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C - Conscientiousness - The Owl

Conscientiousness is the C in Disc - the behaviour profile methodology commenced by William Moulton Marston in 1928. There have been many additions and variations since then. This site aggregates a lot of it with the one aim: finding patterns. Then you can impose correctly. How do you do this without filling out a questionnaire?

We are always careful to emphasise to the cohort that this measures behaviour. It does not measure a person's values, aptitude, honesty, intelligence, personality nor whether they have any mental health issues or have been brainwashed.

Conducted and Composed by Elizabeth Hunter™ - Last Update 06 February, 2019


13. Practitioner Too Good; Too Pure. Based on my experience, the most effective way to proceed would be… Practitioner profile in pdf

Approx. Population - 7.0% - =6/16 - M:4.0% - F:10.0%. MBTI - ISFJ. Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, Judging. Kiersey - Protector (Guardian category)

14. Objective Thinker "Well, technically..". Just the facts please Objective Thinker profile in pdf

Approx. Population - 8.5% - 5/16 - M:10.5% - F:6.5%. MBTI - ISTJ. Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging. Kiersey - Inspector (Guardian category)

15. Perfectionist Curious but lazy. Let’s take time to do it right the first time! Perfectionist profile in pdf

Approx. Population - 2.5% - 13/16 - M:4.0% - F:1.0%. MBTI - INTP. Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving. Kiersey - Architect (Rational category)

16. Enhancer Extraordinary, strange, odd, fantastic, smart, arrogant, judgmental, loner. Tell me your ideas and I'll tell you mine. Enhancer profile in pdf

You may be more like pattern 1 if an Extrovert. Approx. Population - 1.5% - 15/16 - M:2.5% - F:0.5- 10/16 - M:6.0% - F:3.0%.%. MBTI - INTJ. Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging. Kiersey - Mastermind (Rational category)

As a Leader

13 - Practitioner - A proficient leader. Base decisions off of a thorough examination of knowledge (data, facts), as well as own feelings and values. Examples: JACOB. George H.W. Bush. Mother Teresa.

14 - Objective Thinker - An analytical / thinking leader. Makes informed decisions based on a long process of gathering data and analyzing it, coming to the final conclusion only after logic has been thoroughly applied. Examples: LUKE. Condoleeza Rice. George Washington.

15 - Perfectionist - A competent leader. Gets lost in the joy of theorizing and procrastinate on taking action. Becomes protective, even defensive of their ideas, especially when under stress, to the extent that they may adhere to an illogical position despite having been presented with information to the contrary. Often neglect the feelings and opinions of others as they commit to a decision. Examples: MOSES. Albert Einstein. Marie Curie.

16 - Enhancer - A progressive leader. Well-known for doing careful research and being able to present logical rationales for every decision. Example: ELIJAH. Elizabeth Hunter™ - Elevanto's nom de plume! Colin Powell. Elon Musk. Vladimir Putin. Isaac Newton.

Pos Twosome Descripta™

13 - Practitioner - Courteous caretaker.

Augmentation: Underneath your warm, generous demeanor lies an individual with steely resolve and focus.

Seven Pos Traits: 1. Kind and considerate; highly aware of people's feelings. 2. Very dependable. 3. Stable, practical, down to earth. 4. Dislikes theory and abstract thought. 5. Enjoys creating structure and values security. 6. Extremely uncomfortable with conflict and confrontation. 7. Can be relied on to follow things to completion.

14 - Objective Thinker - Rule follower.

Augmentation: At first glance seems serious, wise and maybe a little on the mysterious side.

Seven Pos Traits: 1. Physically and mentally organised. 2. Excellent planning skills and highly intellectual. 3. Calm and clear headed during tense situations. 4. Serious and committed in relationships. 5. Believes in traditions and tries to follow them. 6. Well respected in the community. 7. Loves to memorise details and facts.

15 - Perfectionist - Absentminded professor.

Augmentation: A fearless ability to challenge the assumptions that many other people take for granted.

Seven Pos Traits: 1. Most logically minded of all behaviours. 2. Usually very independent, unconventional and original. 3. Not like to place much value on traditional goals such as popularity. 4. Highly values intelligence and knowledge. 5. Loves new ideas and is excited by new theories. 6. Not well equipped to handle the emotional needs of others. 7. Generally laid back and easy going.

16 - Enhancer - Daunting mastermind.

Augmentation: Exudes an intellectual insight and profound knowledge that is deeply intriguing. Sees things in the boolean logic of if this, then that or if not that, then this. Absolutely the expert in planning.

Seven Pos Traits: 1. Able to absorb extremely complicated theoretical material. 2. Supreme strategists who are logical, rational and future oriented. 3. Strong insights and intuition; can easily see the big picture. 4. Extremely logical and values knowledge and efficiency. 5. Very high standards for performance which they apply to themselves most strongly. 6. Reserved and detached from others but values close friendships. 7. Bored with mundane riutine tasks, small talk and surface level thinking.

Neg Twosome Descripta™

13 - Practitioner - Too paranoid.

14 - Objective Thinker - Too correct.

15 - Perfectionist - Too introspective.

16 - Enhancer - Too apathetic.

Surprise, Surprise Descripta™

Surˌprise, surˈprise - you should not be surprised about these sorts of behaviour!

13 - Practitioner

Surˌprise, surˈprise: No matter how horrid you are to Practitioners, they remain nice, optimistic people - it will always surprise you how much you like these good guys.
Smartness Explorer™ : 0.40 compared with norm of this pattern (Sak, 2004, Uni. of Arizona). Rank: 12/16. Excellent Community focussed Intelligence.
At ya Best™ : You are understanding. You have an ability to connect every experience you have ever had to how to best care for another person. When other people need space, you know how to not push them. When other people need a hug, you know how to help deliver. You are good at monitoring your own comfort zone and that helps you calibrate to others. Your empathy is controlled by a thermostat.
Your likely vehicle : Ford Expedition.

14 - Objective Thinker

Surˌprise, surˈprise: You will always be surprised by how anybody could care that much about dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s - it has to be done right, just because it is there.
Smartness Explorer™ : 0.99 compared with norm of this pattern (Sak, 2004, Uni. of Arizona). Rank: 9/16. Excellent Reserved Emotional Intelligence.
At ya Best™ : You are responsible. Some people may flake on their duties but you are committed to doing the right thing and often you succeed at it more than you know. You do not back down just because you feel bad one day and your principled nature means that you can be depended on in a world that can sometimes be very, very out of whack and inconsistent. Your levelheadedness is welcome during those tumultuous times.
Your likely vehicle : Toyota Prius.

15 - Perfectionist

Surˌprise, surˈprise: Always finds a new or alternate take on a problem - it’s never ever as simple as you think.
Smartness Explorer™ : 3.40 compared with norm of this pattern (Sak, 2004, Uni. of Arizona). Rank: 1/16. Excellent Intellectual Intelligence.
At ya Best™ : You are eager to help. You are full of logical ideas and sometimes judgmental opinions, but all you want is to make sure those musings matter. You are someone with a very big heart that people might not notice all the time because you are not someone who puts a lot of extroversion or feeling into what they do. Nevertheless, you are always someone who wants to help fix things and your good intent goes a lot further than you think. You keep refining your thoughts on the subjects you care about as there are so many people who are eager to hear what you have to say. You had better be ready when they fuss over your brilliant mind!
Your likely vehicle : Toyota 4Runner.

16 - Enhancer

Surˌprise, surˈprise: They always surprise you with the extremes of gentle nudging they do to ensure things eventually work out the way they plan - no detail is too small if you are a truly professional control freak.
Smartness Explorer™ : 2.87 compared with norm of this pattern (Sak, 2004, Uni. of Arizona). Rank: 2/16. Excellent Intellectual Intelligence. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines intelligence as “the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations: also: the skilled use of reason (2) :the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one’s environment or to think abstractly as measured by objective criteria (such as tests).” This is the Enhancer all over.
At ya Best™ : You are inquisitive. Like a great investigator, you are all about falsifying hypotheses and accepting new ones. You think of life as a series of ever-changing facts and you are very, very open minded when it comes to hunting down new ones. If anyone needs an encyclopedia of supernatural phenomenon, you will be the go-to person. You are always reflecting on your logical views of the world and refining them and that makes you a powerhouse of a thinker.
Your likely vehicle : Jeep Wrangler.

Discs - Pidgeonholed v. The Real World

13 - Practitioner - P: Sweet, innocent, fragile and caring hearts who love their friends. R: Hate conflict so much that they get second hand anxiety watching clichéd, emotional plot twist movies. The Family Snake; The Deer.

14 - Objective Thinker - P: Rule followers, responsible, duty drives their perfection. R: Sometimes sleeps over 12 cumulative hours in a day. The Seriously good at maths Snake; The Working Bee.

15 - Perfectionist - P: In possession of more knowledge than the Internet. Reclusive geniuses, Know all, Humble. R: Sexually attracted to science, volunteer a plethora of useless facts every hour, zero spatial and social awareness. The Dorky Snake; The Owl.

16 - Enhancer - P: Evil mastermind, smarter than you, are the superior beings. R: Misplaces anything that is not physically attached, No longer able to realise when they are being either sarcastic or serious. The Snake that's always right; The Raven.


13 - Practitioner - Devotion to the cause, whatever the cause.

14 - Objective Thinker - I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

15 - Perfectionist - I don't believe it.

16 - Enhancer - Seek first to understand.


13 - Practitioner - Self-discipline for growth.

14 - Objective Thinker - Correctness and critical thinking.

15 - Perfectionist - Stability and competence.

16 - Enhancer - Unique accomplishments through change.

Anxiety Explorer™

13 - Practitioner - When you are put on the spot in a situation that you’re unable to prepare for.

14 - Objective Thinker - When you are put on the spot in a situation that you’re unable to prepare for.

15 - Perfectionist - When you are being held responsible for others.

16 - Enhancer - When things are not going according to plan.

