Director - ESTJ

As Blamer: Is aware of who is making the mistakes and why and informs.
As Blamee: Blames self, but with no admission.
Modus Operandi: Values efficiency which can sometimes cause trouble with needing to place blame. May forgive but will insist on improvement or you are out!

by B. Collie

Developer - ENTJ

As Blamer: Does not need someone to blame. Becomes annoyed with people who cannot handle themselves properly.
As Blamee: Sense of humour failure.
Modus Operandi: Will remove continual mistake makers if no improvement.

by G. Shepherd

Results - ESTP

As Blamer: Annoyed with people who need to constantly place blame; prefers solutions and to move on.
As Blamee: Dos not like it; defensively blames others.
Modus Operandi: Has hard time seeing their own mistakes as wants to be impressive.

by J. Russell

Inspirational - ENTP

As Blamer: Regard it as pointless. Is aware of who is making the mistakes and why.
As Blamee: Ducks and weaves - It's not me.
Modus Operandi: Continual mistake makers on the same item will be shown a better approach to avoid repetition.

by B. Terrier

Persuader - ENFJ

As Blamer: Is frustrated with people who always have to place blame on others. Prefers to move forward.
As Blamee: Do not like it especially if they have not done it. Blames self when should not, but with no admission.
Modus Operandi: Want those close to support them and dislike when they do not appear perfect to them.

by T. Boxer

Appraiser - ESFJ

As Blamer: Becomes rather annoyed when witnesses people constantly searching for someone to blame.
As Blamee: Often internally blames themselves over things they should not.
Modus Operandi: Prefers to focus on ways to solve the problem at hand. Does not believe in trying to shame people about their errors.

by G. Dane

Promoter - ENFP

As Blamer: Casting blame causes frustration and unease.
As Blamee: Dislikes and feels hurt when someone attempts to place blame.
Modus Operandi: Does not play Blame Gamez™. Allows for mistakes as long as moral. Will not take responsibility.

by G. Retriever

Counselor - ESFP

As Blamer: Happiest when they are around people who do not feel the need to constantly place blame.
As Blamee: Difficult to feel blame for anything, will feel hurt.
Modus Operandi: Feels defensive and tries to blame someone else, for fear of becoming the one being chastised.

by A. Poodle

Specialist - ISFP

As Blamer: Frustrated by those who seek to blame others especially when to chastise.
As Blamee: Sensitive. Dislikes the idea of blame at all.
Modus Operandi: Forgets mistakes of the past and moves forward.

by S. Bernard

Investigator - INFJ

As Blamer: Cannot appreciate people who blame others for their own mistakes.
As Blamee: Blames self for things for which should not take responsibility.
Modus Operandi: Prefers those who can take responsibility for their actions. Often takes on the blame and guilt when they have done nothing wrong. Unnecessarily burdens themselves.

by G. Hound

Agent - INFP

As Blamer: Becomes annoyed with people who always seek to blame someone else; thinks this is harsh mentality.
As Blamee: Dislikes feeling the blame for something, especially if being badgered. Sometimes self blames.
Modus Operandi: Does not play Blame Gamez™. Forgives if good intentions.

by A. Tibetan

Achiever - ISTP

As Blamer: Blame can seem like a foolish waste of time.
As Blamee: Cannot see the point.
Modus Operandi: Analyses and observes for future. Conceals their awareness of who made the mistakes.

by H. Bassett

Practitioner - ISFJ

As Blamer: Becomes bothered by the idea of shaming others.
As Blamee: Can be hurt if blamed.
Modus Operandi: Dislike seeing people feel victimised because they have been blamed. Wants improvement and all are happy.

by A. Malamute

Objective Thinker - ISTJ

As Blamer: Not just for blames sake. Want to be aware of who is doing the snafus.
As Blamee: Blames self but with no admission.
Modus Operandi: Efficiency means informing mistake makers, altering responsibilities, smooth running.

by B. Mountain

Perfectionist - INTP

As Blamer: Quickly annoyed with people who are constantly seeking to blame others. When aware, does not assign blame especially if minor errors.
As Blamee: Blames self but with no admission.
Modus Operandi: Wants accuracy. Solve the problem not assign the blame.

by P. Illon

Enhancer - INTJ

As Blamer: Analyses. Remembers for the future. Will be aware of surroundings and environment.
As Blamee: Better have your facts correct. Will not transfer blame to avoid it on self.
Modus Operandi: Not interested in finding people to blame, but requires accuracy.

by A. Ghan

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