improvement

1 - Director - Be aware of your overuse of stubbornness, strong convictions and being forthright.

2 - Developer - Be aware of being a selective listener, hearing only what you want to hear.

3 - Results - Be aware of being too impulsive at times as ego and optimism combine.

4 - Inspirational - Be aware of overusing the philosophy "the end justifies the means”.

As a negotiator

Style - Tend to Convince.

Result - Tend to be they win and the other side loses.

Outcome - Somewhat short sighted.

With Others at Work and in Social Situation

Scale 1 - 8. 1&2 Excellent; 3&4 Good; 5&6 Fair; 6&7 Poor.

High D with High D: Work: 5. Social: 3.5.

High D with High I: Work: 6. Social: 3.

High D with High S: Work: 1. Social: 6.

High D with High C: Work: 6. Social: 8.

The worst workplace for each Disc type. What's your workplace like for you?

1 - Director - Run as a workplace that completely lacks structure and presents few to no opportunities for upward advancement.

2 - Developer - Run as a workplace that completely lacks long-term vision and requires strict adherence to the decisions of an incompetent management team.

3 - Results - Run as a workplace featuring a monotonous corporate environment where workers have to go through a mountain of red tape in order to solve pretty much any problem.

4 - Inspirational - Run as a workplace that is functioning in a systematically inefficient way but the Inspirational interprets any innovative solutions for improvement or change as personal criticism.

At the Job Souk

Here are some flavours of jobs that might match with your Disc. It is not exclusive. e.g. Lawyer is in more than one category. Contributions welcome. Are you in the correct seat on the bus?

1 - Director - Taking Care of Business. Teacher - Trade / Technical; Project Manager; School Administrator; Factory Supervisor; Executive; Military Officer; Public Official; Bank Officer; Insurance Agent.

2 - Developer - Everything's fine - I'm in charge. Executive / CEO; Investment Broker; Business Consultant; Barrister / Judge; Sales manager; Credit Investigator; Marketing Personnel; Computer Professional; Franchise Owner.

3 - Results - Let's get Busy. Paramedic; Firefighter; Pro Athlete; Auditor; Field Sales Rep; Auditor; Optometrist; Marketing Professional; Promoter; Stockbroker; General Contractor.

4 - Inspirational - Life's Entrepreneurs. Politician; Sales Manager; Venture Capitalist; Barrister / SC; Systems Analyst; Market Researcher; Strategic Planner; Management Consultant; Advertising Director; Newsreader / Reporter.

As a performance appraiser

Style - D's prefer to evaluate others by how well they meet the standards and challenges set forth by the D.

Result - I's , S's and C's are likely to get the feeling that the reception is cold and not at all empathetic.

Outcome - Appraisee is likely to be relieved it's all over while the D can get on with things.

As a customer service representative

Style - High D's put relationship building as secondary to fixing the problem. Never put a High D across the counter from the customer who wants to vent.

Result - Perfect when customer service means getting to the point, fixing the problem, and moving on to the next customer. For all other situations there will be problems.

Outcome - Maybe two-thirds of the population hear an abrupt “tell me what you want me to do to the fix your problem” as cold and unempathetic. High D's are really not suited to these roles.

At the Shopping Mall

1 - Director - At the Banana Republic buying 100 versions of the same button up shirt because they like the way it fits.

2 - Developer - Looking for a random item that they swear Neiman Marcus sells. In reality, only the one in Tokyo has ever stocked it.

3 - Results - Lost in the Spencer Gifts store. For those out of North America, their stores specialize in novelty and gag gifts and also sell clothing, band merchandise, sex toys, room decor, collectible figures, fashion and body jewellery together with fantasy and horror items. It’s the only store they’ll go to for their back-to-school shopping.

4 - Inspirational - In the “rare and vintage” bookshop eyeing a first edition of a Jack Kerouac novel. Settles for a used paperback copy because they spent all their money on an autographed Neil deGrasse Tyson poster.

As a gift buyer

1 - Director - Asks their loved ones to rank the top three places they’d like gift cards from. Emails them over to save time, money and the risk of having the gift cards lost in the mail.

2 - Developer - Signs their loved ones up for workshops or events that will help them advance professionally or personally. Hopes their inner circle understands that they’re trying to love them, not network with them.

3 - Results - Prides themselves on their ability to choose the absolute perfect item that their loved ones didn’t know they wanted. Lives on the edge by picking them all out with two days to spare and Amazon dispatching them straight to their loved one’s homes.

4 - Inspirational - Sees gift-giving as a challenge to show their inner circle how well they’ve analyzed and understood them. Spends hours scouring niche corners of the Internet to source the gifts their loved ones never knew they needed. Succeeds with a handful of people and buys everyone else socks.

What to give as a gift

1 - Director - Asks their loved ones to rank the top three places they’d like gift cards from. Emails them over to save time, money and the risk of having the gift cards lost in the mail.

2 - Developer - Signs their loved ones up for workshops or events that will help them advance professionally or personally. Hopes their inner circle understands that they’re trying to love them, not network with them.

3 - Results - An adventure, Weapons, Something practical, Money, A game, Treats, Music.

4 - Inspirational - Sees gift-giving as a challenge to show their inner circle how well they’ve analyzed and understood them. Spends hours scouring niche corners of the Internet to source the gifts their loved ones never knew they needed. Succeeds with a handful of people and buys everyone else socks.

Patterns & Fascination

1 - Director Prestige - Define newer standards. With Power as Secondary, The Guardian - Prominent, Genuine, Sure-Footed.

2 - Developer - Innovation - Encourage others to explore alternative ideas and new techniques. With Power as Secondary, The Maverick Leader - Pioneering, Irreverent, Entrepreneurial, Big Picture.

3 - Results - Power - Actively lead rather than sitting back. With Power as Secondary, The Aggressor - Dominant, Overbearing, Dogmatic.

4 - Inspirational - Passion - Leverage high energy to fire up person or team to achieve a specific goal. With Power as Secondary, The People's Champion - Dynamic, Inclusive, Engaging.

Tension Warner

DD - D with D - Competition, Threat.

DI - D with I - Priority. Guarded, Task-Oriented v. Open, People-Oriented.

DS - D with S - Pace & Priority. Direct, Fast-Paced, Guarded v. Indirect, Slower-Paced, Open, People-Oriented.

DC - D with C - Pace. Direct, Fast-Paced v. Indirect, Slower-Paced.


1 - Director - Most forceful. Mr. Governor. Penguin. Real Ale. Executive. Stuffed Shirt. Border Collie.

2 - Developer - Most commanding. Mr. Exploder. Eagle. Vintage wine. Commander. Tyrant. German Shepherd.

3 - Results - Most fun. Mr. Sherman-Tank. Kingfisher. Energy Drink. Entrepreneur. Beer Drinker. Jack Russell Terrier.

4 - Inspirational - Most inventive. Mr. Manipulator. Cockatoo. Shots. Debater. Frankenstein. Bull Terrier.


1 - Director - Stubborn. How organised ranking: 1/16. How dominant ranking: 2/16. How submissive ranking: 15/16.

2 - Developer - Bully. How organised ranking: 5/16. How dominant ranking: 1/16. How submissive ranking: 16/16.

3 - Results - Mows you over. How organised ranking: 11/16. How dominant ranking: 3/16. How submissive ranking: 14/16.

4 - Inspirational - Schemer. How organised ranking: 15/16.How dominant ranking: 8/16. How submissive ranking: 9/16.