Green About the Gills Explorer™

13 - Practitioner - Tries to convince everyone that they are fine and do not need any help while secretly wishing that one of their loved ones would ignore their pleas and come and take care of them.

14 - Objective Thinker - Sticks determinately to whatever methods of getting better they were taught as a child because that is what has always worked.

15 - Perfectionist - Googles ten thousand variations of what they might have and ends up in the depths of Wikipedia, learning about a strange Polynesian virus that died out 1000 years ago.

16 - Enhancer - Gets into some medicine, ignores the sickness and grows steadily more annoyed each time someone asks them how they are feeling.

Spot behaviour seen on Social Media

13 - Practitioner - Dutifully ‘likes’ any status you post that stays up for ten minutes or more without any interactions they are there to help you out by watching out and taking care of the things you're likely to miss.

14 - Objective Thinker - Re-posts a lot of sarcastic Internet pictures that capture their frustration with general mankind, without them having to say it outright.

15 - Perfectionist - Hasn’t posted anything in years – but you suspect that they are always watching.

16 - Enhancer - Posts their newest sudden insight or intuitive understanding every 3-5 days and allows very few photos of themselves on their page just in case that Facebook conspiracy they read about is true. Don't be surprised if you find Enhancers who loathe and detest social media and will not tolerate unsocial behaviour of those who appear to be addicted to it.

Behaviour seen on the Elevanto Bus™

13 - Practitioner - Window seat on driver's side. Looking at what they are leaving behind. Row 3/7.

14 - Objective Thinker - The Driver - simultaneously being nice and being grumpy. Row 1/7.

15 - Perfectionist - Window seat on driver's side. Reading a book. Row 6/7.

16 - Enhancer - Window seat on opposite side from the driver. Just had a revelation that solves their current project's issue. Row 2/7.

The Cannot Stomach Listings

13 - Practitioner - When people leave things half done. Criticism in general. When people are cruel, rude or ungrateful. Being away from home and family. Deviating from their well established routines and methods. People giving them unsolicited advice about things in which the Practitioner is already proficient. When they have to learn new things to keep up with the changing world. When people don’t clean up after themselves. When people are selfish, self-centered and arrogant. Making phone calls.

14 - Objective Thinker - When people don’t put things back the way they found them. Office parties and forced social interactions. Having their character and sense of integrity challenged or questioned. When people are disorganized, unprepared or lazy. Messy work spaces and messy people. Arrogant mavericks and people who don’t respect the rules. Taking risks. Short notices and deadlines. When others discover flaws and errors in their work.

15 - Perfectionist - Eating with other people. Rather eat alone in private peacefully. Glib, stupid questions: So how’s life treating you? When other people ignorantly assume what’s good for them is also good for the Perfectionist. When people make decisions based on group consensus rather than making up their own mind. When a boss digs into the details of what they’re doing (micromanagement). When people are more concerned with appearing good than being good. When people make a fuss and complain about trivial things. When people shame other people for doing harmless things. Rules that are unnecessary, senseless or pointless. Working in teams.

16 - Enhancer - People who are not true to their word. Working without a clear goal. Working with or under incompetent people. Having to put up with mediocrity from people, systems or organisations. Disruptions, surprises and uninvited guests. Being forced to improvise. People who talk too much. People who are all over the place. People who are late or keep the Enhancer waiting. People who stubbornly persist with an argument after being proven wrong. People who do not think before they speak and pretend to listen and understand what they are told when they really don’t. People who pry into other people’s business. Going outside during the day. Senseless rules and procedures. Being blamed for the mistakes of others. Being forced to attend events that are of no interest to the Enhancer.

Conflict Matrix, plus Defence Mechanism

13 - Practitioner - Will stay on track.
Defence Mechanism: Reaction Formation and Undoing.

14 - Objective Thinker - Will tend to become cautious and avoid the conflict.
Defence Mechanism: Repression.

15 - Perfectionist - Will be persistent about details.
Defence Mechanism: Intellectualization.

16 - Enhancer - Will engage if for progress.
Defence Mechanism: Rationalization.

On a team and as an Instructor

13 - Practitioner - Team: Organising. Most Loyal. Instructor: The students walk all over the Practitioner because they’re just too damn nice to ever discipline/exercise any authority over their class. Probably quite eager to help you with any problems you have but too shy and reserved to ever actively seek you out in times of strife.

14 - Objective Thinker - Team: Organising. Most Responsible. Instructor: Always comes to class prepared with a strict (often somewhat repetitive) plan and refuses to give you any wiggle room whatsoever when it comes to projects or assignments, insisting you follow the rules to the letter. Probably in love with that one student who sits quietly in the back of class and does everything exactly the way the OT told you to. Always tells their students exactly what they expect from them and very organized.

15 - Perfectionist - Team: Analysing. Most Conceptual. Instructor: Consistently shows their students movies and TV shows in class that originally have no educational benefits or relevance until they tell you about what they analyzed from them down to the last detail. Will push back a deadline if you have the ability to persuade them into it with enough logic and reason. Most likely to explain things in a way that is entirely inaccessible for the class so that students are left wondering what the heck they meant by that thirty minute lecture about Neoplatonism.

16 - Enhancer - Team: Innovating. Most Independent. Master of Long Term Planning. Instructor: Exudes a powerful aura of mystery and intrigue and knows everything there is to know about the subjects they teach, plus more. Very interested in the different analyses of their students and will most likely respond to someone’s unsupported/illogical view or opinion with a simple condescending “…okay…” before promptly asking someone else for their interpretation. Will correct you for even the tiniest of errors without fail and probably wrote an award-winning PhD on the scientific origins of the cosmos.

Sins and Virtues matrix

13 - Practitioner - Reaction to social pressures (Assigned sin by this site) - Anger, impatience, touchiness, or of having a sensitive nature. Often resentment and retaliation when disapproved or contradicted. This area of sin may generate jealousy, sour grapes, envy and the accompanying bitterness, hatred, carrying of grudges, revenge tactics and so forth.
Sins: Neglects own needs, hates change, is susceptible to negative thinking which may lead to a depressed attitude and additional resistance to change. With extreme or chronic stress, starts imagining all the negative possible outcomes and worst case scenarios, takes criticism personally, unassertive of feelings, too altruistic, takes things personally, stickler.

14 - Objective Thinker - Gluttony (Sin Rank 6/7) - Over indulgences of anything to the extreme, usually food or drink. Alcoholism, drug abuse. "The most delicious meats may be eaten without sin, if the motive be good and worthy of a rational creature; and, in taking the coarsest food through attachment to pleasure, there may be a fault." Pope Innocent XI.
Sins: Too rigid, needs to be right, not in tune with feelings, “by the book,” blame themselves, judgmental, stubborn.

15 - Perfectionist - Envy (Sin Rank 2/7) - Spite and resentment at seeing the success of another. Emotion which occurs when a person lacks another's superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it. The need to have better or be better than others. In extreme cases, may turn to voyeurism to feed the need to see what others have that the envious person wants.
Sins: Explosive, distrusting & critical of others, reserved, insensitive, condescending, hates rules, always self-criticises.

16 - Enhancer - Greed (Sin Rank 5/7) - A need for material possessions or wealth. If this need is unfed, a greedy person may resort to hoarding their goods, theft, robbery or obtaining material possessions by means of trickery, violence, deception, or manipulation. Greedy people may be easy to bribe, may take any bet or may do anything for a dollar. "Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind." Gordon Gekko.
Sins: Unwilling to take blame, arrogant, insensitive, judgmental, overly analytical, totally woeful at romance, hates rules.

In a meeting

13 - Practitioner - Expert.

14 - Objective Thinker - Sleepy.

15 - Perfectionist - Nit picker.

16 - Enhancer - Shy.

Exaggeration Explorer™ - all one’s geese are swans.

Exaggeration is “Swearing in your native tongue”. Carl Jung, the legendary Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, indicated that when things get dicey, we are more apt to react in a manner that feels most familiar. By doing this, we lose access to the auxiliary function that keeps us balanced. This notion of exaggeration is why under a certain amount of stress, our personality becomes ‘bigger’, but not necessarily more effective.

13 - Practitioner - Fixate on the one ‘right’ fact; Obsess about minutiae and unimportant details; Are dogmatic; Become unable to make decisions or take action; Shut down, withdraw.

14 - Objective Thinker - Fixate on the one ‘right’ fact; Obsess about minutiae and unimportant details; Are dogmatic; Become unable to make decisions or take action; Shut down, withdraw.

15 - Perfectionist - Obsessively search for the truth about everything; Get lost in concentration – forget the basics; Accept only their own logic; Become detached and machine-like.

16 - Enhancer - Have unrealistic expectations; Are arrogant about their ideas; Are overly complex – everything is connected; Force data to fit their own ideas and patterns; Are driven inward and won’t ask for help.

Self Improvement

13 - Practitioner - Be aware that when under pressure you may become overly sensitive to criticism.

14 - Objective Thinker - Be aware that you may be extremely cautious about decision making so as to avoid acting without a firm precedent.

15 - Perfectionist - Be aware that you might become rather stubborn once you have made up your mind on a decision or procedure.

16 - Enhancer - Be aware of your overuse of bluntness, critical comments and attitude of aloofness.

As a negotiator

Style - Tend to Capitulate - eventually.

Result - Tend to be they lose and the other side wins.

Outcome - Very costly.

With Others at Work and in Social Situation

Scale 1 - 8. 1&2 Excellent; 3&4 Good; 5&6 Fair; 6&7 Poor.

High C with High D: Work: 6. Social: 8.

High C with High I: Work: 3. Social: 7.

High C with High S: Work: 2. Social: 1.5.

High C with High C: Work: 3. Social: 1.

The worst workplace for each Disc type. What's your workplace like for you?

13 - Practitioner - Run as a workplace that fails to provide workers with specific rules or instructions for the projects they are working on yet 'big things' are expected.

14 - Objective Thinker - Run as a workplace where everyone else is fond of slacking and the OT is held responsible for the team’s output resulting in everything ending up falling on to their plate.

