Disc Advanced Users

Conducted and Composed by Elizabeth Hunter™

Last Update 3 February, 2018

Area A - Disc to Impose - Methods

A1. Pick Quadrant. Click on Disc Stage 1 Pick Quadrant

A2. Pick Pattern. Click on Disc Stage 2 Pick Pattern

A3. Communicate. Click on Disc Stage 3 Communicate

A4. Handle Customers. Click on Disc Stage 4 Customers

A5. Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 Together. Click on Disc Stages 1, 2, 3, 4 Together

A6. Disc Patterns Brief Summary. Click on Disc Patterns Brief Summary

A7. Blank Quadrants. Click on Disc Blank Quadrants

Area B - Disc Advanced

B1. Disc Correlations and Resolving Conflict. Click on Disc Correlations and Resolving Conflict

B2. Disc Summary of 4 Quadrants. Click on Disc Summary of 4 Quadrants

B3. Disc Famous People. Click on Disc Famous People

B5. Upload files to Elevanto. Click on Files Upload to Dropbox

B6. Does handwriting give clues? Click on Disc Handwriting

B7. One off transformations are ending. Click on Always On Transformation

B8. Don't ask your customers what they want. Click on Customers

B9. Disc Cheat Sheet. Click on Disc Cheat Sheet

B10. Disc Myers Briggs Preferences. Click on Disc MBTI Preferences

B11. Disc Myers Briggs Cross Reference. Click on Disc MBTI Cross Reference

B12. Disc Phrases that Describe. Click on Disc Phrases that describe

B13. Disc Perceptions Matrix. Click on Disc Perceptions Matrix

B14. Disc Estimated Love Language (Superceded). Click on Disc Estimated Love Language

B15. Disc Common Occupations. Click on Disc Common Occupations

B16. Disc The Bratty Method. Click on Disc The Bratty Method