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Bully Boy Tick Tacks™

We are talking here about someone who uses bully-boy tactics. You disapprove of them because they use rough and aggressive methods.
Bullies hurt others either physically, mentally or emotionally. They can ruin a persons life, just to make themselves feel better.
This site is of the view that it is nigh on impossible to 'stop bullying'. Therefore picking bullies and imposing correctly is critical.

There is one clear pattern here that is the full time bully. And one who wants to fight straight away. This is where bullying can be mitigated by making it commercially unviable for the bully to continue to be the bully. Only around 15% of the population need to be quelled to have a monumental effect!

While spotting a bully is reasonably easy, you will most likely need assistance :-) This website might tell you what but it will not tell you how. Here is how all Disc types react - all sixteen patterns - you will be here, too! Most common are... read on. Contact us for an obligation free quote.

Conducted and Composed by Elizabeth Hunter™ - Last Update 15 August, 2018

1 - Director - ESTJ

Reaction to Bully Boy Tick Tacks™: Sir, you are in deep trouble!

Walks triumphantly away as if discovered a jackpot. Reports the bully to the authorities. Becomes president of a newly formed anti-bully committee. Commands an army of Objective Thinkers and polices the corridors. Employees / students feel safe and are generally open about the policing force. Becomes the model student. Feels incredibly satisfied once the bully is arrested or brought to justice.

2 - Developer - ENTJ

Reaction to Bully Boy Tick Tacks™: Piss Off.

Likely to be the bully as thrives on confrontation. If not the bully, on this rare occasion, is nevertheless still likely to tell the bully to f**k off. Alternatively, is likely to fight the bully and win and therefore take their place. If a Developer sees a person bullying another person is likely to step up and tell the bully to pick on someone their own size. This bully might not back off and the Developer then defeats the bully with one uppercut, physical or oral. The victim thanks the Developer but is then given a lecture and set of instructions about what should and should not be done. This is the classic full time bully. This is the behaviour pattern the anti bullying activists must target.

3 - Results - ESTP

Reaction to Bully Boy Tick Tacks™: Oh? You wanna fight, huh?

The bully is impressed. The bully either recruits the Results person or the Results person beats up the bully and takes his place. In that case, the Results person shouts and fights the bully in the corridor. Attracts attention. The Results person's charisma wins the crowd… until the Objective Thinker-Director police force arrests both.

4 - Inspirational - ENTP

Reaction to Bully Boy Tick Tacks™: You are kidding? I thought...

Argues with the bully and/or becomes a machine gun of a million comebacks and twists. Likely to be throat-punched by the bully so the bully shuts up the Inspirational. Likely to get hospitalized. Likely to confront the bully next time and bring forth a storm of arguments, insults and threats. The bully will either tear up or throat-punch the Inspirational again.

"Each of us deserves the freedom to pursue our own version of happiness. No one deserves to be bullied."

Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States. (Inspirational)

5 - Persuader - ENFJ

Reaction to Bully Boy Tick Tacks™: Hey! (Calls to stranger) Hey you! (Calls to another stranger) Yo come here! (Calls to yet another stranger).

People begin blocking the area and an overwhelming majority is attracted by the Persuader thereby placing the bully and his cronies in the minority. Cries out "Check this guy out, he’s trying to make a hassle out of things. He’s trying to bully people. He shouldn’t. It’s not fair. Show him its not fair." People begin pointing at the bully and insults begin spewing. The bully concedes. Later, the Persuader begins giving speeches at meetings or gatherings and starts an anti-bullying campaign.

6 - Appraiser - ESFJ

Reaction to Bully Boy Tick Tacks™: Watch your filthy mouth!

Gets laughed at by the bully. Reports incident to anti-bullying committee. Denounces the bully. Joins the Persuader’s anti-bullying campaign as well. Sides with and becomes supporter of any anti-bullying establishment.

7 - Promoter - ENFP

Reaction to Bully Boy Tick Tacks™: What? Oh! You’re talking to me? Hi!