15 - Perfectionist - Run as a workplace in which everyone is micromanaged and must account for what they are doing at absolutely every minute of every day.

16 - Enhancer - Run as a workplace with a loud and interactive office environment where the Enhancer cannot close their door and buckle down for more than five consecutive minutes without someone bursting in to interrupt them.

At the Job Souk

Here are some flavours of jobs that might match with your Disc. It is not exclusive. e.g. Lawyer is in more than one category. Contributions welcome. Are you in the correct seat on the bus?

13 - Practitioner - On my honour, to do my duty. Physician / Family GP; Dietitian / Nutritionist; Preschool / Primary Teacher; Guidance Counselor; Librarian; Nurse; Optician; Clerical Supervisor; Probation Officer.

14 - Objective Thinker - Take your time and do it right. Steelworker; Vet; Police / Detective; Accountant / Auditor; Manager / Administrator; Military Officer; Engineering Technician; Efficiency Analyst; Estate Planner.

15 - Perfectionist - Ingenious Problem Solvers. Researcher; Computer Programmer; Chemist; Biologist; Lawyer; Financial Planner; Mathematician; Technical Consultant; Artist / Photographer; Professor.

16 - Enhancer - Competence + Independence = Perfection. Computer Programmer; Professor; Chemical Engineer; Lawyer / Judge; Architect; Scientist; Management Consultant; Strategic Planner; Investment Banker.

As a performance appraiser

Style - High C's conduct performance evaluations in very much a "matter of fact" style.

Result - Reviews are well-documented, detailed and critical. They will be objective.

Outcome - Appraisee is likely to have the whole story but not sure anything that requires remediation will change.

As a customer service representative

Style - High C's need to understand everything about everything. Will believe failure to read directions is the root cause of most problems.

Result - The specific issue will be fixed and any apology will have conditions and contingencies.

Outcome - Customer is likely to accept that the company has the whole story but not sure anything will really change.

At the Shopping Mall

13 - Practitioner - Hanging with their friends at the food court and discussing the merits of the superhero movie they just saw.

14 - Objective Thinker - Hates the mall. Is only there because they need a computer part and the only Best Buy (JB Hi-Fi) in town is attached.

15 - Perfectionist - Lost in the store that sell a wide assortment of products including remote control helicopters and drones, alarm clocks and smartwatches, massage chairs, speakers, iPads and tablet accessories, blankets, pillows, and many other lifestyle items. It’ll be hours before someone finds them sitting in a fixed state in a net chair with a pensive look on their face, staring at the ice cube makers.

16 - Enhancer - At the kitchenware shop, pricing $5,000 Japanese pairing knives. Went to the mall to buy a pair of Old Navy flip-flops (thongs).

As a gift buyer

13 - Practitioner - Spends months planning personalized gifts for each of their loved ones that celebrate the good times they’ve shared together in the past year. Has everything wrapped up and mailed weeks ahead of time.

14 - Objective Thinker - Finds a brand name they trust with their life and picks out an item each of their loved ones could use from the lineup. Rests easy knowing their gifts will stand the test of time.

15 - Perfectionist - Panics trying to determine who will be expecting a gift from them. Brainstorms a variety of ideas that their loved ones might like, but trusts none of them. Subtly requests feedback from others about their gift ideas, while fiercely wishing that holidays would go extinct.

16 - Enhancer - Types up a spreadsheet that cross-references the people they’re planning to buy for with their budget for each person, several potential gift ideas, and a link to purchase each one. Deletes one item each day until they’ve narrowed it down to the ideal gift for everyone they love.

What to give as a gift

13 - Practitioner - Time together, Something nostalgic, Hand made gifts, High quality food and treats, Book, Electronic gadgets and tools, Gift certificate for spa or massage.

14 - Objective Thinker - Something practical e.g. saucepan, Money, Book, An experience, Cosy and comfortable items, Something nostalgic, High quality notebooks and pens.

15 - Perfectionist - Video games, gadgets, An experience, Collectibles / memorabilia, A Book, Favourite treats, Something practical.

16 - Enhancer - Cash, Gift cards, Gadgets, Hand made gifts, Book about their interest, Wine and chocolate, Quality school or office supplies.

Patterns & Fascination

13 - Practitioner - Alert - Maintain order by keeping things on schedule and on budget. With Power as Secondary, The Coordinator - Constructive, Organised, Practical.

14 - Objective Thinker - Mystique - Maintain a professional distance at all times. With Alert as Secondary, The Archer - On-Target, Reasoned, Pragmatic.

15 - Perfectionist - Trust - Build relationships through dependability. With Mystique as Secondary, The Control Freak - Compulsive, Driven, Exacting.

16 - Enhancer - Prestige - Define newer standards. With Prestige as Secondary, The Diplomat - Levelheaded, Subtle, Capable.

Tension Warner

CD - C with D - Pace. Indirect, Slower-Paced v. Direct, Fast-Paced.

CI - C with I - Pace & Priority. Indirect, Slower-Paced, Guarded, Task-Oriented v. Direct, Fast-Paced, Open, People-Oriented.

CS - C with S - Priority. Guarded, Task-Oriented v. Open, People-Oriented.

CC - C with C - Possible Threat.


13 - Practitioner - Most loyal. Mr. Knowall. Weaver Bird. Cup of Tea. Defender. Sidekick. Papillon.

14 - Objective Thinker - Most reliable. Mr. Genuine. Woodpecker. Malt Whiskey. Logistician. Bean Counter. Bernese Mountain Dog.

15 - Perfectionist - Most conceptual. Mr. Bogged-Detail. Crow. Martini. Logician. Nerd. Alaskan Malamute.

16 - Enhancer - Most independent. Mr. Reliable. Owl. Irish Coffee. Architect. Crackpot. Afghan Hound. Also Snob, Aloof, Ice Princess.


13 - Practitioner - A know-it-all. How organised ranking: 3/16. How dominant ranking: 15/16. How submissive ranking: 2/16.

14 - Objective Thinker - Engages in Analysis Paralysis. How organised ranking: 2/16. How dominant ranking: 6/16. How submissive ranking: 11/16.

15 - Perfectionist - Very difficult when in the role of customer. How organised ranking: 104/16. How dominant ranking: 10/16. How submissive ranking: 7/16.

16 - Enhancer - Sulks. How organised ranking: 7/16. How dominant ranking: 5/16. How submissive ranking: 12/16.

Female Dressage

13 - Practitioner - Creates an harmonious space for everyone around them not shy about expressing their loyalty to people they care about. A chic blouse embodies their willingness to take the time to appreciate loved ones.

14 - Objective Thinker - Value the art of perfection; go-to wardrobe piece ought to be a crisp white button-down shirt that reflects need for structure and rules.

15 - Perfectionist - Deep thinkers and tend to see the bigger picture in life. Lost in their abstract thoughts, always carry a pair of sunglasses in case there is a need to divert gaze away from unwanted social interaction.

16 - Enhancer - Fiercely independent. As goal-oriented individuals, have high standards of competence and performance for themselves as well as others. Not only are they committed to what they do but also value quality. Fine leather mules with easy slip on design certainly meet their expectations.

Male Dressage

13 - Practitioner - Likely to be more conventional in their style of dress and may not be interested in putting too much time into their look beyond what is necessary. Less vain than other types and may conform their appearance to whatever is suitable to their environment. Practitioners are more likely to adopt more traditional styles of clothing based on what they’ve observed around them and they generally do not try to stand out or make a statement.

14 - Objective Thinker - Neat and orderly in their appearance. They are less likely to be fashionistas or aficionados of style and more likely to opt instead for what is practical, sensible and functional. Like clothing that is simple and has a nice cut and nothing too garish or colorful. Rather be comfortable and respectable looking than look edgy or sexy.

15 - Perfectionist - May take a long while before a fashion sense is developed. Early on they may pay little attention to how they dress and opt instead to wear what’s comfortable to them. Over time they may discover a good fashion sense that works for them and looks smart, simple and quasi-hipster. Apt to find a pattern or style of clothing that is really liked and will wear that or variations of it everyday. Once they find something they like will stick with it for a while before they find a new style to go overboard with.

16 - Enhancer - Dress well when they want to. Neat, simple and functional with a preference for darker colours and incorporate a lot of black in their wardrobe. Style is striking, smart and mature. May also take great care in regards to their grooming and hygiene as part of their vanity and their desire to be taken seriously, be respected and be desirable.

What sort of Holiday

13 - Practitioner - Cookery course for two.

14 - Objective Thinker - Well planned city break.

15 - Perfectionist - Solo fly fishing.

16 - Enhancer - A reading weekend.

As a house Guest

Preliminary - Under Research. Contributions welcome. "Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days." ― Benjamin Franklin

13 - Practitioner - As Host: My rules, don't touch my stuff. As Guest: I'll overstay and cannot understand the angst it causes.

14 - Objective Thinker - As Host: My rules, don't touch my stuff or invite stray guests. As Guest: I'll stay for agreed time.

15 - Perfectionist - As Host: My rules, don't touch my stuff. The safe is locked anyway. As Guest: I'll stay for agreed time.

16 - Enhancer - As Host: Very select in offering. Will cringe if territory encroached. As Guest: I'd prefer to stay at an hotel and an Air bnb living with total strangers would not happen.

In a Relationship / Dating

13 - Practitioner - Relationship needs – Security and Attentiveness.

Red Flag if you hear this - "Yeah, I used to bully this girl in high school. But she was weird and smelt bad!"

Not negotiable with the partner - Insensitivity.

Biggest Strength - Helping others first.

Ideal Date Activities - Anything I want to do.

Will be seeking - Long term dating.

Target area priority - LOVABLE - 20%; ROMANTIC 60%; SEXUAL 20%.

Soulmate - Counselor.

14 - Objective Thinker - Relationship needs – Dedication and Honesty.

Red Flag if you hear this - "I didn't feel like going to work today so I called in and said I was sick, lol."

