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Observing people when they are taking out revenge out can be handy when picking someone's pattern and revengeful outcomes are something you would be wise to avoid. Some conduct revengeful actions as a way of life.

You will most likely need assistance :-) This might tell you what but it will not tell you how. Here are all sixteen revenges - you will be here, too! Contact us for an obligation free quote.

An addition to our team is Emeritus Professor Ridley Kive™; a master of embellishing, reordering, commenting, and interpreting chronicles to twenty-first century times. These are extracted from repositories and found to be extended accounts in prose, sometimes including legendary material. He signs off using his nom de plume "R. Kive"

Conducted and Composed by Emeritus Professor Ridley Kive™ - Last Update 28 June, 2018

1 - Director - ESTJ

How Revenge is implemented: Directors are dangerous because they are so very competent and effective at almost anything they do. Their natural leadership ability allows them to just waltz in and take over the show, but others tend to appreciate having someone who seems to know what they are doing. Are able to acquire power and status through their rocket-propelled career path and are likely to occupy positions where they get to make important decisions that affect many people. This is how revenge is invoked. Summary: They Usurp You.

2 - Developer - ENTJ

How Revenge is implemented: Developers are very dangerous because they can run a tight ship and crush their competitors with it. They are very competent and whatever they set out to do, it is wise not to bet against them. They have an enormous amount of belief in themselves and they have tremendous vision and perseverance to allows them to bring to fruition grand ambitions others would not have thought possible. You do not want to have an Developer as your enemy as they have no compunction in crushing you for revenge. You have been warned. Summary: They Crush You.

3 - Results - ESTP

How Revenge is implemented: Like the Appraiser, the Results person can leverage their popularity and social currency to turn everyone against you. Are very persuasive and adept at compelling others to see things their way. Because of this, are able to get away with things most people could not. They can use mind tricks and distract people with their charm and slick talk while causally picking their pockets and relieving them of their wrist watch and wallet in taking revenge. You have been warned. Summary: They Trick You.

4 - Inspirational - ENTP

How Revenge is implemented: Inspitationals have the ability to psychologically manipulate and cause others to second guess what they thought they knew. The Inspirational routinely recognizes a manifold of alternatives and contingencies that allow them to anticipate and find loop holes and work around restrictions put up against them. They can create clever mouse traps that ensnare others while evading the tricks set against them. The Inspirational can be like a cunning con artist in their ability to manipulate and fabricate tall tales. You are advised to proceed with extreme caution and guard against being cunningly manipulated. Inspirationals are cunning as an ess, aitch, one, tee house rat. Summary: They Manipulate You.

Besides the practical knowledge which defeat offers, there are important personality profits to be taken."

William M. Marston, Creator of the Disc Pattern Method.

5 - Persuader - ENFJ

How Revenge is implemented: The Persuader is dangerous because they seem to know everything about everyone while, in many ways, remaining mysterious to others. They can get you to open up to them and divulge personal details that they can later blackmail you with. Their warmth and congeniality can be something upon which some people depend as a source of comfort and encouragement. When withdrawn from their normally sunny temperament and become judgmental and harsh, it can be emotionally devastating to others who thought the Persuader could do no wrong. So watch out with divulging too much as this can come back as revenge. Summary: They Blackmail You.

6 - Appraiser - ESFJ

How Revenge is implemented: The Appraiser has their finger on the pulse of the groups they participate in. They have an ability to manipulate the group’s opinions of an individual and make everyone hate them. Can be two-faced and may appear loyal to some people when really they are loyal to someone else. Even though they are warm and friendly, the Appraiser's egotism can compel them to become petty and stoop to new lows when trying to stamp out their competition or people who threaten their popularity or status. This is how they take revenge. Summary: They Trample You.

7 - Promoter - ENFP

How Revenge is implemented: There is more than one way to skin a cat and Promoters can think of more ways than most people could. Promoters are dangerous because they can be manipulative and win people over to their side using charm and charisma and sometimes wrap them around their little finger. Promoters can acquire power and influence because of this and once they have it, it can be used responsibly or irresponsibly. Promoter, fortunately, tend to have good values which they stick by. Against their enemies however, they can be surprisingly cut throat and will not hesitate to permanently remove people from their lives who they have deemed truly toxic, even in the environment of suspension of facts. Summary: They Dump You.

8 - Counselor - ESFP

How Revenge is implemented: Counselors can use their sway and social clout to ostracize and marginalize other people. Although they are super friendly and happy, Counselors can become mean and spiteful against those who wrong them. They have power through popularity and to some people they can do no wrong. When Counselors receive to much acclaim, all the attention can go to their heads and they can become self-aggrandizing. It can lead to ill-advised and impulsive decisions and their impetuous, in-the-moment mentality can sometimes backfire and land them in hot water when taking revenge. Summary: They Relegate You.