Female Dressage

1 - Director - Nothing goes unnoticed as it's all about efficiency. Logical, detail-oriented, and not afraid to speak their minds, need footwear that reflects their personality. A good pair of white slip-on sneakers are trendy and useful.

2 - Developer - Born leaders. Well read and well informed, they detect illogical operations and turn them around to set long-term goals that can develop into a comprehensive problem-solving system. A classic trench coat is a must to establish their sense of self.

3 - Results - A social butterfly among; living for spontaneity. A printed shirt suits the love for unexpectedness and a cute statement piece.

4 - Inspirational - Never want to do the same thing twice. Generally bored by routines, they find challenges as a way to practice their resourcefulness. Metallic heels are just another way to try something new and test boundaries that excite them.

Male Dressage

1 - Director - Dresses to impress. They have respectable sensibilities and they likely take their style tips from the successful people they want to emulate or look up to. Want to look distinguished and important and may dress in conservative attire and may acquire an impressive knowledge of how to put together a classy ensemble that will allow them to make a strong impression wherever they go.

2 - Developer - Whether they dress up or dress down, always look like somebody who knows what they’re doing. Their style of attire is likely to be unpretentious but clean and orderly. If they wear a black tee, they will likely make sure that it is crisp and doesn’t have any lint on it. They are probably not a fan of overly formal dress codes and they prefer to express some of their personality through their clothes. They are creative and may put interesting twists on otherwise traditional outfits.

3 - Results - Often very active and athletic and so many of them are bound to show that off with fashionable form-fitting clothing and athletic wear. Their personal style is likely to be a bit dressed-down and casual but sporty and respectable. They may enjoy dressing to the nines for formal occasions and showing the world how well they can clean up when they want to.

4 - Inspirational - Can be incredibly hipsterish and stylish or incredibly slouchy. Have the capacity to put a lot of effort into their look especially if they are vain and socially active. Can formulate an interesting aesthetic that is all their own and weird yet somehow works. They can be very dapper in an unconventional way and have the capacity to set trends that others admire and would want to emulate.

What sort of Holiday

1 - Director - Leading a cycling tour.

2 - Developer - Organising a group ski trip.

3 - Results - Sailing the Atlantic.

4 - Inspirational - Last minute booking.

As a house Guest

Preliminary - Under Research. Contributions welcome. "Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days." ― Benjamin Franklin

1 - Director - As Host: Stay here; make no mess. As Guest: I'll have no issue sitting in your recliner chair with you on the couch.

2 - Developer - As Host: Stay here; let me remove the mess. As Guest: I'll take over. I'll overstay.

3 - Results - As Host: Stay here; ignore the mess. As Guest: I'll decide when I leave.

4 - Inspirational - As Host: Room for one more. As Guest: I'll take over for you.

In a Relationship / Dating

1 - Director - Relationship needs – Responsibility and Friendship.

Red Flag if you hear this - "I know I should have used my money to pay my rent but that dress was on sale and soo gorgeous!"

Not negotiable with the partner - Inconsistency.

Biggest Strength - Responsibility.

Ideal Date Activities - Anything that involves going out. Comedy club, film festival, fair.

Will be seeking - Long term dating.

Target area priority - LOVABLE - 70%; ROMANTIC 20%; SEXUAL 10%.

Soulmate - Achiever.

2 - Developer - Relationship needs – Respect and Intellectual Stimulation.

Red Flag if you hear this - "I hate commitment. I can't imagine going steady with anyone. I cheated on my last spouse."

Not negotiable with the partner - Disloyalty.

Biggest Strength - Anything that involves being dominant and taking charge.

Ideal Date Activities - Anything that involves adventure. Paint ball, outdoor adventures, rock climbing.

Will be seeking - Casual sex.

Target area priority - LOVABLE - 5%; ROMANTIC 20%; SEXUAL 75%.

Soulmate - Agent.

3 - Results - Relationship needs – Experience and Enthusiasm.

Red Flag if you hear this - "I'm super passive. Why take initiative?"

Not negotiable with the partner - Dormancy.

Biggest Strength - Resourceful.

Ideal Date Activities - Anything that involves showing off. Best restaurant / night club / expensive bar.

Will be seeking - Casual sex.

Target area priority - LOVABLE - 35%; ROMANTIC 15%; SEXUAL 50%.

Soulmate - Objective Thinker.

4 - Inspirational - Relationship needs – Imagination and Fun.

Red Flag if you hear this - "Oh my God you can't say that!"

Not negotiable with the partner - Boredom.

Biggest Strength - Cleverness.

Ideal Date Activities - Anything that is trying something new together.

Will be seeking - New friends, casual sex.

Target area priority - LOVABLE - 25%; ROMANTIC 10%; SEXUAL 65%.

Soulmate - Investigator.

More information is available on other sites e.g.
This is a summary from several sources. Elevanto does not totally agree with these compatibility assertions.

1 - Director - Compatibility best with Perfectionist, Achiever and Specialist. Worst with Agent, Promoter, Investigator and Persuader.

2 - Developer - Compatibility best with Perfectionist and Agent. Worst with no others.

3 - Results - Compatibility best with Objective Thinker and Practitioner. Worst with Agent, Promoter, Investigator and Persuader.

4 - Inspirational - Compatibility best with Investigator and Enhancer. Worst with no others.

A client put us onto these - we do not know their origins but they may assist: Click here : And here.

Jobs and Tasks

1 - Director - Make use of breadth of interests. Use logic, analysis, facts and are good organisers. Will engage in the use of tough-minded, fact-oriented, and goal-directed analysis to provide leadership and direction in management. Focusing on application of standards of what is correct, efficient and sensible regarding both people and situations.

2 - Developer - Hands on Approach. Very adaptable, active and realistic. Like contact with the world often draw them to careers in trades, business and sales, and some of the technically oriented professions. Rely on firsthand experience and curiosity. Good in handling interpersonal conflict, decision making, and negotiating. Focusing on getting things done.

3 - Results - Grasp Possibilities and Organize. Drive, leadership, innovation and tough-minded analysis are in management and leadership positions. They are often very aware of power and status issues. Like decision-making and action. Will engage in the use of tough-minded, fact-oriented, and goal-directed analysis to provide leadership and direction in management. Focusing on making it happen - not afraid to run people over.

4 - Inspirational - New Projects. Driven to start new projects or envision new ways of doing things and stimulated by complexity and new problems to solve. Focusing on troubleshooting.

As a friend

1 - Director - Lecturer, always ready to hang out. The friend who is either lecturing you about your life choices, or being larger than life and trying to keep you entertained. They often pretend to know more about the topics you are discussing than they actually do, but they are seriously good at convincing you.

2 - Developer - Controlling, loyal. The sometimes controlling, but always entertaining friend. When they are not in work mode they are fun to be around and always give you a good laugh. They somehow always make you feel like you should be doing more with your life.

3 - Results - Up for anything, track the details. The fun friend who is always up for absolutely anything. If they truly care about you they probably shower you with gifts and try to remind you of how awesome they are.

4 - Inspirational - Outgoing, interested. The outgoing and fun friend, who is always ready to do something new and exciting. They constantly make you laugh with their witty sense of humor, and enjoy being able to entertain you. They are capable of discussing a large array of topics, which makes the conversation always interesting.