Not negotiable with the partner - Deviance from their personal system of values.

Biggest Strength - Dependability.

Ideal Date Activities - Anything logical. Golf, chess, computer games, trivial pursuit.

Will be seeking - Long term dating.

Target area priority - LOVABLE - 55%; ROMANTIC 30%; SEXUAL 15%.

Soulmate - Results.

15 - Perfectionist - Relationship needs – Independence and Attentiveness.

Red Flag if you hear this - "Why did it take you so long to answer my text?"

Not negotiable with the partner - A partner who cannot think critically.

Biggest Strength - Problem solving.

Ideal Date Activities - Anything that needs thinking. Chess, bridge, word games.

Will be seeking - Long term dating.

Target area priority - LOVABLE - 50%; ROMANTIC 35%; SEXUAL 15%.

Soulmate - Developer.

16 - Enhancer - Relationship needs – Common sense and Curiosity.

Red Flag if you hear this - "I don't know what I want from my future. I never really thought about it."

Biggest Strength - Self-confidence.

Ideal Date Activities - Anything strategy. Video games, trivia.

Will be seeking - Long term dating.

Target area priority - LOVABLE - 40%; ROMANTIC 35%; SEXUAL 25%.

Soulmate - Promoter. (Not in Elevanto's view).

More information is available on other sites e.g.
This is a summary from several sources. Elevanto does not totally agree with these compatibility assertions.

13 - Practitioner - Compatibility best with Counselor and Results. Worst with Agent, Promoter, Investigator and Persuader.

14 - Objective Thinker - Compatibility best with Results and Counselor. Worst with Agent, Promoter, Investigator and Persuader.

15 - Perfectionist - Compatibility best with Developer, Director and Persuader. Worst with no others.

16 - Enhancer - Compatibility best with Inspirational and Promoter. Worst with no others. (Elevanto questions this; from personal experience, an Enhancer cannot stand being manipulated (by Inspirationals) and putting up with those who are unreliable (Promoters). Elevanto would say the compatibility is best with the Objective Thinker. This is always a discussion point.)

A client put us onto these - we do not know their origins but they may assist: Click here : And here.

Jobs and Tasks

13 - Practitioner - Making others happy. Providing practical services for others; Helping people with information; Planning social events; Being patient with others; Taking care of others; Getting answers for people now; Finding resources for people; Following written procedures; Making others feel comfortable and at ease; Serving; Focusing on what people need.

14 - Objective Thinker - Getting things right. Analysing information in a detached and subjective way; Collecting and keeping track of data; Managing projects; Doing budgets and overseeing them; Instructing; Finding more efficient ways of doing things; Controlling information; Applying principles consistently; Doing cost-benefit analyses; Improving; Focusing on what needs to be done now.

15 - Perfectionist - Designing Systems. Developing systems that contribute to the understanding of knowledge; Developing systems and models; Applying theoretical principles; Teaching; Solving theoretical problems with set guidelines; Mastering knowledge; Starting from scratch to make things better; Understanding; Focusing on theoretical systems.

16 - Enhancer - Designing Systems. Developing systems that contribute to the understanding of knowledge; Developing systems and models; Applying theoretical principles; Teaching; Solving theoretical problems with set guidelines; Mastering knowledge; Starting from scratch to make things better; Understanding; Focusing on theoretical systems.

As a friend

13 - Practitioner - Supportive,kind-hearted. The friend who always cooks for you and is willing to relax with some Netflix. They are very supportive and warm and you sometimes wonder if they just pretend to like all the same things as you.

14 - Objective Thinker - Trustworthy, reliable. The always dependable and extremely organized friend. Sometimes, they don’t mind making the plans and are willing to organize any event with ease. On other occasions are more than happy to go along with others plans as long as they are well thought out. You somehow feel you can trust this friend with anything.

15 - Perfectionist - Hesitant, knowledgeable. The friend that never initiates hanging out and doesn’t really like to make plans. When you finally get to hang out, they always have some new and interesting topic to discuss. Even though they aren’t your most openly affectionate friend, you always somehow know they will be there for you when you truly need them.

16 - Enhancer - Up front, insightful. The friend who is a bit snobbish about their unbelievably intellectual mind. They also have a way of giving you solid advice that opens your mind to things you were not previously aware of. If you need someone to tell it like it is and provide perspective, they are the perfect friend to go to.

The Enhancer has three social circles.
1. Inner Circle. The people the Enhancer really cares about. They are the ones who have stood the test of time, see the subtleties and a side that most never see including introverted feeling, one of the hardest cognitive functions to understand, explain and observe. The inner circle consists of less than 10 people.
2. Outer Circle. The “necessary” people. Interaction occurs because they are useful and/or in the way of plans. Never truly cared about unless their worth is proved on the go. May feel pity about them on how easily they ruin their lives over obsessions and with cowardice.
3. Acquaintances. Feel or show a lack of interest or concern; indifferent; apathetic.
Outside the social circles are the strangers, about whom the Enhancer really could not care about.

Myers Briggs & Kiersey & iPersonic X-ref + Career & Examples

13 - Practitioner - Myers Briggs MBTI - ISFJ - The Nurturer. Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, Judging. KIERSEY - Guardian - Protector. Artisan (=Craftsman) - Crafter. iPERSONIC - Good-natured Realist. Other - Defender. Career: Medicine, education, social service, electrician or photographer. Key hate: Harm to family members. Those who are flaky. Conflict. Examples: Mitt Romney. Rosa Parks.

14 - Objective Thinker - Myers Briggs MBTI - ISTJ - The Inspector.. Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging. KIERSEY - Guardian - Inspector. iPERSONIC - Reliable Realist. Other - Examiner. Career: Accountant, insurance underwriter, office manager, bank examiner, detective, IRS agent, teaching, medicine, legal and technical occupations. Key hate: Crowds; Those who make everything into a grand spectacle. Examples: Warren Buffett. Angela Merkel. Queen Elizabeth II

15 - Perfectionist - Myers Briggs MBTI - INTP - The Thinker. Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving. KIERSEY - Rational - Architect. iPERSONIC - Analytical Thinker. Other - Engineer. Career: Optometrist, plastic surgeon, neurologist, scientist, lawyer, detective, architect, financial analyst, higher academic levels - archeology, chemistry, philosophy or mathematics, musician, inventor, or photographer. Restorer of antiques or old cars. Key hate: Rejection; Those who do not listen to them. Examples: Albert Einstein. Charles Darwin. Socrates.

16 - Enhancer - Myers Briggs MBTI - INTJ - The Mastermind. Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging. KIERSEY - Rational - Mastermind. iPERSONIC - Independent Thinker. Other - Strategist. Career: Scientific researcher, design engineer, environmental planner, genetics, medicine, college and university level educator, lawyer, business analyst, detective, strategic planner, an artist, inventor, or designer. Any position that requires intensity. Key hate: Insanity; Those of weak mind who are easily swayed. Examples: Mark Zuckerberg. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Vladimir Putin.

Philosophy regarding money and risk

13 - Practitioner - Artificially Frugal and Careful Spender. Lives somewhat frugally despite earning a decent income, leaves everything in their will to animal welfare. Easily satisfied with purchases and indulges occasionally. The most frugal of the 16 patterns.
A Protector also. Can have a lot of trouble with unanticipated change and make bad decisions in a panic. Needs to have a contingency fund of around six months income.
As a risk taker. Practitioners, together with Objective Thinkers, Directors and Appraisers have the least willingness to take risks. They enjoy having consistency and structure in their lives and they tend to act only after they have carefully analysed all the details and feel totally prepared. Time is needed to gather their memories and experiences as well as look at the information and think it all over. This does not mean that the Practitioner never takes risks, however. They just need to be sure they have given each option a lot of thought and consideration before acting on the choices they have. Practitioners are so careful and considerate when making decisions they tend to be thoroughly prepared for whatever consequences unfold because of that decision. They are prepared, practical and grounded when it comes to their choices and this means that they are less likely to take risks that turn out badly or backfire on them. In certain cases, the Practitioner can be too risk-averse. For example, as an office worker might hate the job but be unwilling to venture into another career field because of the risk of failure. The Practitioner can also get so stuck in their comfort zone such that they miss out on new opportunities that would bring them joy.

14 - Objective Thinker - Careful and Nest Builder. Frugal and spend little on luxury goods compared to other types. Tend to spend large amounts on a few image items such as expensive cars, clothing or other items, but will be cheap for the most part everywhere else. Motivated to provide a “good life” for their loved ones. Sets a strict budget, accounting for every dollar spent, down to the fractions of a cent. Occasionally splurges on something and then feels guilty for ages.
A Protector also. Can have a lot of trouble with unanticipated change and make bad decisions in a panic. Needs to have a contingency fund of around six months income.
As a risk taker. Objective Thinkers, together with Practitioners, Directors and Appraisers have the least willingness to take risks. They enjoy having consistency and structure in their lives and they tend to act only after they have carefully analysed all the details and feel totally prepared. Time is needed to gather their memories and experiences as well as look at the information and think it all over. This does not mean that the OT never takes risks, however. They just need to be sure they have given each option a lot of thought and consideration before acting on the choices they have. Objective Thinkers are so careful and considerate when making decisions they tend to be thoroughly prepared for whatever consequences unfold because of that decision. They are prepared, practical and grounded when it comes to their choices and this means that they are less likely to take risks that turn out badly or backfire on them. In certain cases, the OT can be too risk-averse. For example, as an office worker might hate the job but be unwilling to venture into another career field because of the risk of failure. The OT can also get so stuck in their comfort zone such that they miss out on new opportunities that would bring them joy.