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9 - Specialist - ISFP

How Revenge is implemented: It is easy to underestimate the Specialist because of their quiet and good-natured temperament. But they are also capable of intense emotional outbursts which can take others by surprise. When they are spurned or wronged by someone, they are capable of going to great lengths to exact revenge. Specialists may turn crazy when they get burned by someone and can attempt to humiliate or publicly shame them in retaliation. They may lash out in rather immature ways and impulsively say and do vicious, hurtful things they may later regret. Summary: They Put You In Your Place.

10 - Investigator - INFJ

How Revenge is implemented: Investigators can conceal their true feelings from others and project an image or facade that is deceptive. They can be like social chameleons, reading the people they interact with and modifying their own behavior to effectively blend in. The Investigator can pretend to be obtuse and harmless when in fact they notice and pick up a lot of information about people that can be deployed against them. Have a strong will and can shift from being altruistic (unselfish) to Machiavellian (cunning) when it comes to invoking revenge. Summary: They Deceive You.

11 - Agent - INFP

How Revenge is implemented: Agents can sometimes be very calculating despite their delicate, insubstantial and impressionistic temperament. Others may not realize how analytical and observant they can be which can contribute to a compounding of internal strife and festering contempt unbeknown to others. Anger may consume them until finally they lash out without warning in revenge. The strength of an Agent's convictions can make it very difficult to talk them out of something irrational or crazy they believe to be “right” or “good” e.g. some cause such as animal welfare, human rights etc. Summary: They Vilify You.

12 - Achiever - ISTP

How Revenge is implemented: While an Achiever is not necessarily a sociopath (anti social personality disorder), their lack of emotiveness and emotional responsiveness can make them appear like one. Achievers can detach themselves from their feelings and become cold and unempathetic. At worst, they may exhibit antisocial behavior where they act out impulsively with little regard for their action’s impact on anyone else. Achievers can figure things out very quickly and are able to beat others to the punch and they’re very daring and willing to take risks others are too afraid try when taking revenge. Summary: They Menace You.

13 - Practitioner - ISFJ

How Revenge is implemented: Practitioners are dangerous because anything you say and do can and will be held against you, forever until the end of time. Practitioners can be long suffering and forgiving but they have their limits and once reached they can shift from nurturing caregivers to being bitter, harsh-tempered or overbearing. The Practitioner will rely on their long memories and will never forget that embarrassing thing that happened to you and they can use that knowledge to blackmail you. They can hijack your conscience and send you on a guilt trip all the way to the edge of the milky way. Be careful! Summary: They Turn Against You.

Pick me when I'm extracting revenge!
Figure #9. I'm coming to get you...

14 - Objective Thinker - ISTJ

How Revenge is implemented: OTs are dangerous because they can float under the radar but pick up on a lot of what goes on around them in a covert, fly-on-the-wall kind of way. Others may forget an OT is even in the room because they are so quiet. OTs can become unmatched in their efficiency and quickness in completing tasks thanks in part to their focus and planning skills. If an OT wants to invoke revenge, they will likely formulate a perfect scheme that is well thought out down to the smallest details. Summary: They Scheme Against You.

15 - Perfectionist - INTP

How Revenge is implemented: Perfectionists refrain from saying a lot of what enters their mind. This is often to other’s benefit because Perfectionists can say some pretty scathing (and accurate) insults that cut straight to the heart. Perfectionists can be a bane to insecure managers who do not appreciate them calling out the fault in their reasoning in front of everyone and making them looking illogical and foolish. Perfectionists are dangerous because they can piece together the most cryptic clues and uncover secrets and substantial information they were not meant to know. It is wise not to lie. Perfectionists are also capable of intense anger when dealing with senseless people. You have been warned, especially if you are dealing with the Perfectionist when the Perfectionist is in the role of a customer and your product or service is defective. Summary: They Offend You.

16 - Enhancer - INTJ

How Revenge is implemented: Enhancers are dangerous because they can go the distance in staging an elaborate plot and actually get away with it. They are not called masterminds for nothing. Extremely good at research and are able to find out lots of things about people. In person, they also have a tendency to retain specific details about what people say and do, long after those people have forgotten. Can keep score and log everything they observe on the hard drive of their mind for later reference. This why dots will be connected that lead to insights long before anyone else would notice. Enhancers never forget when wronged. Summary: They Scheme Against You.

"Realize what you really want. It stops you from chasing butterflies and puts you to work digging gold".
- William Moulton Marston 1893-1947

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