Myers Briggs & Kiersey & iPersonic X-ref + Career & Examples

1 - Director - Myers Briggs MBTI - ESTJ - The Supervisor. Extrovert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging. KIERSEY - Guardian - Supervisor. iPERSONIC - Determined Realist. Other - Overseer. Career: Run own business, ladder to positions of influence, leadership in volunteer positions, government employee, military or police officer, engineer, computer analyst, dentist, judge or physician. Key hate: Incompetence / procrastination; Those who shoot down all their ideas. Examples: John D. Rockefeller, Bill O'Reilly; Frank Sinatra.

2 - Developer - Myers Briggs MBTI - ESTP - The Doer. Extrovert, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving. KIERSEY - Artisan (=Craftsman) - Promoter. iPERSONIC - Energetic Doer. Other - Persuader. Career: Top executive, senior manager, head of sales and marketing, project managers, investment brokers, financial planners, labor relations leaders, business consulting, management consulting, stockbroker, economic analyst, judge. Key hate: Losing control; Those who are bullies (= athreat to their bullying). Examples: Joseph Stalin; Steve Jobs; Gordon Ramsay.

3 - Results - Myers Briggs MBTI - ENTJ - The Commander. Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging. KIERSEY - Rational - Field Marshal. iPERSONIC - Dynamic Thinker. Other - Chief. Career: Paramedic, military personnel, police officer, pilot, financial advisor, stockbroker, news reporter, sportscaster, auctioneer, fitness instructor or skilled tradesman. Key hate: Mediocrity; Those who make them feel trapped. Examples: Lyndon B. Johnson; Rupert Murdoch, Winston Churchill.

4 - Inspirational - Myers Briggs MBTI - ENTP - The Visionary. Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving. KIERSEY - Rational - Inventor. iPERSONIC - Groundbreaking Thinker. Other - Originator. Career: Politics, real estate development, advertising, marketing, PR, venture capitalist, management consultant or sports agent. Key hate: Being controlled; Those who belittle them. Examples: Tiger Woods; Jeremy Clarkson; Henry Kissinger.

Philosophy regarding money and risk

1 - Director - Sound and Frugal Saver. Earns a good salary working in management, takes two holidays per year, retires on time on a good pension. Frugal saver who may be seen as 'cheap' by cutting down expenses. Can hoard wealth to be seen as high status.
A Protector also. Can have a lot of trouble with unanticipated change and make bad decisions in a panic. Needs to have a contingency fund of around six months income.
As a risk taker. Directors, together with Objective Thinkers, Practitioners and Appraisers have the least willingness to take risks. They enjoy having consistency and structure in their lives and they tend to act only after they have carefully analysed all the details and feel totally prepared. Time is needed to gather their memories and experiences as well as look at the information and think it all over. This does not mean that the Director never takes risks, however. They just need to be sure they have given each option a lot of thought and consideration before acting on the choices they have. Directors are so careful and considerate when making decisions they tend to be thoroughly prepared for whatever consequences unfold because of that decision. They are prepared, practical and grounded when it comes to their choices and this means that they are less likely to take risks that turn out badly or backfire on them. In certain cases, the Director can be too risk-averse. For example, as an office worker might hate the job but be unwilling to venture into another career field because of the risk of failure. The Director can also get so stuck in their comfort zone such that they miss out on new opportunities that would bring them joy.

2 - Developer - Risk taker and poor saver. Makes good money being a day trader or similar, spends most of it on risky leisure pursuits such as buying a Harley.
A Planner also. Live too much in the future that they miss opportunities in the here-and-now. maybe due to analysis paralysis. Need two accounts - one directed towards long-term savings, about which they have no interest, plus another specifically for “mad money” to use for indulgences today.
As a risk taker. Developers together with Investigators, Enhancers and Persuaders are more calculated at risk taking and not as spontaneous as the high risk takers. The Enhancer needs to have an internal vision of where they are going before they pursue a possibility. They need time to analyse, prioritise and process information. At times they might get a vision about a future possibility quickly and, during these times, they can seem quite impulsive. Other times the process will take longer and they can seem more cautious and deliberating. By taking extra time to prepare they are usually very strategic and have contingency plans in place. They also are stimulated by new ideas and possibilities so this can lead them down innovative or transformational pathways. However, can become so sure of a specific vision or path that they close their minds to precautions and details that might get in the way of its realisation. They tend to be analytical when deciding on a pursuit, but because they focus more on the big picture than the details, those details can eventually trip them up. Accordingly, it can help to get some advice and input from a trusted source.

3 - Results - Keeps going and Pleasure monger. Makes millions as a CEO, ‘retires’ by 40 but remains majority shareholder or director of several multinational corporations.
A Player also. Overly impulsive and optimistic about risks and carefree about planning. Resourcefulness and a can-do attitude can be just what’s needed for an entrepreneurial experiment.
As a risk taker. Results, together with Counselors, Achievers and Specialists have a fondness for risk-taking, especially in the immediate context. However, they do like to have a certain amount of security when it comes to their home life and the people that are important to them. They like having a “home base” whether it’s an actual home, a long-term friendships, a relationship, etc.. that they can return to at the end of the day (or week, or month). Results (and Counselors) scan their environment for interesting and novel experiences they can jump into right away. For example, they might be walking along the beach and see an opportunity to go hang-gliding and instantly get in line for the experience. They tend to be adaptable and quick to respond to sudden changes and developments. They tend to be stimulated by challenges and enjoy having many options and alternatives to consider. Results are quick to think on their feet and they tend to keep a steady head during a crisis. They are also good at scanning their environment for resources and solutions. Unlike some other types who might panic over a challenge, find themselves stimulated and invigorated by it. Results are always looking around for new experiences and enjoyment and they can sometimes become scattered and move from project to project without completing anything. This tends to play out in them jumping from job to job or passion to passion without finding long-term contentment. If they fail to inwardly analyse the opportunities they embark on then they can make poor choices that fail in the long-term and figure out whether what they are doing is logical or has lasting value. Sometimes it means allowing themselves to be bored because it is the most reasonable thing to do or it is the thing most in line with their values.

4 - Inspirational - On the edge and cautious breadwinner. Spends entire pay on electronic gadgets and the like but always finds a way to pay the rent. Spends as much as they make.
A Planner also. Live too much in the future that they miss opportunities in the here-and-now. maybe due to analysis paralysis. Need two accounts - one directed towards long-term savings and another specifically for “mad money” to use for indulgences today.
As a risk taker. In the top 4 as the highest risk-takers together with Promoter, Agent and Perfectionist. Enjoys exploring new, untested theories and possibilities. Unlike those who have facts to rely on, enjoy “jumping into possibilities” without having to spend a lot of time figuring out if something like this has been done before. In fact, if a project or idea has been done before that can be a deterrent. Drawn to the novel and original far more than the tested and established. This tends to play out in career choices. Many Inspirationals are stimulated by taking less-secure job positions if there is a higher reward. Are able to consider many new, unusual theories, projects, and endeavours simultaneously without getting weighed down by anxiety or over-planning. However, need to take a moment and pause and consider their priorities, values, and principles before moving forward. This way they can avoid floundering in a sea of unfinished projects and unlimited alternatives.

Spending Attitude

1 - Director - Saver. Can develop a reputation for being cheap. May accumulate wealth or possessions etc. to be seen as high status. Work creates happiness so dollars not needed to spend. May adapt to the spending habits of friends but will want to cut costs when they can. Frugal Saver.

2 - Developer - High Spender. Spending will be very high for 'fun' events (typically with many friends) including traveling and dining out. May encounter choppy seas if the 'high life' or adventurous pursuits exceed the income required. Investments in themselves may pay off big time in proportion to the high risk. Risk Taker.