15 - Perfectionist - Subscriber and Experience Seeker. Life is an endless amount of possible experiences to have which they wish to experience some day. Frugal in general, their spending will typically go towards funding new experiences, which can take on expensive tastes e.g. Grange Hermitage. Able to scale back their spending more than most if they have to, but if have large amounts of money, may find themselves spending more exuberantly than they should be. Basically everything goes toward tuition and self education. Likely to have subscriptions to science and academic magazines.
A Planner also. Live too much in the future that they miss opportunities in the here-and-now. maybe due to analysis paralysis. Need two accounts - one directed towards long-term savings and another specifically for “mad money” to use for indulgences today.
As a risk taker. In the top 4 as the highest risk-takers together with Inspirational, Agent and Promoter. Enjoys exploring new, untested theories and possibilities. Unlike those who have facts to rely on, enjoy “jumping into possibilities” without having to spend a lot of time figuring out if something like this has been done before. In fact, if a project or idea has been done before that can be a deterrent. Drawn to the novel and original far more than the tested and established. This tends to play out in career choices. Many Perfectionists are stimulated by taking less-secure job positions if there is a higher reward. Are able to consider many new, unusual theories, projects, and endeavours simultaneously without getting weighed down by anxiety or over-planning. However, need to take a moment and pause and consider their priorities, values, and principles before moving forward. This way they can avoid floundering in a sea of unfinished projects and unlimited alternatives.

16 - Enhancer - Effective and Stress Shopper. Very future-oriented, often frugal and generally won’t spend above what they make. However, they will spend high amounts on items they feel are important to them after extensive analysis, more than other types would even consider. Can be very susceptible to randomly high spending because of stress if they are not careful. Optimizes spending and saving for maximum utility. Earns the exact amount statistically correlated with happiness, using an Excel Spreadsheet, leaving enough spare time to work on side projects.
A Planner also. Live too much in the future that they miss opportunities in the here-and-now. maybe due to analysis paralysis. Need two accounts - one directed towards long-term savings and another specifically for “mad money” to use for indulgences today.
As a risk taker. Enhancers together with Investigators, Persuaders and Developers are more calculated at risk taking and not as spontaneous as the high risk takers. The Enhancer needs to have an internal vision of where they are going before they pursue a possibility. They need time to analyse, prioritise and process information. At times they might get a vision about a future possibility quickly and, during these times, they can seem quite impulsive. Other times the process will take longer and they can seem more cautious and deliberating. The Enhancer (and the Investigator) especially like to have time to “chart-the-course” for where they are going to go. When they have a course and a clear vision they actually enjoy taking long-term risks and pursuing unconventional paths. The Enhancer prefers to pursue new pathways rather than follow along in a more routine or traditional lifestyle or career. By taking extra time to prepare they are usually very strategic and have contingency plans in place. They also are stimulated by new ideas and possibilities so this can lead them down innovative or transformational pathways. However, can become so sure of a specific vision or path that they close their minds to precautions and details that might get in the way of its realisation. They tend to be analytical when deciding on a pursuit, but because they focus more on the big picture than the details, those details can eventually trip them up. Accordingly, it can help to get some advice and input from a trusted source.

Spending Attitude

13 - Practitioner - Protector. Do not require much from their financial purchases to be satisfied with life but do like to spend on a few social displays of wealth such as eating out at restaurants with friends, clothing etc. More reserved with money than the Objective Thinker. Thinks of the future, buys the same brands in same stores. Might not take low risk investments or good value holidays. May have bad decisions in a panic. Wants to have an emergency fund of six months salary. Careful Spender.

14 - Objective Thinker - Protector. Thinks of the future, buys the same brands in same stores. Might not take low risk investments or good value holidays. May have bad decisions in a panic. Will have an emergency fund of six months salary. Nest Builder.

15 - Perfectionist - Planner. Long term investing with contingency plans. Wants to know what they will have on daily basis. Big picture aspect. Have account for long term savings and discretionary mad money. Experience Seeker.

16 - Enhancer - Planner. Long term investing with contingency plans. Wants to know what they will have on daily basis. Big picture aspect. Have account for long term savings and discretionary mad money. By the time the Enhancer has finished deciding that they actually want to buy the thing, a new product is already out in the market and now the whole process will have to be repeated all over again. Stress Shopper.

Financial Toxicity

13 - Practitioner - Protector - Safe. Pay what's due, when it's due. Simple. Won't splurge on themselves or you. The Practitioner knows better than any other type the value of a dollar and they abhor the squandering or misuse of money.
Trustworthy Ranking 1/16. (When hurt when giving not appreciated, hesitant to trust others)

14 - Objective Thinker - Protector - Safe. Pay what's due, when it's due. Simple. Won't splurge on themselves or you.
Trustworthy Ranking 3/16. (When taken advantage of, will have future trust issues)

15 - Perfectionist - Planner - Slacker. Acts like they need help though they really do not need it - 'crying wolf'. They ask for money, though they actually are not doing anything to try on their own. Living off others is what they would rather do, instead of taking the difficult step of trying to be self-sufficient. This can be a challenge, so don't lend.
Trustworthy Ranking ?/16. (Will analyze a person first in order to determine if others are trustworthy)

16 - Enhancer - Planner - Safe. Pay what's due, when it's due. Simple. Won't splurge on themselves or you.
Trustworthy Ranking ?/16. (Does not trust others easily)

Truthful Toxicity & Ingeniously Problematic™

Can the Elevanto expertise assist in lie detection? Sometimes. Ingeniously Problematic™ behaviour is on display when it is clearly known what the desired outcome is, yet an assertion is made that may not be untruthful, is likely to be ambiguous and the author can use it to advantage. It is designed to give the recipient hope; reality may be 'bugger off' or (mis)leading you into taking up some sort of offer. It often involves blatant hypocrisy.
Outright lying is easy to pick as I claim to be cruising today in the Gulf of Siam aboard the USS Nimitz that I own. The Ingeniously Problematic™ folk tend to be in the High D quadrant, but not always. Using our technique is part art and part science. Sometimes you have to look as to who gave instructions to whom.


Question to Tony Blair: Will Labour introduce tuition fees for higher education?" Blair's answer was: "Labour has no plans to introduce tuition fees for higher education." No plans does not mean no tuition fees.

Unknown: "Nobody is sorrier than me that the police officer had to spend his valuable time writing out a parking ticket on my car. Though from my personal standpoint I know for a certainty that the meter had not yet expired, please accept my expression of deep regret at this unfortunate incident."

High C The social clumsiness of introverts is interpreted by observers as indicators of deception yet introverted people lie infrequently.

13 - Practitioner - Tells white lies. Rank 5/16.

14 - Objective Thinker - Lies to hide what embarrasses them. Rank 15/16.

15 - Perfectionist - Lies when playing pranks on others to achieve a desired irritable response. Rank 13/16.

16 - Enhancer - Tells lies to get something done. Rank 14/16.

Ingeniously Problematic™ behaviour ignores the behaviour of the audience; most of whom accept the bulltish but Owls (High C's) treat it with the contempt which it deserves.

The Sir Robertson Sole Symptoms™

The Sir Robertson Sole Symptoms™ are really the harsh truth. No-one likes this section and Sir Robertson is aware of this. These symptoms are useful in picking patterns if you have the chance to observe how someone goes in a very negative way. You'll need to look in the four quadrants to explore all sixteen soles. [Signed: R. Sole]

13 - Practitioner - The Weirdo. Acts cuddly but is secretly an R. Sole. "Nice guys". Ability ranges from gardening to cooking and that's it. Tend to be the silent stalker in that they know others exact routines and can predict every action they do and may take action accordingly. Do not respect privacy. If they say they love you, you should change your name. They are talking about an undying burning flame of worship and eagerness to please and, although they will never voice what it is they want, you will know. Usually they will romanticise a scenario and keep trying to achieve it. These people give you gifts and need help but cannot be helped. A freeloader. The meddling R. Sole.

14 - Objective Thinker - The Virgin. An R. Sole inside and out. Poor at understanding emotion be it theirs or others. Can be seen by others as boring as they tend to follow instructions. Recite scripture or they tell you of their routine or they argue with you but they do not have conversations. They are calm individuals on account of being so lacking in everything. New things scare them. These are the people who would adapt to Newspeak most easily. No “ambition” - empty inside. The perfectionist grump R. Sole.

15 - Perfectionist - The Overthinking Obstructor. Acts like an R. Sole but is secretly cuddly. Reality is subjective and use this annoying style of argument seemingly in every situation. Think they know better do not understand that others do not function like they do. Sore losers and very much adherents to the “once burned, twice shy” philosophy. Cannot understand the idea of anyone wanting to do something they have already done. Love unreliable information that is reported and repeated so often that it becomes accepted as fact because it is information. Terrible on task completion so are worthless professionally and academically. They will likely fret over the task and then do the opposite of what you asked. Thrash you at at Trivial Pursuit, gloat over it and point out what you did not know. Cannot be helped. Trade in abstract humour. May not have the best hygiene.The I don't care R. Sole.

16 - Enhancer - The Delusional. An R. Sole inside and out. Rule the world behind the curtains. May be into secret societies. Do not often stand for their crimes but let someone else take the fall. They are much better at being low-key than the Developers and they often do not understand that what they’re doing is evil. Sometimes turn into wailing mockeries of adult people. Can be seen as very boring and robotic. The Enhancer makes sure there is 1 metre of granite between them and any unwanted invasion. Enhancers will door slam on the basis that people are willfully ignorant (by choosing to be irredeemable idiots immovable by logic) or that people are two-faced / dishonest. They do not door slam people to anything like the same extent as Investigators as they tend to feel a strong sense of responsibility for looking after / supervising others (they will not generally door slam family for example, which an Investigator will). The sarcastic, reclusive R. Sole.

The Sir Robertson Sole Symptoms™ on Steroids

The Sir Robertson Sole Symptoms™ on Steroids have been compiled when you really do not like the other person. We have been told that this section is confrontational, so you are advised to keep your seat belt fastened. You'll need to look in the four quadrants to explore all sixteen steroid soles. [Signed: R. Sole]

13 - Practitioner - The self-serving saint. The world thinks well of Practitioners. They go great lengths to ensure that. However, have a nasty habit of being outed as cowardly bastards. When an intrepid Developer gets hold of the receipt for the yacht purchased last spring, Practitioners lash themselves to appear as though they are capable of anything but smug satisfaction. Insulting tag: Unreliable. R. Sole nominates Heinrich Himmler and Mitt Romney.