Simultaneously thinks about the plan to go out to movies with Enhancers on Friday. Oh, and also that thing the Objective Thinker said about the new rules. Oh, and also that interesting quantum physics thing the Perfectionist mentioned, I must check it out sometime. Oh wait, is that a butterfly?

"Bullying is the manifestation of an infantile and primitive need to become the leader of the pack. The modern day bully believes he is a human being, but he is an animal."

Bona, South Korean singer. (Specialist?)

8 - Counselor - ESFP

Reaction to Bully Boy Tick Tacks™: Oh? Now I see why your mother...

Followed by a million insults with very, very radical head and hand movements and facial gestures. Bully intimidated or impressed. The Counselor shrugs it off. Goes shopping later.

  • We cannot guarantee success.
  • Because we are not you.
  • It's about your preparation.
  • Who you are.
  • What they are.
  • How you impose.
  • Make speaker & listener equally responsible.
  • Don't be better.
  • Be different.
  • Contact us today!

9 - Specialist - ISFP

Reaction to Bully Boy Tick Tacks™: Silence.

Broods over incident for months to come. Hurt, but finds difficulty in expressing the hurt. Paints a expressive piece of artwork that alludes to the hurt. Composes music. Feels slightly better, but still hurt. A wood duck target for bullies.

10 - Investigator - INFJ

Reaction to Bully Boy Tick Tacks™: F**k you!

Questions the existential existence of humanity. Questions the nature of humans’ intentions, either for good or bad. Envisions a world without bullies, whether by means of peace or by means of mass murder. Discusses matter with an Enhancer but gets turned off by their mechanical heart. Searches for life’s meaning. Starts own cult having been motivated by the bullying incident.

11 - Agent - INFP

Reaction to Bully Boy Tick Tacks™: How dare you!

Secretly being torn up inside and wishing the world was a better place. And wishing the same circumstances would not befall another poor soul. Does nothing to stop proliferation of bullies.

12 - Achiever - ISTP

Reaction to Bully Boy Tick Tacks™: Walk away, brother. Leave me alone. Do not mess with me.

The bully does not back off. The bully’s arm gets broken off, knee dislocated, internal organs begin bleeding and is taken to hospital. The Achiever is denounced by the anti-bullying committee and disciplined. The Achiever shrugs it off.

13 - Practitioner - ISFJ

Reaction to Bully Boy Tick Tacks™: Sobs and leaves.

Joins committee. Becomes volunteer counselor for victims of bullying. Will forever remember the bully and all those poor souls hurt by them. But all the while sympathises with bully’s internal turmoils and struggles.

I am the obnoxious bully.
Figure #11. Obnoxious bully.

14 - Objective Thinker - ISTJ

Reaction to Bully Boy Tick Tacks™: Err... that’s not very nice.

Stares back at the bully and leaves. Reports bully to the authorities. Employer / school forms an anti-bully committee and the OT becomes an avid member. The OT patrols the halls. Silently. Feels incredibly satisfied once the bully is arrested or brought to justice.

15 - Perfectionist - INTP

Reaction to Bully Boy Tick Tacks™: Did you know that? However, that seems logically in-…/un-…; Would you please elaborate? I having as hard a time understanding as you are.

Likely to get punched in face. System error. Likely to seek Inspirational, Perfectionist, Developer or Enhancer to discuss bully eradication tactics or systems. Opens computer and absorbs information online. Reads books on psychology, self-defence, martial arts, classical mechanics and on planetary motions. Reads... what was the goal again?

16 - Enhancer - INTJ

Reaction to Bully Boy Tick Tacks™: Death Stare.

Secretly plots the death of the bully boy's entire family in two years. Babies included. Bullies are not worth the Enhancer's time. However, Enhancers are secretly scarred forever and contempt for bullies potentially becomes a life motivation, giving a strong sense of justice. Likely to have a bully extermination plan with an honourable motive but containing very, very, unorthodox means. Will never forgive or forget.

"Realize what you really want. It stops you from chasing butterflies and puts you to work digging gold".
- William Moulton Marston 1893-1947

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