3 - Results - Work Hard and Play Hard. Great income producers, indifferent attitude towards saving. Free spenders on what they want. Money is to be spent on themselves or invested for bumper returns; that's what it is for. Pleasuremonger.

4 - Inspirational - Spend today. Great income to get things now will be ahead of saving for the future which is not part of now. Savvy purchasers with the right attitude e.g. talk down the car price. Cautious Breadwinner.

Financial Toxicity

1 - Director - Protector - Redresser. Will take action against providers when the quality of a product or service purchased is not up to scratch or there are valid and extenuating circumstances requiring redress. This may include circumstances when the product or service has already been consumed. It is not to squeeze the provider for a freebie for the sake of it. Whether it's writing letters to companies or calling them will take strong action like a dog with a bone. These actions are generally taken outside of the glare of onlookers.
Trustworthy Ranking ?/16. (The need to provide is often taken advantage of which causes trouble trusting people in the future)

2 - Developer - Planner - Over Generous. Insists on paying for your dinners every time you go out. Tries to be the one who handles things, gives expensive gifts or just does more financially than necessary. But there's a trick. While it may appear to make them happy, they are creating a circumstance that you have some sort of debt which may be in dollars, commitment, time, emotion, sexual favours etc. They'll be upset, but it is wise not to get into this debt spiral.
Trustworthy Ranking ?/16. (Has trust issues because they are rather guarded individuals)

3 - Results - Player - One upper. You might find that you are dragged into spending more than you want. They want to impress with cars, home, golf club membership, clothes etc. and, to stop their bragging, you might try to keep up. Be careful....
Trustworthy Ranking ?/16. (Often been taken advantage of by the people in their lives which causes them to have trust issues)

4 - Inspirational - Planner - One upper. You might find that you are dragged into spending more than you want. They want to impress with cars, home, golf club membership, clothes etc. and, to stop their bragging, you might try to keep up. Be careful....
Trustworthy Ranking ?/16. (Will have trust issues because they have witnessed plenty of people around them getting used and hurt by others. Will only let in the most reliable individuals)

The Sir Robertson Sole Symptoms™

The Sir Robertson Sole Symptoms™ are really the harsh truth. No-one likes this section and Sir Robertson is aware of this. These symptoms are useful in picking patterns if you have the chance to observe how someone goes in a very negative way. You'll need to look in the four quadrants to explore all sixteen soles. [Signed: R. Sole]

1 - Director - The Complainer. An R. Sole inside and out. May threaten to hit people behind their backs but they almost never go ahead with it. Tend to care more about an organisation's traditions and how it keeps up with them rather than implementing improvements to make the organisation the best of the breed. Tend to complain and be negative and want to control all at once 24/7. Are bureaucratic and sycophantic (uses flattery to win favour from individuals wielding influence), they are the cultists selling you books on dianetics. They are the middle-managers with the smiles entirely disproportionate with how important they are for the company and their only job is to tell you to work harder, which they enjoy. They are the coach for your kids’ sports team who base their entire self-worth on the team and breaks down when it inevitably loses, and they are the aunts who “hold together” the family by silencing anybody who does not smile in the family portrait. Cannot grasp that others might not share the same values. Never a relationship, always a deal. The micromanaging, overseeing R. Sole.

2 - Developer - The Confrontationalist. An R. Sole inside and out. Forceful debate and arguing is seen as a sport to be played as often as possible. These people will eat you alive. Have the natural ability to tear people down if they see fit. Scruples (an uneasy feeling arising from conscience or principle that tends to hinder action) are alien to them. They have no compunctions about petty details like ruining someone else’s life and, if they can get away with it, they will gladly stab you with the knife themselves. Great on big picture, poor on small details. Many politicians are Developers as a Developer's path of personal development does not leave much room for creativity. The first 20 years (‘Phase 1’) the Developer does nothing that can be called pleasure, and only what can be called planning. Around the transition between Phase 1 and Phase 2 (the next 15 years), the Developer will marry. This marriage is nothing but a contract, of course, with the money and fame in place, or will be in place, exchanged for absolute compliance and a promise to not endanger any of the plans, even if this means repressing oneself. Phase 2 consists of building up a network of people that can usher them into positions of power and during Phase 3 they unleash all the pent-up stuff they’ve been hiding and eventually they get caught snorting coke off a prostitute or a male sex organ or equivalent disgraceful behaviour. Developers cannot be helped. The replica of the devil, totalitarian R. Sole.

3 - Results - The Oaf. Acts like an R. Sole but is secretly cuddly. Good at sport but that's about it. Spends time on pranks. Loves motorcycles. Sometimes turn into wailing mockeries of adult people because they think it’s fun. It’s what they live for. They’ll carry a gun into a bank just because it is fun to scare the poor innocents. They will stand by the roadside and flash motorcyclists so they can watch them crash. Nothing is off limits. Results folk cannot be helped. Usually dumb as rocks but the highly intelligent Results folk are scary. Seem cute and fun until you meet them. The Donald Trump R. Sole.

4 - Inspirational - The Master of the Human Race. Acts like an R. Sole but is secretly cuddly. Smarter than everyone because can see more ways of thinking of things. Absolutely the grand master of manipulation so their environment is such that can act the way they want to act. Find it easy to obtain money. Believe that they are "nice, inventive, perfect people" and they try to be nice and are uncatchable. Not all subscribe to this belief - Inspirationals can appear arrogant and a know all. A common job for an Inspirational is a lawyer, where they can get paid to do their favourite thing in life which is to argue and be the devil's advocate. Can be very annoying and difficult people and they pretty much never admit they are wrong. They are yet to make their first mistake. They will just drop you if they feel you are no longer any use to them. Some say, speak with a forked tongue - evidence can be unreliable and evasive. Speaking with a forked tongue can be an effective way of getting ahead in business for an Inspirational.The entertaining, egocentric, narcissistic R. Sole.

  • We cannot guarantee success.
  • Because we are not you.
  • It's about your preparation.
  • Who you are.
  • What they are.
  • How you impose.
  • Make speaker & listener equally responsible.
  • Don't be better.
  • Be different.
  • Contact us today!
The Sir Robertson Sole Symptoms™ on Steroids

The Sir Robertson Sole Symptoms™ on Steroids have been compiled when you really do not like the other person. We have been told that this section is confrontational, so you are advised to keep your seat belt fastened. An alternate term is as an Oxygen Thief. You'll need to look in the four quadrants to explore all sixteen steroid soles. [Signed: R. Sole]

1 - Director - The incontinent bureaucrat. Directors are sexually aroused by rules and regulations. The only thing that throttles their libido is the thought of producing something of worth. Frequently found lurking in besser brick council buildings tenderly stroking the blocks after a hard day making everyone miserable. Regularly attend office supply conventions. Insulting tag: Irresponsible. R. Sole nominates Hillary Clinton, all philosophical zombies and Frank Sinatra.

2 - Developer - The soulless puppet master. These predators view people as opportunities. They genuinely enjoy almost nothing preferring to feign happiness in order to win over 'friends' who they bend to their hideous will. Incapable of joy, even in victory. The sight of their enemies' corpses will only evoke an unimpressed sigh. Developers enjoy masturbation more than sex. Most unlikely to ever admit defeat. The code for defeat is to tell the other person to "shut up" or stay silent when good points, supported by facts, are raised. When asked for advice it will be delivered in a very forceful manner. Classic "this is what you should do because I said so." That is not advice. That is trying to exert control. A female variant can be seen as 'that bitch', 'that witch' or 'that woman'. Insulting tag: Incompetent. R. Sole nominates Margaret Thatcher, Joseph Stalin, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney and Satan.