14 - Objective Thinker - Your R. Sole Boss. Card carrying OT's actually believe in all the crap they force you to sell, memorising the ad copy. After the office is vacant, OT's can be found dry humping thick stacks of expense reports which they will cheerfully hand you the next morning. The only thing an OT will take more seriously than their job is themselves. Insulting tag: Immature. R. Sole nominates Stonewall Jackson, Richard Nixon, Sigmund Freud and Sean Connery.

15 - Perfectionist - The inept academic. Defined by their innate ability to create enormous amounts of useless words. Some mange to sell these useless words to other Perfectionists. This creates an economy of uselessness in which they rule over their dimwitted fan children. Vain. Pompous. Would lose a fight summarily and decisively. Insulting tag: Sensitive. R. Sole nominates Richard Dawkins, Milton Friedman and Alan Greenspan.

16 - Enhancer - The smug rabblerouser. Good at talking and less so at thinking, the Enhancer glories in the echo box of their own double Dutch. Intellectual emptiness is matched by lust for child blood running rich in the street corners of every peasant hamlet east of Prussia. An Enhancer will luxuriate at the root of all the world's problems, wallowing in the pain of their victims. Insulting tag: Stupid. R. Sole nominates Leon Trotsky, Karl Marx and Mark Zuckerberg.

Embriaguez Explorer™

13 - Practitioner - Most likely call their ex.

14 - Objective Thinker - I'm horny. Let's have sex.

15 - Perfectionist - Wants to engage in deep conversations.

16 - Enhancer - Remains the most rational person.

Dalliance Rankings Explorer™

13 - Practitioner - Very dutiful and loyal in their relationships. In order for them to betray their relationship, it may require extensive neglect and lack of appreciation by their partner and a smooth operator who can make them feel appreciated the way they desire. They may be susceptible to committing emotional affairs with people who give them attention and make them feel special and valued. e.g. Tiger Woods.

14 - Objective Thinker - Once an OT decides to settle down they are typically content to love the one they’re with through thick and thin. They are very loyal and low maintenance in a relationship and probably resistant to the emotional impulses or urges that might tempt others to stray. They prefer stability and security though and may on occasion be tempted to upgrade to a new partner who is more mature and financially stable if their current partner can’t get their act together.

15 - Perfectionist - As a perceiving type may sometimes want to break away from their commitments and try something new and this may very well apply to their relationships. Because they are introverted however, it is unlikely they will actively seek out or initiate a side relationship and even if they do, they will likely respect their partners enough to let them know before it gets too serious.

16 - Enhancer - May be narcissistic enough to think they can get away with clandestine relations outside of their main relationship. They may even feel it justified if it is done out of retaliation for something the partner did or if they engage in a sexual encounter with someone that is just sex without emotional attachment or feelings. e.g. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Promptitude & Commitment Explorer™

13 - Practitioner - On time. Rarely late for anything and might see this as a sign of disrespect. Extremely considerate of other people’s feelings and will be sure to be on time, often by arriving early. Great at time management and will allow extra time to get ready and plan ahead in order to ensure not show to up late as to do so may cause embarrassment.

Fulfilling Commitments. The Practitioner is certainly not afraid of commitment and prefers to follow through with things and honour commitments. They actually enjoy stability over having many options and, because of this, they value their responsibilities. Once the Practitioner has committed to something, it is highly unlikely that they will back out of it. They do not want to be seen as flighty or insincere and become frustrated with people who fit this description. The Practitioner realises that their actions affect others and, because of this, they want to be sure to make the right choices. Knowing that if they back out of their commitments the Practitioner will hurt someone else, they will be sure to follow through.

14 - Objective Thinker - Early. Almost always early for just about every event that they attend by effort to manage time properly. They dislike the idea of being late and might feel like they have failed if they do not show up on time. Usually respectful people and dislike the idea of making other people wait for them. Being late is a sign of being inconsiderate and very embarrassing.

Fulfilling Commitments. The OT takes their commitments very seriously and are not afraid of them at all. They are loyal and dependable people who will not turn their back on others. If they have committed to something then they will do whatever it takes to follow through. They do not go back on their decisions and will work hard to get the job done. The OT is also extremely committed to their relationships and rarely stray from their loved ones. Once the OT has decided to make a commitment, they would be extremely disappointed in themselves if they backed out of it.

15 - Perfectionist - Late. Often struggles with being on time and time management and will easily lose track of time, distracted by a million different thoughts. Will be late often. It is not from a lack of consideration, but simply comes from disconnection from the physical world and forget what time it actually is. They may believe only moments have passed, when it reality hours have gone by. Will make a strong effort for the people they care about and will feel guilty if they fail to accomplish something.

Fulfilling Commitments. The Perfectionist can often avoid commitments and suffer from a fear of missing out. They dislike feeling as though their choices have hindered them in any way. This often comes from their constant need to analyse everything. The Perfectionist wants to make the right decisions in life and can be afraid that they will somehow go down the wrong path. This can cause the avoidance making any real commitments in life, so that they can avoid making the wrong ones. Over time though, can learn to find the right choices for them and will be able to follow through with their commitments.

16 - Enhancer - Early. Hate the feeling of being late especially for something deemed important. Will force themselves to be a few minutes early to ensure 'on time' and do not like being the 'late person' or disrespectful. If prior time set, then they will respect that prior decision. If no clear time set, they might become frustrated and show up late on purpose. If an event is not worth turning up for, the Enhancer might be late intentionally. The Enhancer cannot tolerate latecomers at any price and might just move on. Around 15 minutes is generally the window before total frustration sets in - you have arrived but the Enhancer has already left.

Fulfilling Commitments. The Enhancer often / always dislikes people who do not follow through with their commitments and tries very hard not to be that way themselves. They do not always commit to things easily though and will spend a long time considering all of their options. The Enhancer does not want to back out once they have committed to something and, because of this, they will do plenty of research before moving forward. The Enhancer does not commit easily, but once they do they take it extremely seriously. Have a very hard time backing out once they have made a commitment, and will only do so if they know they have exhausted every other option.

Weirdology Explorer™

13 - Practitioner - Strange Collections. Your collection of weird and oddball stuff may not have as much appeal to others as beautiful and unique as you think it is. Easily offended and prone to crying and emotional meltdowns. Rank: 2/10.

14 - Objective Thinker - Robotic. Try to smile at parties! Not weird. Stays away from risky ventures. Rank: 1/10.

15 - Perfectionist - Brings up awkward subjects. No topic off limits. Body fluids discussion at the dinner table? Has weird ideas. Rank: 6/10.

16 - Enhancer - Super Cynical. A permanent feature. Loner. Brooding. Mysterious. Not big on receiving compliments from people. Rank: 4/10.

Guiltology Explorer™

13 - Practitioner - Strong Guilt. Often feel a strong sense of guilt if they are not maintaining harmony in their environment, taking care of loved ones, making others happy and keeping them at ease or the Practitioner not living up to their own standards. Often takes the needs of others on board, wanting to make sure that everyone is taken care of and will work hard on this. If the people around are not happy, will probably blame themselves. Often feel a strong sense of guilt when really should not, making it hard to let go of this.
Shame: Can suffer from shame rather frequently, especially if it is being placed on them by the people closest to them. If is told that they are not being considerate enough of the feelings of others, it will definitely cause them to feel ashamed if they feel like they are failing. Like being more supported to get over their feelings of shame. Need to realize that they cannot be perfect and they are doing their best. Important that they remember how much good they have done.

14 - Objective Thinker - Handle Guilt Well. Strong internal morals, wanting to strive to do what is right and know what is wrong. May feel guilty if they feel like they are not accomplishing their goals to their own high standards. If fulfilling their duties and getting the job done rarely harbour feelings of guilt. Often weighs their feelings of guilt internally rather than depending on others to decide for them. This makes it easy to do what is right and handle guilt well.
Shame: Hard working individuals who might experience feelings of shame if they feel like they have failed in some ways. Will feel very ashamed if chosen the wrong person to date or is not doing well at their job. Want to be able to accomplish their goals without failure, which can put a bit too much pressure on making the right decisions. Best way to help an ISTJ cope with their feelings of guilt is simply by letting them know how well they are actually doing. Show them other people who are not accomplishing nearly as much as them and they will realize how good they are actually doing in their lives.

15 - Perfectionist - Analyse Guilt. Quite unemotional generally. Often place a lot of pressure on themselves to do the right thing. May look back on actions and analyze them until they consider that they could have done something better. Often requires outside assistance to determine where they truly do right or wrong. Given the propensity to apply logic and understanding to every situation, this can make them sometimes feel guilty when they should not. When the analysis concludes where they should have done better, attempts will be made to make changes for the future.
Shame: May appear much more impervious to shame than they actually are. They are intelligent individuals who are often capable of being rather discerning about other peoples opinions of them. When it comes to people the Perfectionist cares for or holds to a high regard, they will be rather susceptible to their judgments. Will feel ashamed if they have hurt someone that they care for, or if they have done something embarrassing during their more “open” moments. Perfectionists care very much about the people around them, which can result in them feeling ashamed. Beest way to help is assisting the Perfectionist is by helping them reach logical conclusions which will assist in moving on. Help them understand how they can avoid these bad situations in the future.

16 - Enhancer - Seldom Guilty. Given that logic always prevails, will approach guilt differently than most. Much prefer to accept mistakes and learn from them, rather than feel guilty for them. Will often use the mistakes to analyze how a better approach colud me applied to the situation in the future. If have wronged someone will often apologize or search for a way to make it right. They do want to be fair, but that doesn’t make them feel unnecessary guilty for making an error. Will follow internal morals. If something has gone wrong, will analyse ahead of harbouring useless feelings of guilt about it.
Shame: Will usually only experience feeling shame when they have failed to live up to own expectations or full potential. Will definitely not become easily manipulated into feeling ashamed by those around them. Often extremely aware when someone is attempting to manipulate them and it will close them off to that person immediately. Often would prefer to deal with emotions on their own. Once aware that they are feeling a certain way, need time alone to cope and move on.

