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The Blame Gamez™

Directors and Developers set impeccably high standards for themselves because they know that they can reach them.
If something goes wrong along the way these patterns types curse and blame themselves endlessly although neither may admit it.
How do you fare in the The Blame Gamez™? Do you use this to pick patterns?.

Director - ESTJ

As Blamer: Is aware of who is making the mistakes and why and informs.
As Blamee: Blames self, but with no admission.
Modus Operandi: Values efficiency which can sometimes cause trouble with needing to place blame. May forgive but will insist on improvement or you are out!
K9: Border Collie.

Developer - ENTJ

As Blamer: Does not need someone to blame. Becomes annoyed with people who cannot handle themselves properly.
As Blamee: Sense of humour failure.
Modus Operandi: Will remove continual mistake makers if no improvement.
K9: German Shepherd.

Results - ESTP

As Blamer: Annoyed with people who need to constantly place blame; prefers solutions and to move on.
As Blamee: Dos not like it; defensively blames others.
Modus Operandi: Has hard time seeing their own mistakes as wants to be impressive.
K9: Jack Russell Terrier.

Inspirational - ENTP

As Blamer: Regard it as pointless. Is aware of who is making the mistakes and why.
As Blamee: Ducks and weaves - It's not me.
Modus Operandi: Continual mistake makers on the same item will be shown a better approach to avoid repetition.
K9: Bull Terrier.

Persuader - ENFJ

As Blamer: Is frustrated with people who always have to place blame on others. Prefers to move forward.
As Blamee: Do not like it especially if they have not done it. Blames self when should not, but with no admission.
Modus Operandi: Want those close to support them and dislike when they do not appear perfect to them.
K9: Boxer.

Appraiser - ESFJ

As Blamer: Becomes rather annoyed when witnesses people constantly searching for someone to blame.
As Blamee: Often internally blames themselves over things they should not.
Modus Operandi: Prefers to focus on ways to solve the problem at hand. Does not believe in trying to shame people about their errors.
K9: Great Dane.

Promoter - ENFP

As Blamer: Casting blame causes frustration and unease.
As Blamee: Dislikes and feels hurt when someone attempts to place blame.
Modus Operandi: Does not play Blame Gamez™. Allows for mistakes as long as moral. Will not take responsibility.
K9: Golden Retriever.

Counselor - ESFP

As Blamer: Happiest when they are around people who do not feel the need to constantly place blame.
As Blamee: Difficult to feel blame for anything, will feel hurt.
Modus Operandi: Feels defensive and tries to blame someone else, for fear of becoming the one being chastised.
K9: Poodle.

Specialist - ISFP

As Blamer: Frustrated by those who seek to blame others especially when to chastise.
As Blamee: Sensitive. Dislikes the idea of blame at all.
Modus Operandi: Forgets mistakes of the past and moves forward.
K9: Saint Bernard.

Investigator - INFJ

As Blamer: Cannot appreciate people who blame others for their own mistakes.
As Blamee: Blames self for things for which should not take responsibility.
Modus Operandi: Prefers those who can take responsibility for their actions. Often takes on the blame and guilt when they have done nothing wrong. Unnecessarily burdens themselves.
K9: Greyhound.

Agent - INFP

As Blamer: Becomes annoyed with people who always seek to blame someone else; thinks this is harsh mentality.
As Blamee: Dislikes feeling the blame for something, especially if being badgered. Sometimes self blames.
Modus Operandi: Does not play Blame Gamez™. Forgives if good intentions.
K9: Tibetan Terrier.

Achiever - ISTP

As Blamer: Blame can seem like a foolish waste of time.
As Blamee: Cannot see the point.
Modus Operandi: Analyses and observes for future. Conceals their awareness of who made the mistakes.
K9: Bassett Hound.

Practitioner - ISFJ

As Blamer: Becomes bothered by the idea of shaming others.
As Blamee: Can be hurt if blamed.
Modus Operandi: Dislike seeing people feel victimized because they have been blamed. Wants improvement and all are happy.
K9: Alaskan Malamute.

Objective Thinker - ISTJ

As Blamer: Not just for blames sake. Want to be aware of who is doing the snafus.
As Blamee: Blames self but with no admission.
Modus Operandi: Efficiency means informing mistake makers, altering responsibilities, smooth running.
K9: Bernese Mountain Dog.

Perfectionist - INTP

As Blamer: Quickly annoyed with people who are constantly seeking to blame others. When aware, does not assign blame especially if minor errors.
As Blamee: Blames self but with no admission.
Modus Operandi: Wants accuracy. Solve the problem not assign the blame.
K9: Papillon.

Enhancer - INTJ

As Blamer: Analyses. Remembers for the future. Will be aware of surroundings and environment.
As Blamee: Better have your facts correct. Will not transfer blame to avoid it on self.
Modus Operandi: Not interested in finding people to blame, but requires accuracy.
K9: Afghan Hound.

Responsibility for something believed to deserve censure.

-- Merriam-Webster Dictionary --

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