3 - Results - The burned out pornstar. Always down for a pound. And great at it if you can get it before they contract the first of fifteen STD's they are bound to suffer throughout their shameless life. Fond of loudly confessing their sins as they enjoy guilt. Results folk like how it makes them feel. Oh yes! Your're the filthy one aren't you? Insulting tag: Unattractive. R. Sole nominates Prince Charles, Donald Trump, Glenn Beck and Marquis de Sade.

4 - Inspirational - The sniveling malcontent. Views eloquent bitching as an adequate replacement for solutions. Lays awake at night in fear that problems may go away thereby robbing them of the opportunity to complain. Inspirationals love telling "I told you so" after perfectly preventable tragedies occur. They look like vultures ready to chastise failed enterprises. Insulting tag: Uninteresting. R. Sole nominates Newt Gingrich, Barack Obama and Socrates.

Truthful Toxicity & Ingeniously Problematic™

Can the Elevanto expertise assist in lie detection? Sometimes. Ingeniously Problematic™ behaviour is on display when it is clearly known what the desired outcome is, yet an assertion is made that may not be untruthful, is likely to be ambiguous and the author can use it to advantage. It is designed to give the recipient hope; reality may be 'bugger off' or (mis)leading you into taking up some sort of offer. It often involves blatant hypocrisy.
Outright lying is easy to pick as I claim to be cruising today in the Gulf of Siam aboard the USS Nimitz that I own. The Ingeniously Problematic™ folk tend to be in the High D quadrant, but not always. Using our technique is part art and part science. Sometimes you have to look as to who gave instructions to whom.


Question to Tony Blair: Will Labour introduce tuition fees for higher education?" Blair's answer was: "Labour has no plans to introduce tuition fees for higher education." No plans does not mean no tuition fees.

Unknown: "Nobody is sorrier than me that the police officer had to spend his valuable time writing out a parking ticket on my car. Though from my personal standpoint I know for a certainty that the meter had not yet expired, please accept my expression of deep regret at this unfortunate incident."

High D Expressive people exude credibility. Spontaneity tends to disarm suspicion. (Tend to deny, deny, deny.)

1 - Director - Tells lies to get something done. Rank 11/16.

2 - Developer - Lies when playing pranks on others to achieve a desired irritable response. Rank 7/16.

3 - Results - Lies when playing pranks on others to achieve a desired irritable response. Rank 6/16.

4 - Inspirational - Lies when playing pranks on others to achieve a desired irritable response. Rank 1/16.

Ingeniously Problematic™ behaviour ignores the behaviour of the audience; most of whom accept the bulltish but Owls (High C's) treat it with the contempt which it deserves.

Embriaguez Explorer™

1 - Director - Cannot hold tongue - chatty.

2 - Developer - Contemplates feeling of own intoxication.

3 - Results - Tolerance for bulltish even lower than usual.

4 - Inspirational - Comes up with crazy, unconventional theories.

Dalliance Rankings Explorer™

1 - Director - Likely to be quite faithful and devoted to their relationships. They are not so inclined to flirt or seek emotional or sensual thrills. They may become susceptible to the advances of others especially when their responsibilities become stressful. A new love interest could then provide a welcome distraction and take their mind off their troubles.

2 - Developer - May be at risk of being unfaithful especially when they are in positions of power. Because Developers are among the top earning Disc types, it is likely they may experience the temptations that often come along with power. Power is a potent aphrodisiac and many people will likely be drawn to them due to this which can present them with opportunities that they may struggle to ignore. e.g. David Letterman.

3 - Results - Impulsive and and may be more prone to getting swept up by the feeling of the moment without sufficiently considering the ramifications of their actions. They take pride in their image and appearance and it is likely that they receive attention for their attractiveness. Compliments about their appearance from the opposite sex are likely to be a major stroke to their ego that may encourage them to sabotage their relationships with risky liaisons. Top 5 Rank = 2.

4 - Inspirational - A rolling stone who is always seeking out greener pastures. Settling down feels restrictive and so it will take a very special person for them to lower their anchors and stay put. They get bored easily and if they think they can strike a better deal with someone new they may cross some emotional lines with them before they decide to end their main relationship. e.g. Barnaby Joyce. Top 5 Rank = 1.

Promptitude and Commitment Explorer™

1 - Director - Early. Great at time management and will likely hate the idea of being late for anything. They will likely plan ahead and leave early for most of their appointments and events. Further, often consider being on time as unacceptable and will try to be at least a few minutes early. They are direct individuals and prefer to be efficient and pragmatic in their actions. Will become annoyed with people who show up late and hold them up for certain events. If extra time is needed to get ready then will likely wake up early in order to arrive on time.

Fulfilling Commitments. The Director believes that commitments are extremely important and do not back out once they decide to go through with something. When the Director commits to something, whether it be a relationship, job or even a hobby, they will do whatever it takes to get it done. The Director truly dislikes flighty or skittish people and do not want to be seen as someone who is unsure or insincere. They will do whatever it takes to follow through with their responsibilities. Their loyalty is actually one of the most appealing and noble qualities possessed.

2 - Developer - On time. Often great at time management when they believe that it is important such as work events or gatherings with people that they truly care about. They might even consider it embarrassing to be late to certain events or gatherings. With a perfectionist streak often struggle when it comes to failure. The Developer will likely become frustrated by people who do not respect them by showing up late and are likely to give them some sort of serve.

Fulfilling Commitments. The Developer definitely takes their commitments seriously and dislike being seen as flighty. They become extremely frustrated with people who cannot seem to follow through with their decisions. The Developer is loyal and upfront and will definitely take their relationship commitments very seriously. They do not just jump into things without weighing all of their options and analysing their choices. Once the Director knows they are sure about their decisions, they will follow through with their commitment without hesitation.

3 - Results - Late. Can sometimes struggle with time management since live so much in the present moment. Might struggle to see the reasoning behind always being on time and would prefer to live their life how they please. Likely become upset if they are late for important events but this doesn’t stop them from showing up a few minutes after things have already begun. Are distracted by a million other things around them, causing them to lose track of time. Tend to frustrate others.

Fulfilling Commitments. The Results person often avoids commitment, especially when it comes to relationships. They prefer to live in the moment and are not always sure how they will feel in the future. They sometimes jump into commitments though and will find themselves searching for ways out of it. The Results person is not afraid of breaking a commitment if they believe it is the right things for them to do. They will logically assess if the situation warrants a sincere commitment and if it does not then they will have no problem backing out of something.

4 - Inspirational - Late. Not excellent with being on time and might struggle to see the reasoning behind it. Prefer to live life on the edge and therefore might find punctuality to be a waste of their energy. Can often discern whether something is important or not and will make extra effort to be on time for certain events. In most cases though, the Inspirational will become far too distracted by other things to show up on time. By constantly running over different thoughts and ideas can quickly bounce from one thing to another. This is usually the reasoning behind the lack of punctuality and will make perfect sense to them but frustrate many others.

Fulfilling Commitments. The Inspirational has a hard time with commitments, simply because they like exploring the possibilities. They can often become upset if they feel like their decisions have locked them down or held them back in some way. The Inspirational wants to be capable of diving into many different things, which often causes them to bounce from one hobby to another. This can cause them to become very avoidant of commitments, even when it comes to relationships. The Inspirational is capable of committing when they find something or someone that truly inspires them and helps them feel more alive. They will hold onto that feeling with everything they have, and will certainly not be afraid of committing.