Judgeology Explorer™

13 - Practitioner - Forgiving Judgeology™. Try not to be judgmental and can often be very forgiving towards others. Exception - people harming others. Aware of how their actions affect others become disappointed in people who do not possess this same ability. When they see people hurting others constantly and refusing to be considerate, will immediately dislike those people. They want everyone to get along and truly despise discord. When people disturb this peace (e.g. not following their political ideology), will become frustrated.

14 - Objective Thinker - Black & White Judgeology™. Keep judgments to themselves. This might potentially build up into a negative opinion of others over time if it is not expressed. Hold themselves and others to very high standards. If they can find someone with whom to express the judgments that they feel that can help move past them. They often see how the people close to them could better their own lives and want to help them understand how to do so. Very strong sense of right and wrong that is often very black and white and this means that they can be seen as judgmental.

15 - Perfectionist - Shallow Judgeology™. Openly critical but often without deep judgment about others. They will outwardly point out other people’s errors, but only become judgmental if their advice is ignored. They are more judgmental towards people who put on a fake face in front of others and do not show people their true colors. Good at reading people. Annoyed and judgmental at people who pretend to be something that they are not (e.g. better than others, obnoxious, self important) and at others who believe these lies. Oddly forgiving when people make mistakes and care how they affect others.

16 - Enhancer - Incompetency Judgeology™. Just cannot tolerate inauthentic, incompetent and stupid people. Wages an unrelenting war on mediocrity. Will always judge on intelligence and are not sycophantic or friendly simply because of someone’s status. Cannot stand those who constantly make mistakes in their jobs especially if they can identify someone who is way better equipped for the duties at hand. Can easily see how things should be done with a natural ability to be the solution provider. Consequently, may (will) become frustrated with incompetent people and consider them lazy and inept. Will understand one off mistakes and that others will make them. Will be angry at repeated and stupid mistakes. Tend to keep many of the judgments to themselves and avoid openly offending others but might assassinate their character privately.

Clutter Explorer™

This technique emanates from the service station industry where it was always necessary to understand the attitude of operators and staff towards 'sparkle and housekeeping'. Elevanto's techniques are all about observing so if you can see how someone approaches the issue of clutter and organisation, it's another tool to work out their pattern to reap the advantages of using these techniques. You'll need to look in the four quadrants at all sixteen clutter descriptions.

13 - Practitioner - Anti Clutter. Everyone can go do what they want to do and leave you to clean your happy place. Who needs a therapist when you've got shoe bins to organize?
Being accurate is of the utmost importance. Practititioners are most likely to use a calculator to leave exactly 20 percent at a restaurant, or adopt the mindset measure twice, cut once.

14 - Objective Thinker - No Clutter.Your home or car may trend to look like Chaos Inc. but you know exactly where everything is. Items may be illogically grouped. As you do not like clutter, if it all becomes too much, you order everyone out of the house. You cancel your plans for the day because that’s how long it will take you to clean everything the right way as determined by you. Your office, on the other hand, looks picture perfect.
OTs thrive on being super organized and spreadsheets are often their best friend.

15 - Perfectionist - Pondering Clutter. The bin is full again, already. As you tie up the garbage bag to take it down the hallway, you think, “There has to be a better system”. You consider the volume and sources of trash generated daily, how much space it would save to compress empty containers, the pros and cons of recycling and whether or not a smaller bin can would psychologically induce less trash-generating. You have now been standing for ten minutes blankly staring at the full bag, totally unaware of the steady stream of liquid trailing onto the floor.
Perfectionists love logic and demand explanations for everything that interests them. The kitchen-timer method, can help divide the day up into chunks of time devoted to specific tasks so the curious Perfectionist is less likely to multitask and get distracted.

16 - Enhancer - Masked Clutter. Your house appears to be in a consistent state of cleanliness, with bench tops wiped and sink clear, but inside every drawer and wardrobe there is likely to be a jumble of objects. A cleanup therefore is likely to involve making sure all the doors are closed and the place will look immaculate.
While introverted, many Enhancers are also skilled collaborators when it comes to getting something done. Collaboration hubs allow this type to implement their big ideas by assigning everyone tasks, creating calendars and putting in notification reminders so they can know what is happening all of the time.

Kitchen Explorer™

This is the sort of kitchen you may like and how you organise things in the kitchen. This is useful if you have the chance to observe how someone else handled the kitchen. Another very useful indicator to pick their pattern. You'll need to look in the four quadrants to explore all sixteen kitchens.

13 - Practitioner - The Farmhouse Kitchen. You are compassionate, loyal and grounded. You want wood, warmth and wonderful people around you in the kitchen. A big wooden table is essential, as is an old-fashioned range and farmhouse sink. And of course, a fire in the hearth in colder climates.

14 - Objective Thinker - The Restaurant Kitchen. You are responsible, neat, orderly and love systems and rules. You have no use for frivolous things in the kitchen. Everything should be totally functional and if it doesn't serve a purpose, out it goes! You prefer stainless steel bench tops, which are easy to clean, with everything within easy reach.

15 - Perfectionist - The Contemporary Kitchen. You are philosophical, complex and non-traditional. Clean lines and cool tones. You're too busy trying to figure out the mysteries of the universe to be preoccupied by the kitchen.

16 - Enhancer - The Rustic Industrial Kitchen. You are analytical, intellectual and a perfectionist. You like the weight and history of iron and reclaimed wood and prefer a kitchen with deep colors and antique details — a good place for brooding.

Religiousness Explorer™

While religion needs to be kept out of discussions generally, together with sex and politics, sometimes if it is known that someone is very religious it may be yet another source of information to pick Disc and then impose correctly. Percentages are the best we can find as to whether various patterns agree that they are "very religious". You'll need to look in the four quadrants to explore all sixteen percentages.

13 - Practitioner - 55.37% Rank: 1. Highest percentage of the sixteen. Like others to conform to their values.
Likely religion: Conservative or Orthodox Judaism. Evangelical / Protestant.

14 - Objective Thinker - 45.57% Rank: 4.
Likely religion: Protestant Christianity, as long as it is dry. Otherwise Athiest.

15 - Perfectionist - 25.48% Rank: 16. Lowest percentage of the sixteen. Seems logical with bias to facts and detail rather than beliefs.
Likely religion: Athiest. Some Greek Orthodox.

16 - Enhancer - 37.02% Rank: 10.
Likely religion: Athiest.

Intimate Explorer™

How you go and they go in the bedroom may not be the starting point to pick someone's pattern. However, as with any model, the more information you have, the more likely you can reap the benefits of picking others behaviour patterns. You'll need to look in the four quadrants to explore all sixteen positions.

13 - Practitioner - Pleaser Bedroomer. To you sex is the perfect opportunity to express your love for someone else. You see it as a chance to please your partner in every way possible and you will try your hardest to do so. You want them to fully understand that sex is important to you and that making them happy means everything. You are willing to experiment (although you have some boundaries) for your partner, if that is what will please them. You enjoy feeling a connection to your loved one and see sex as a prime opportunity for that.

14 - Objective Thinker - Coordinated Bedroomer. Sex to you is a natural part of any good relationship and is vital in keeping things happy. You enjoy sex, just like anyone else, but you prefer when things are predictable and scheduled. You dislike too many surprises in the bedroom, and enjoy following what you know best. You are sure to please your partner and know how to perform well, as long as you can maintain some level of control. You like the idea of someone else being able to take charge and that may be in the form of a Promoter.

15 - Perfectionist - Experimental Bedroomer. Although you are not the most emotionally expressive person, you feel much more satisfied when there is an emotional connection during sex. You’ve probably experienced casual sex (because you are never averse to exploring new things) and found that it was seriously lacking. You don’t necessarily open up easily and tend to only enjoy sex fully with someone you feel completely comfortable with. Once you do find someone you are relaxed with, sex is a great opportunity to get outside of your own head. You are very keen on experimentation and enjoy trying new things in the bedroom. You have the perfect combination of wanting to be satisfied but of also wanting your partner to be satisfied.

16 - Enhancer - Taking Charge Bedroomer. When it comes to sex you see it as another opportunity to be excellent at something. Although you can be in your own head when it comes to your daily life, sex is entirely different. This is your opportunity to stop overthinking and be in the moment. You are sometimes aggressive and very capable of taking charge in the bedroom. You are capable of having a very high sex drive in the right circumstances but it all depends on the person and situation. You are focused on making sure both you and your partner are satisfied in the bedroom. You aren’t necessarily easy to please, but you are more than willing to take action to rectify that.

Music Festival Explorer™

How you go at the festival is handy. The more information you have, the more likely you can reap the benefits of picking others behaviour patterns. You'll need to look in the four quadrants to explore all sixteen festivals.

13 - Practitioner - Pleaser at the festival. Wins a raffle for backstage passes, but gives them to a friend who really loves the band. Probably accidentally meets the band when they take a wrong turn.

14 - Objective Thinker - Volunteer at the festival. Most likely to be a volunteer for the fairgrounds. They’re the person everyone wants to be friends with because they have all the most amazing backstage passes.

15 - Perfectionist - What's the festival? They’re not even sure how they wound up at the festival. Stays the whole time because they can’t find the exit for three days.

16 - Enhancer - Only because it's free to attend the festival. Was given tickets by a client who is sponsoring part of the festival. They probably act disapproving toward the whole spectacle but they secretly get really excited when that band from the Spotify playlist they’re ashamed of listening to starts playing.

Nefariousness Explorer™

Generally, this consultancy uses the various techniques based in the positive side of things. But there are nefarious people of all patterns. This section looks briefly at the 'bad ones'. And we have come across some over the years. You'll need to look in the four quadrants at all nefarees.

