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At the movies

D: Comes in late and makes everyone stand while taking a middle seat.
I: Attends in groups and applauds and talks during the entire movie.
S: Gets there 15 minutes early and is seeing the film again.
C: Reads reviews before attending.

At the crowded lift

D: Walks up, gets in and pushes the button that closes the door.
I: Lets others in, says “Always room for one more. We’ll wait for you!”
S: Waits in line, moving from one line to another, unable to make a decision.
C: Gets in. 'Counts' the number of people and, if the number is over the limit, will make someone get out.

At the supermarket

D: Impulse shopper. No list.
I: Tells you where everything is in the store, whether you ask or not.
S: Is prepared, has a list and gets it done efficiently.
C: Wouldn't think of going shopping without coupons and a calculator.

At the golf course

D: Frequently drives through groups of golfers.
I: Spends more time in the clubhouse talking than on the course.
S: Plays golf the same day, the same time, the same place, using the same clubs.
C: Keeps score, plays strictly by the rules and cleans their clubs a lot.

Hanging Wallpaper

D: Gets a helper who brings the paste. Patterns don’t match. Announces that’s what drapes and pictures are for.
I: Has the wallpaper in the shed with the paste. Still has not started.
S: Finds a pattern that everyone likes before even thinking about hanging it.
C: Starts in a wardrobe to be sure the pattern is going to exactly match.

At their desk

D: Messy. “It’s there somewhere — you look for it.”
I: Says they are busy and asks for time. No idea where it is, but won’t admit it.
S: Drops everything to get it for you, then offers to refill your coffee at the same time.
C: Everything is filed in alphabetical order or by color code.


D: Cannot cook without a microwave.
I: Likes to cook for groups; has an extra place set at the table in case of unexpected company.
S: Prepares a meal from scratch and rotates around a dozen standard recipes.
C: Cannot cook without a timer and measuring cups.

Reading a newspaper

D: Mainly reads the headlines and scatters the sections in the process.
I: Will read the obituaries first to see if they find anyone they know.
S: Looks over the entire paper and clips interesting articles.
C: Contacts, or threatens to contact, the newspaper if a word is spelt incorrectly.

Simply impose on others
the way they want to be
imposed upon.

"Perhaps Elevanto is more of a starting point for self-discovery followed by treating others correctly."
-- Emeritus Professor Ridley Kive™ - Ghost Writer --

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