Weirdology Explorer™

1 - Director - Tidy. Do not want people to think they are messy. Rank: 2/10.

2 - Developer - Ultra competitive. Winning is no fun unless people know they have won. Rank: 3/10.

3 - Results - Macho. Enjoy crude humor and generally come across as being masculine. Rank: 4/10.

4 - Inspirational - Oddball. Believe they are odd and like to accentuate this by behaving and / or dressing in a shocking manner. Rank: 8/10.

Guiltology Explorer™

1 - Director - Stifle Guilt. May not be strongly in touch with their emotions, which may cause repressions of feelings of guilt. Want to be able to do right by the people that they care about, striving to work hard for them. If failing the people around them, particularly in a practical way, may feel guilty about this. Instead of focusing on this guilt may become unhappy or may work even harder to compensate. Possessing a strong sense of duty, wanting to care for others and do what they believe is right.
Shame: If been unable to live up to their own personal standards, as well as the standards of those around them, they will feel very ashamed as want to be seen as someone that can achieve anything. Must be able to feel comfortable admitting to their mistakes, without feeling judged. Important to reflect on accomplishments and how hard the work effort has been and how much good they have done to help cope with feelings of shame.

2 - Developer - Avoid Guilt. Experience guilt in own way often attempting to avoid these feelings. Not strongly connected to their emotions, making it hard to take notice when feeling guilty about something or to process guilt. If they have committed a wrong would prefer an open explanation of what that is. In this situation, is capable of working towards a way to fix the wrongdoing and learn from it for the future. It is a good tactic with Developers to be up front and explain things clearly instead of passive aggressively hiding hurt.
Shame: Often feel ashamed when they feel like they have failed at a task or personal goal. They put a lot of pressure on themselves to be successful and this can cause their expectations to be rather high. They will often be very good at overcoming these feelings. Best way to overcome shame is by accomplishing an even greater task. Often love a challenge and will be able to find something else to distract them from their negative feelings.

3 - Results - Not Guilty. Often internalize feelings of guilt rather than facing them directly. Often experience feelings of guilt when the people they love try to manipulate them into feeling this way. May take the blame for things that they should not but often fail to see where they are truly making mistakes. Are not strongly aware of their own emotions, preferring to live life in the moment rather than focus on feelings. May feel guilty but will push those feelings aside, finding ways to move on. Rather than harbouring negative emotions, preferring to enjoy life as it comes.
Shame: Living in the present moment sometimes causes them to do things that are later regretted. When those closest have been upset, will feel very ashamed by their actions. Best way to help an ESTP cope with their feelings of shame is by letting them know that you forgive them. Need to realize that everyone makes mistakes and they cannot be perfect. Once reminded of how many wonderful things they do for others, will be able to move past their shame.

4 - Inspirational - Rarely Feel Strong Guilt. Believe that everyone is flawed and everyone makes mistakes, so why feel guilty? Feelings are pushed aside with a struggle to face their own emotions. Do not want to hurt the people that they care about, but they often work to consciously avoid this by mocking, discriminating or bullying. Much pefer when people are open and honest with them so they get where the others boundaries are. If it's someone close who explains, there will be an avoidance of repeats. In general circumstances will probably not blame themselves for harm done, since they could not have done anything to avoid it.
Shame: Less susceptible to shame than some of the other types due to argumentative nature. Will only feel ashamed when consciously know that what they did was not on par with their own values. Making an Inspirational feel guilty is often not going to work as coming to terms with feelings of shame will come from inside. While somewhat conscious of own actions, do know how to forgive themselves for such mistakes.

Judgeology Explorer™

1 - Director - Disorganised Judgeology™. Judge people who cannot seem to get their own lives together. They see how things could be done more efficiently and often become annoyed that people refuse to listen to them. They have a strong sense of duty and want to get things done the right way not the wrong way. People who are messy or disorganised and cannot seem to get the job done will receive judgments from the Director. They might make snap judgments towards people who don’t follow the guidelines of society the way they do.

2 - Developer - Ignorant Judgeology™. Very competitive, feel judgmental towards people who are too over the top or continue to seek attention. They dislike people who are ignorant and who will not accept the new knowledge provided. Willing to teach people but become frustrated when people turn them down. They often try not to be judgmental but it does come out more often than they would like.

3 - Results - Inefficient Judgeology™. They have little or no patience for individuals who cannot seem to get their work done properly or who are inefficient. Being driven and hard-working leads to being totally frustrated with laziness or incompetency. No excuses made and no excuses given. Loyalty is a must and watch out if you are a liar or commit acts of betrayal.

4 - Inspirational - Stupid Judgeology™. Appear more judgmental than they actually are. They occasionally will express judgments about others, but are usually just being playful or sarcastic. They don’t hold those surface judgments very deep and will often forget about them as soon as they are spoken. They do have a strong impatience for stupid people who spit out their incorrect opinions constantly. They are very conscious of their knowledge and work hard to understand a wide variety of subjects. When aware of people who are ignorantly acting as though they are smarter than they are they will become very frustrated. They are mostly judgmental towards people who lack intelligence and knowledge. They also dislike people who act as though they are smart, but refuse to debate the issue to prove their point.

Clutter Explorer™

This technique emanates from the service station industry where it was always necessary to understand the attitude of operators and staff towards 'sparkle and housekeeping'. Elevanto's techniques are all about observing so if you can see how someone approaches the issue of clutter and organisation, it's another tool to work out their pattern to reap the advantages of using these techniques. You'll need to look in the four quadrants at all sixteen clutter descriptions.

1 - Director - Strategised Clutter. You'll have the chores assigned and posted on the calendar on the fridge. You will strategise, delegate and supervise, but no one resents it because you signed yourself up to scrub the unidentified sludge from the bathtub and tackle the rat’s nest in the garage. You are the Alexander the Great of spring cleaning.
If there is an event that needs to be planned or a trip that needs to be organized, enlist a Director. Their keen attention to detail means that this type will not forget a single thing.

2 - Developer - Demolish Clutter. You'll get on with it. You'll fly around the house, jump shooting laundry into the basket and dropping dishes in the sink. You'll take the chance that the overfilled dryer will be able to handle that many towels without giving up. If another party is of the Perfectionist pattern, their ten minutes staring at the leaking garbage bag is the time you'll take to finish the whole task.
Super logical and orderly, an old-school organisation tool like color coding can help this type keep everything in order at all times.

3 - Results - Organised Chaos Clutter. Messiness and religious tidiness are both inefficient. You are a firm advocate of organized chaos. As long as everything is right where you know where it is. Arguments with your significant other may start with: “I can’t believe you threw out those papers scattered on the laundry machine. Those were important!”.
Results folk are one of the most disorganized types due to their propensity to live in the moment. While this is a great trait, it means that sometimes forgetting about things as soon as they happen, like signing up for that free trial that starts billing them after 30 days. Apps may asssit to identify where money is being wasted on things long forgotten about.

4 - Inspirational - Non rational Clutter. You’ve never cleaned your home the same way twice. You would prefer someone else did such a menial task. You jump from task to task in a pattern that defies rationality. But, like the menagerie on top of your dressing table, it makes perfect sense to you.
Inspirationals are already fairly organized. They are able to quickly solve challenging problems and have a keen ability analyze any situation on the fly. However, the tendency to lose interest in things quickly means they can often forget to do things. Post-It notes are worthwhile.