13 - Practitioner - Require instant conformity to their accepted traditions and values. They may seem friendly at first, but underneath their soft-spoken demeanor they are manipulative and passive aggressive. If you rebel against tradition or interrupt their practiced routine, they will shut you out of their life without a second thought or find underhanded ways to get you demoted or punished. They do nice things for people simply for validation and praise and are hateful when they don’t receive the praise they were expecting. When people question them, they will retreat into self-pity and impose guilt trips. They are hard workers, relentless in their sense of duty, even if that duty is to a corrupt power structure or societal construct. Crimes: Being in wrong place at wrong time. Accessory.

14 - Objective Thinker - Exert control over the outside world and make it conform to their routine or set of principles. Their own security trumps the welfare of all, and they may suppress people who they perceive as threats, even if those people are completely harmless. Usually, nefarious Objective Thinkers have been raised in a corrupt family or societal system. They accept the unethical traditions and values they have been raised with without question, and have no problem forcing others to accept those same principles. Any questions, skepticism, or form of rebellion is instantly set apart. They have no empathy for anyone’s emotions, ideas, or welfare outside of their own. There is only one right way to do things and that is their way or the way of their authority figure. They will be harsh, aloof, and attentive to any detail or act of defiance that falls outside of their established routine. Crime: Corruption followed by regret.

15 - Perfectionist - Haughty, careless, absorbed in own world and ideas. Ignore and neglect the people in their care. They look down on “the mass” for being less intellectual or “enlightened” than they are. They avoid responsibilities and ignore loved ones, drifting into their own isolated world. Anyone who tries to join them in their world is shunned or treated with silent passive aggression. They ignore any kind of moral code; everything is about cause and effect and experimentation. They may even toy with people just to see what happens; using them like tools or objects to use and cast aside. They are harsh with their words, caring little about their affect on others. They don’t care what anyone else does with their lives as long as they are left to their own devices. Crimes: Graffiti. Drug dealer, hacker.

16 - Enhancer - Cold, arrogant, controlling.. They are contemptuous and condescending to anyone who doesn’t value their same vision or sense of logic. They may even enjoy putting other people down, making sarcastic jabs, or otherwise belittling them. They consider themselves above others, more enlightened or intelligent than the rest of humanity. They believe their vision and forecast of the future is always right, and they stubbornly hold to their perception without opening their mind to other viewpoints. They are agitated and vindictive with anyone who critiques or gives another view that contradicts their own. They are worried about everything, but unable to care at the same time. Nefarious Enhancers may seclude themselves from the rest of the world because they are so disappointed in their fellow man. If they do not do this, they may try to micro-manage and overly control the people in their own lives, forcing them to obey a strict set of commands. If they have a corrupt vision, they may be swift and terrifyingly effective at creating plans that are disastrous for the good of humanity. Crime: Hack a bank. Murder.

Bratty Behaviour Shortcuts!

One of our latest techniques is to match these bratty descriptions to the person you are studying. Then you have their Disc pattern. You'll need to look in the four quadrants at all sixteen bratty descriptions.

13 - Practitioner - Unwarranted passive aggressiveness. While wanting to make others happy, often feel uncomfortable expressing their own needs. May hold onto grudges for ages while feeling bitter about their needs going unmet, despite the fact that they never divulged them. Need to get it that most are not mind readers and that passive aggressiveness is not warranted until concerns have actually been raised.

14 - Objective Thinker - Assuming moral superiority. Very principled individuals who take their duties and commitments incredibly seriously and appreciate when others do as well and have issues when they do not. May decide that others are morally corrupt and fail to understand that their own system of morality differs from those of others and realise that they only have control over their own values, not others' values.

15 - Perfectionist - Neglecting loved ones. Living in in 'own mind' may be seen as a lack of investment in a family relationship. May shut people out. Need to appreciate others who stand by them when there is trouble. Reclusiveness may be seen as a lack of investment in a relationship.

16 - Enhancer - Assume they have nothing to learn from others. Very knowledgeable. May be self-absorbed and refuse to listen to what anyone has to say as they assume that they are the only competent individual around. This type needs to remember that there are different forms of intelligence and they don’t possess them all. There is always a lot to learn, even from those originally deemed incompetent.

Peter Pan Possibility

One of our latest techniques is to match child like behaviour to the person you are studying. That is, observing the inability of individuals to take on responsibilities, to commit themselves or to keep promises, excessive care about the way they look and personal well-being, and their lack of self-confidence, even though they do not seem to show it and actually come across as exactly the opposite.
More: lack of career interest, not being able to handle situations, trouble with commitment (may be interested in relationships or sex, but not for long), drug and alcohol abuse, unreliability, it's everyone else's fault and does not want to improve.
Even further, Peter Pans are completely intolerant to criticism; having a younger partner means less responsibility. "Wendy" makes every decision and takes on the responsibilities of Peter Pan, thus justifying the unreliability.
Elevanto looks keenly if someone cannot handle conflict at ALL. Then we watch and see if Peter Pan RUNS AWAY. That may involve walking or stomping away from the discussion, leave the house, going to a room where games can distract or just curling up under a blanket to cry like a toddler for a couple of hours. Meanwhile Wendy does all the work.
If not RUNNING AWAY, we look for RETALIATION. That may involve a fit and / or bringing up items thinking or knowing that will upset you to “get back at you” for causing Peter Pan to be upset. Tantrums are common, as are name-calling and/or throwing things.
This Peter Pan behaviour may lead you to their Disc pattern. You'll need to look in the four quadrants at all Peter Pan Possibilities. Results; Inspirational; Promoter; Counselor; Specialist; Agent; Achiever; Perfectionist. This group is the same as Sellfe-kən-ˈtrōl™ and Space Cadet™

13 - Practitioner - No. Practitioners are not the types to be prone to Peter Pan syndrome behaviour, instead they would rather focus on their future. From a young age Practitioners often take responsibility for their actions and even want to take care of their loved ones. They dislike people who cannot seem to handle the important things that need to be done and work hard to ensure that they step up where it matters. Practitioner are often responsible people even from a very young age, since they strive to create peace in their environments.

14 - Objective Thinker - No. OTs are rarely prone to Peter Pan syndrome, since they often prefer to be responsible. They are not afraid of stepping up in order to get things done, even from a young age. OTs are often mature people in many ways and believe in fighting to get things taken care of efficiently. They are hardworking people who do not believe in backing down from their responsibilities, especially when it is important.

15 - Perfectionist - Yes. Perfectionists do have a desire to learn and grow, but there are parts of them that can be interested in removing certain responsibilities from their lives. In some ways the Perfectionist is mature even as a child and in others they are prone to Peter-Pan-like behaviour. They are often so caught up in their own inner world and have a strong sense of creativity. They are can be a bit childlike in some ways and enjoy being able to make their own choices without constant responsibilities. Examples: None to hand.

16 - Enhancer - No. Enhancers rarely experience the full depth of Peter Pan syndrome behaviour and are often very capable of growing up. They are comfortable facing responsibilities and do not feel a need to remain childlike. Enhancer believe in being responsible for their actions and strive to grow and learn. They want to always be working on themselves in order to improve and become more aware of the world around them. Being stuck in an immature state with no responsibilities, is not really a choice the Enhancer is interested in.

Dealing with Morons Explorer™

This technique emanates from when you find that the person you are dealing with becomes unreasonable.

1 - Minimize time with the moron and give up the dream that they will one day be the person you wish they'd be. Keep your interactions as short as possible. Minimizing your exposure to those who show any deviation from a healthy, normal, or efficient condition goes a long, long way. Give up where they seem to be the parent/partner/spouse/friend etc you've always felt they could be, yet they ultimately always end up hurting or disappointing significantly. See the Sir Robertson Sole Symptoms™ on this and other pages. We fall for it and get our hopes up again the next time they treat us nicely or seem to have turned a new leaf. Giving up the hope and fully accepting this person for who they really are can be an unbelievable relief after what is sometimes a lifetime of wishing. Give them the flick pass. Get rid of them if you can. They will still have their knickers in a knot and you will not. Sometimes, you just have to wear them - refer items 2 - 7.

2 - Keep it logical and in writing. This may be difficult if you are very verbal, heart-focused person, who connects from an emotional or empathic perspective. This only works with reasonable people who care. Unreasonable people usually don't care, and their response (or lack of it) will often only make you more upset. Keep communications fact-based, using minimal details and in writing if possible. Unreasonable people lose track of what they said and misinterpret what you said.

3 - Don't drink around them. It may be tempting to get into the booze when you're around people who are acting like morons, it will only make you more emotionally vulnerable and more likely to do or say something useless that will either make you look bad, make you feel bad, or make you more of a target.

4 - Focus on them in conversation. A way to avoid being the target of demeaning comments, manipulation or having your words twisted is to say as little as possible. Volunteer minimal information and get them talking about themselves if you have to be around them or have to interact with them. Make it that they are a far safer conversation subject than you are.

5 - Stay away from topics that get you into trouble. Before going into an interaction with a moron, review in your mind the topics that invite attack and be proactive about avoiding them. e.g. if your in-laws always make cracks about your choice of career, answer neutrally and change the subject immediately (see item 4) if they ask you how work is going.

6 - Don't try to get them to see your point of view. Don't try to explain yourself or try to get morons to understand you and empathize with your perspective. They won't, and you'll just feel worse for trying and failing.

7 - Create a distraction. If you absolutely have to spend time with someone who typically upsets you, try to be around them in circumstances that offer some sort of distraction. Focus on playing with a pet if there's one in the vicinity, have the interaction be based around some kind of recreational activity or entertainment, or offer to help in a way that takes you out of the main ring (e.g. offering to chop vegetables in the kitchen before a family dinner). If you can get them to do something that absorbs their attention (taking it off you), even better.

"Realize what you really want. It stops you from chasing butterflies and puts you to work digging gold".
- William Moulton Marston 1893-1947

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