Director - ESTJ

Choice A: Tax evader / Embezzlement.
Choice B: Sets up a fake hiring agency that promises lucrative jobs abroad; a front for selling into slavery; with long hours; low pay.
Choice C: Head of illicit operations unit in the government.
Choice D: Child and wife abuser. Animal abuser. Enslaves children and prostitutes. Pimp.
E Hunter™ Selection: A

Another angle: Assault / Cyber bullying / Concealed weapon.

Items to be stolen: Nothing. Has everything they need due to hard work and following dreams.

by E. Hunter™

Developer - ENTJ

Choice A: War crimes.
Choice B: Mafia boss who rose to the top via hard work.
Choice C: Kingmaker. Responsible for political assassinations and yet there is no incriminating evidence.
Choice D: Ponzi Scheme Operator.
E Hunter™ Selection: D

Another angle: Embezzlement / Rape / Treason.

Items to be stolen: The computer program the FBI uses to store all their secrets.

by E. Hunter™

Results - ESTP

Choice A: Reckless Endangerment & Speeding.
Choice B: Runs weapons trade through the dark web.
Choice C: Runs an underground fight club; runs betting; sometimes fights.
Choice D: Runs pyramid scheme or intricate boiler room scam.
E Hunter™ Selection: A

Another angle: Contract hitman / Speeding or endangerment (DUI) / Securities fraud.

Items to be stolen: Toilet paper, hand sanitizer and face masks to sell at inflated prices.

by E. Hunter™

Inspirational - ENTP

Choice A: Grand Larceny.
Choice B: Argues every little thing with the Developer. Intelligence prevents assassination by the Enhancer.
Choice C: Investor that promises to double your money in 2 months and then vanishes with it all.
Choice D: Uses offshore bank accounts to fiddle.
E Hunter™ Selection: A

Another angle: Perjury / Blackmail / Impersonating officer.

Items to be stolen: Car handles, shower curtains and remote controls, just to mess with people.

by E. Hunter™

Persuader - ENFJ

Choice A: Political corruption/deceit.
Choice B: Honey-traps high profile figures for money or power.
Choice C: Bribery including as a modern day Robin Hood, steals from the rich and gives to the poor.
Choice D: Cult leader.
E Hunter™ Selection: A

Another angle: Suicide cult leader / Kidnapping.

Items to be stolen: Therapists, so that everyone would have to go to the Persuader with their problems.

by E. Hunter™

Appraiser - ESFJ

Choice A: Defamation.
Choice B: Leader of a human trafficking nexus.
Choice C: Uses people skills to learn secrets of prominent individuals and then sells to the highest bidder.
Choice D: Prostitution.
E Hunter™ Selection: D

Another angle: Prostitution / Aiding and abetting.

Items to be stolen: Everything in all of Kim Kardashian’s closets.

by E. Hunter™

Promoter - ENFP

Choice A: Public Nuisance.
Choice B: Annoys Developer and Persuader by messing up schedules, jumping from topic to topic and taking everyone out for dinner when work is behind.
Choice C: Sells drugs as coco flavour ice cream. As in cocaine. Coconut shavings are added to distract the cops.
Choice D: Crime of passion.
E Hunter™ Selection: D

Another angle: Crime of passion / Protesting.

Items to be stolen: The soul of everyone they despise.

by E. Hunter™

Counselor - ESFP

Choice A: Disturbing the peace.
Choice B: The charming salesman that sells defective goods.
Choice C: Small time drug-runner, gets high on their supply.
Choice D: Choke/punch/physically attack someone during a fight or heated argument.
E Hunter™ Selection: A

Another angle: Drunk and disorderly conduct.

Items to be stolen: The secret recipe of Starbucks Unicorn Latte.

by E. Hunter™

Specialist - ISFP

Choice A: Drug abuse.
Choice B: Award-winning hyper real sculptor. Are actually embalmed corpses, unclaimed bodies stolen from morgues.
Choice C: The accidental criminal. Forgets to pay at the local shop and is subsequently charged for shoplifting.
Choice D: Any victimless crimes.
E Hunter™ Selection: C

Another angle: Unpaid parking tickets / Break and enter.

Items to be stolen: All the art supplies that currently exist.

by E. Hunter™

Investigator - INFJ

Choice A: Stalking.
Choice B: Identity thief, especially skilled at impersonating someone else.
Choice C: Poisons the elderly. Euthanasia.
Choice D: Gospel Preachers who skims off money.
E Hunter™ Selection: A

Another angle: Heresy / Conspiracy / Obstruction / Stalking.

Items to be stolen: The Eiffel Tower or the Louvre.

by E. Hunter™

Agent - INFP

Choice A: Religious crimes.
Choice B: Terrorist - school shooter. Motivated by vengeance.
Choice C: Devoted idealists, the perfect perpetrator of this.
Choice D: Public Intoxication.
E Hunter™ Selection: D

Another angle: Stalking / Stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

Items to be stolen: Hearts to play with later.

by E. Hunter™

Achiever - ISTP

Choice A: Theft.
Choice B: Mercenary. Works alone.
Choice C: Tradie who overcharges little old ladies.
Choice D: Hit man. Serial Killer.
E Hunter™ Selection: D

Another angle: Arson / Domestic abuse / Mafia hitman / Graffiti.

Items to be stolen: The contents of every Bunnings.

by E. Hunter™

Practitioner - ISFJ

Choice A: Hate crimes.
Choice B: Serial mail order bride who marries vulnerable men and then runs away with their money.
Choice C: Accomplice - abettor to a crime.
Choice D: Runs a private doctor's practice exclusive to criminals who want treatment with no involvement from the police.
E Hunter™ Selection: C

Another angle: Accessory / Wrong place at wrong time.

Items to be stolen: The lunch bags of every child in the country to stick in little handwritten notes telling them to have a good day.

by E. Hunter™

Objective Thinker - ISTJ

Choice A: Assassination.
Choice B: Kidnaps people for ransom.
Choice C: Gifted accountant of a mafia organisation. Tax evasion.
Choice D: Amazing Accountant who has the ability to “cook the books” for any business.
E Hunter™ Selection: C

Another angle: Corruption / Street racing.

Items to be stolen: The bunker used to store politicians during high profile summits, to transfer it to a location only the OT knows, to use whenever the partner is annoying.

by E. Hunter™

Perfectionist - INTP

Choice A: Computer system hacker - cyber terrorism.
Choice B: High school teacher by day, serial killer by night.
Choice C: Hacker hired by corporations and foreign governments to meddle in other country elections.
Choice D: Information liberalist / Political Assassinator.
E Hunter™ Selection: A

Another angle: Drug dealing / Hacking / Failing to appear in court.

Items to be stolen: The identity information of entitled millionaires and billionaires to transfer the debts of every struggling citizen to.

by E. Hunter™

Enhancer - INTJ

Choice A: Criminal mastermind behind a string of intricately planned heists that always leaves authorities scratching their heads.
Choice B: Creates new drug that cures depression; approved for mass testing. Wants to use it for own mind control.
Choice C: Espionage agent / terrorist boss.
Choice D: Drug Lord.
E Hunter™ Selection: D

Another angle: Murder / Money laundering.

Items to be stolen: A space shuttle, to rocket the Enhancer far away from earth.

by E. Hunter™

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