Kitchen Explorer™

This is the sort of kitchen you may like and how you organise things in the kitchen. This is useful if you have the chance to observe how someone else handled the kitchen. Another very useful indicator to pick their pattern. You'll need to look in the four quadrants to explore all sixteen kitchens.

1 - Director - The Traditional Kitchen. You are traditional, methodical and organized. You get things done. People often tell you your kitchen looks timeless. It's just classic, they say, with subtle details that are interesting without being showy. Its familiarity calms you, so you can tackle your to-do list with a clear head.

2 - Developer - The Happy Modern Kitchen. You are energetic, playful, and social. You social butterfly, you! You love to have fun, and your kitchen is just like you: happy, playful, colorful and maybe even a little silly or whimsical.

3 - Results - The Sophisticated Industrial Kitchen. You are logical, assertive and influential. Sometimes it takes a hard edge to really push things through. You appreciate strong industrial-style elements — cage pendant lights, metal stools — but you're not interested in roughing it. Traditional cabinets (painted black) keep the look sophisticated and only slightly intimidating — just how you like it.

4 - Inspirational - The Eclectic Kitchen. You are clever, witty and unconventional. When it comes to designing your kitchen, rules are made to be broken. You find inspiration in all kinds of styles and periods and you're not afraid to mix and match. If it doesn't work, that's okay — you're just going to change it again anyway.

Religiousness Explorer™

While religion needs to be kept out of discussions generally, together with sex and politics, sometimes if it is known that someone is very religious it may be yet another source of information to pick Disc and then impose correctly. Percentages are the best we can find as to whether various patterns agree that they are "very religious". You'll need to look in the four quadrants to explore all sixteen percentages.

1 - Director - 42.71% Rank: 8.
Likely religion: Does not come to church but but is always the first to volunteer for the mission project. Mainstream Islam. Evangelical / Protestant.

2 - Developer - 41.48% Rank: 9.
Likely religion: Religion has its uses. Money, power and easy access to willing sex partners. Evangelical / Protestant.

3 - Results - 34.33% Rank: 12.
Likely religion: Hellbound anyway; do not bother.

4 - Inspirational - 25.86% Rank: 15.
Likely religion: Agnostic.

Intimate Explorer™

How you go and they go in the bedroom may not be the starting point to pick someone's pattern. However, as with any model, the more information you have, the more likely you can reap the benefits of picking others behaviour patterns. You'll need to look in the four quadrants to explore all sixteen positions.

1 - Director - Bragging Bedroomer. Your natural aggressiveness and eagerness towards life translates directly into the bedroom. You have a very take charge attitude and see sex as an opportunity to be the best at yet another thing. If you are young, you will explore ranking in the sexual conquests but as you get older you find casual sex meaningless. You are instantly turned on if you realize the other person is attracted to you. You thrive on knowing you are doing a good job in the bedroom and want to be as impressive as possible. Bragging rights are definitely a plus even if you are just bragging to your partner.

2 - Developer - Greedy Bedroomer. You probably have an extremely high sex drive and find it very hard to be satisfied completely. You enjoy the physical aspect of sex and are very willing to explore new things. You are eager and athletic during sex more than willing to put forth a lot of the work. You don’t always need an emotional connection to experience good sex, but you are willing to explore that aspect of it as well. You can be very giving towards your lover, but are also very greedy as well.

3 - Results - Vigorous Bedroomer. Your natural aggression is something that translates very well into the bedroom. You are willing to take charge and know how to keep a healthy balance. You have a very creative and intuitive way of making sex interesting for both you and your partner. You don’t want things to become too boring, but with you that is unlikely to ever happen. You may have a tendency to schedule sexual encounters, but make up for it in your ability to keep things fresh. You take your partner on a vigorous and imaginative love-making journey, which they will never forget.

4 - Inspirational - Kinky Bedroomer. You take sex very seriously and do not just lust after someone’s physical presence. You feel deeply attracted to people whose minds you can respect and admire and who excite you deeply. Once you reach a level of connection with someone, sex is an intense and wild ride. You dislike the idea of boundaries and want to keep the passion alive. You dislike selfish lovers and want someone who will be just as giving to you, as you are to them. If you find someone who is willing to give back, you are eager to please them in phenomenal ways. You probably have a very kinky side.

Music Festival Explorer™

How you go at the festival is handy. The more information you have, the more likely you can reap the benefits of picking others behaviour patterns. You'll need to look in the four quadrants to explore all sixteen festivals.

1 - Director - Boss of the festival. Is probably in charge of the entire festival. Scares a known-for-being-out-of-control rocker into showing up for the show on time for the first time ever.

2 - Developer - Set for the festival. Is overly prepared, probably has a backpack with everything they thought they could possibly need from Chapstick to a map of the grounds. Somehow obtained a set list for every band playing.

3 - Results - Drinks a lot at the festival. Most likely to have somehow smuggled in gallons of alcohol. Probably successfully crowd surfed in between acts.

4 - Inspirational - Reluctant to be at the festival. Got dragged along by their friends. Creates a wry twitter thread commenting on the festival that winds up going more than a little viral.

Nefariousness Explorer™

Generally, this consultancy uses the various techniques based in the positive side of things. But there are nefarious people of all patterns. This section looks briefly at the 'bad ones'. And we have come across some over the years. You'll need to look in the four quadrants at all nefarees.

1 - Director - Dictatorial, aggressive, controlling. Believe that they know what’s best for everyone, and that their way is the only way. They suppress their moral compass and disregard the feelings and values of other people in exchange for their own rigid views. They push forward to achieve their goals, but instead of taking time to reflect on their decisions, they steamroll over everyone in their path in order to accomplish tasks without considering alternate viewpoints or the moral implications of their actions. They may be loyal to a system (corrupt or otherwise) or authority and suppress anyone who stands against that authority or questions it. They trust their own personal experience and disregard other people’s experience. They scoff at the emotions and values of others while they allow themselves to have their own temper tantrums and emotional overreactions. Crimes: Cyber bullying. Assault.

2 - Developer - Dominating, aggressive, quick-tempered. They have a clear vision for the future and will force everyone to follow their vision, caring little for other people’s perspectives and views. They have fiery tempers and can be intimidating bullies, using their quick wits and cold hard logic as a weapon to humiliate and silence their opponents. They will consider themselves above emotions and subjective “feelings”, but will become temperamental and wallow in self-pity when things don’t go their way. They consider the feelings and values of others stupid or silly and they are exceedingly proud of their logical “superiority”. They like to control other people, and enjoy using their intuitive perceptions as a way to play mean tricks on others. Domination is a game to them, and they are increasingly power hungry as they become more and more unhealthy. Crimes: Gang Leader. White collar crime, racketeering.

3 - Results - Seek thrills, opportunities, and pleasure at the expense all who get in their way.. They are excellent manipulators, who take no issue with swindling, cheating or lying to get what they want. They have no concern for the feelings and values of other people and stifle any moral considerations that enter their minds. Life is for taking advantage of, living to the fullest and exploiting, even if it means leaving a trail of broken hearts and bullied souls in their wake. Nefarious Results folk get a thrill out of negative or positive attention, and may enjoy bullying or annoying other individuals simply for the rush it gives them. Mr. Hyde of Jekyll and Hyde. They can be reckless, dangerously impulsive and hedonistic. Crimes: Pass out drunk, speed while drink driving. Endangerment.

4 - Inspirational - Arrogant, dishonest, self-centered. Live in a constant haze of ideas, and while this alone is not bad, the nefarious Inspirational will go to any lengths to chase those ideas. They may lie, trick, or steal from individuals in an effort to get what they need to achieve their next goal. They may also enjoy toying with people just to see what happens. Trolling is “good fun” and they care little about the emotional pain they inflict on others. They are unreliable and undependable, abandoning loved ones and friends as they follow after their ever-changing whims. To the person who shows interest in their plans, they are a charming and good-hearted friend. However, the minute that person rejects an idea that person may feel the force of discrimination, mocking or bullying. Crimes: Drug Dealer, Thief. Perjury, blackmail.

Bratty Behaviour Shortcuts!

One of our latest techniques is to match these bratty descriptions to the person you are studying. Then you have their Disc pattern. You'll need to look in the four quadrants at all sixteen bratty descriptions.

1 - Director - Lecturing others. Self-assured and worldly, tendency to genuinely believe that they know what’s best for those around them, but that may not necessarily be the case. Need to be more tolerant of other people’s choices, irrespective of how illogical they may seem to them.

2 - Developer - Playing people to get what they want. Can talk their way in or out of anything and may take advantage of this. Need to remember that they’re accountable for everything they say while the charm is turned on. If they make a promise in order to get something they want, they’re still accountable for delivering on it and sometimes they will not deliver, causing bravado when it ends up in conflict.

3 - Results - Coercing others into submission. A powerful self-starter. Masters of pinpointing the most efficient way of getting things done and sometimes this requires the participation of other people. As long as things are going okay, will respect others’ boundaries. When a derailment occurs, may manipulate and force and threaten others into acting in a way that serves them. The end justifies the means. This is extremely effective in the best of times and morally questionable in the worst.

4 - Inspirational - Taking advantage of people. By manipulation and knowing how to push people's buttons will get what they want, generally with no concern for the other party. Will deny this attribute. Should learn to reign in the manipulative tendencies before their bad behaviour blows up in their face when they take advantage.

Peter Pan Possibility

One of our latest techniques is to match child like behaviour to the person you are studying. That is, observing the inability of individuals to take on responsibilities, to commit themselves or to keep promises, excessive care about the way they look and personal well-being, and their lack of self-confidence, even though they do not seem to show it and actually come across as exactly the opposite.
More: lack of career interest, not being able to handle situations, trouble with commitment (may be interested in relationships or sex, but not for long), drug and alcohol abuse, unreliability, it's everyone else's fault and does not want to improve.
Even further, Peter Pans are completely intolerant to criticism; having a younger partner means less responsibility. "Wendy" makes every decision and takes on the responsibilities of Peter Pan, thus justifying the unreliability.
Elevanto looks keenly if someone cannot handle conflict at ALL. Then we watch and see if Peter Pan RUNS AWAY. That may involve walking or stomping away from the discussion, leave the house, going to a room where games can distract or just curling up under a blanket to cry like a toddler for a couple of hours. Meanwhile Wendy does all the work.
If not RUNNING AWAY, we look for RETALIATION. That may involve a fit and / or bringing up items thinking or knowing that will upset you to “get back at you” for causing Peter Pan to be upset. Tantrums are common, as are name-calling and/or throwing things.
This Peter Pan behaviour may lead you to their Disc pattern. You'll need to look in the four quadrants at all Peter Pan Possibilities. Results; Inspirational; Promoter; Counselor; Specialist; Agent; Achiever; Perfectionist. This group is the same as Sellfe-kən-ˈtrōl™ and Space Cadet™

1 - Director - No. Directors are rarely prone to Peter Pan syndrome, since they are efficient and driven people. They are not afraid of being responsible for their actions, instead they would rather take responsibility than step away from it. Directors might have some childlike behaviors but not where it is truly important. They are more focused on moving forward and want to build a future they can be proud of.

2 - Developer - No. Developers believe in being efficient and responsible for their actions and, because of this, they are not often the types to be drawn to Peter Pan syndrome behaviour. They prefer to focus on getting things done and are often mature in this way from a younger age. They focus on being as efficient as possible and do not like being held back. Even a young Developer often becomes frustrated with not being treated like an adult and prefers to have a certain level of independence.

3 - Results - Yes. Results definitely can be prone to Peter Pan syndrome behaviour, since they dislike being forced into responsibilities. Results enjoy living in the moment and are not always interested in the future. They believe in experiencing the present and often like being able to be a little reckless at times. Results would definitely be happy to avoid growing up in many ways, especially where responsibilities and chores are concerned. Examples: Brandi Glanville, Charlie Sheen.

4 - Inspirational - Yes. Inspirationals can be prone to Peter Pan syndrome behaviour, simply because they are so interested in being free from rules and regulations. Inspirationals hate having to follow the orders of others and prefer to make their own decisions. They often become annoyed with constant responsibilities and do not enjoy having to follow strict schedules. For the Inspirational being a bit childlike is simply a part of who they are and is what makes them both creative and exciting. Examples: None to hand.

Dealing with Morons Explorer™

This technique emanates from when you find that the person you are dealing with becomes unreasonable.

1 - Minimize time with the moron and give up the dream that they will one day be the person you wish they'd be. Keep your interactions as short as possible. Minimizing your exposure to those who show any deviation from a healthy, normal, or efficient condition goes a long, long way. Give up where they seem to be the parent/partner/spouse/friend etc you've always felt they could be, yet they ultimately always end up hurting or disappointing significantly. See the Sir Robertson Sole Symptoms™ on this and other pages. We fall for it and get our hopes up again the next time they treat us nicely or seem to have turned a new leaf. Giving up the hope and fully accepting this person for who they really are can be an unbelievable relief after what is sometimes a lifetime of wishing. Give them the flick pass. Get rid of them if you can. They will still have their knickers in a knot and you will not. Sometimes, you just have to wear them - refer items 2 - 7.

2 - Keep it logical and in writing. This may be difficult if you are very verbal, heart-focused person, who connects from an emotional or empathic perspective. This only works with reasonable people who care. Unreasonable people usually don't care, and their response (or lack of it) will often only make you more upset. Keep communications fact-based, using minimal details and in writing if possible. Unreasonable people lose track of what they said and misinterpret what you said.

3 - Don't drink around them. It may be tempting to get into the booze when you're around people who are acting like morons, it will only make you more emotionally vulnerable and more likely to do or say something useless that will either make you look bad, make you feel bad, or make you more of a target.

4 - Focus on them in conversation. A way to avoid being the target of demeaning comments, manipulation or having your words twisted is to say as little as possible. Volunteer minimal information and get them talking about themselves if you have to be around them or have to interact with them. Make it that they are a far safer conversation subject than you are.

5 - Stay away from topics that get you into trouble. Before going into an interaction with a moron, review in your mind the topics that invite attack and be proactive about avoiding them. e.g. if your in-laws always make cracks about your choice of career, answer neutrally and change the subject immediately (see item 4) if they ask you how work is going.

6 - Don't try to get them to see your point of view. Don't try to explain yourself or try to get morons to understand you and empathize with your perspective. They won't, and you'll just feel worse for trying and failing.

7 - Create a distraction. If you absolutely have to spend time with someone who typically upsets you, try to be around them in circumstances that offer some sort of distraction. Focus on playing with a pet if there's one in the vicinity, have the interaction be based around some kind of recreational activity or entertainment, or offer to help in a way that takes you out of the main ring (e.g. offering to chop vegetables in the kitchen before a family dinner). If you can get them to do something that absorbs their attention (taking it off you), even better.

"Realize what you really want. It stops you from chasing butterflies and puts you to work digging gold".
- William Moulton Marston 1893-1947

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