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Conducted and Composed by Elizabeth Hunter™

Last Update 27 January, 2018

Area C - P. Rogen

C1. P. Rogen Structure. Click on P. Rogen Structure Guide

C2. P. Rogen Blank. Click on P. Rogen Blank for your presentations

C3. Oxor Method. Click on Oxor Presentation Method

C4. Present Yourself in Court. Click on Present Yourself in Court

Area D - Brand Fascination Combinations

D1. Innovation. Click on Innovation Combine

D2. Passion. Click on Passion Combine

D3. Power. Click on Power Combine

D4. Prestige. Click on Prestige Combine

D5. Trust. Click on Trust Combine

D6. Mystique. Click on Mystique Combine

D7. Alert. Click on Alert Combine

D1A. Innovation Example - Play-Doh

Play-Doh is soot cleaner rendered redundant when coal heating was superceded

How you operate: You change the game

Who you are: Creative, Visionary, Entreprenurial

How you fascinate: Invent solutions that tweak tradition

D2A. Passion Example - 7-Eleven Slurpee

Slurpee - has an an irrestitable message that makes you crave

How you operate: You create connections

Who you are: Expressive, Intuitive, Engaging

How you fascinate: Apply your natural oprimism and energy to instantly build relationships

D3A. Power Example - Tesla

Tesla requires you to go to HQ to sign an NDA

How you operate: In command of the environment

Who you are: Confident, Goal-oriented, Decisive

How you fascinate: Become the opinion of authority

D4A. Prestige Example - Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose decided to have 2x the price before the recipe was invented

How you operate: Immediately earn respect for your results

Who you are: Ambitious, Results-Oriented, Respected

How you fascinate: Use admiration to raise the value of yourself and your company

D5A. Trust Example - Twinings

Twinings have had the same logo since 1706

How you operate: Build loyalty with stability and dependability

Who you are: Stable, Dependable, Familiar

How you fascinate: Repeat and reinforce patterns

D6A. Mystique Example - David Copperfield

Copperfield's float across stage trick is disclosed in US Patent 5354238

How you operate: Reserve communication for best and highest use

Who you are: Independent, Logical, Observant

How you fascinate: Keep focus on results. No drama. Carefully select what you reveal

D7A. Alert Example - booking.com

booking.com - Only 2 rooms left; Latest booking one hour ago

How you operate: Incite immediate and urgent action

Who you are: Proactive, Organised, Detailed

How you fascinate: Focus on deadlines, structure, potential negative consequences

Area E - Leadership

F1. Leadership and Gen Z. Click on Generation Z

F2. Situational Leadership. Click on Situational Leadership

Area F - Websites Composed

Why not have your website composed by an experienced business person?

Peter Selleck composes sites from world class templates.

Why not leverage business experience and ensure your site makes your business take off? Have your site built by the businessman!

This site is one of the sites composed. See what we mean!!

What you get is more of Elevanto partnering with you. It's a joint venture. The experienced business expert does it all. We follow up. We analyse the traffic. We treat clients as if they are the only one.

Relevant content; Content in line with the businesses objectives; No waffle; Avoidance of potential negatives - e.g. Political views, alignment with a sport or team; Overuse of social media - what do you want from it?; Over complicating things just because a system is available - e.g. bank encrypted password systems when the only risk is someone might pay you.

What you don't get is shoddy workmanship motivated by invoicing being our sole objective. e.g. We receive the cheque and then bugger off. No!

Plus a quality template saves time and money to go with your brand identity.

"He blew the old hosting out of the water." says Joe O'Neill Prime Thoroughbreds

We have used Hosting Bay for approaching 20 years. So should you. They are excellent. Click here for Hosting Bay.

Area G - Which customers are worth it?

G1. How to get rid of customers using the Platinum / Titanium Rule. Click on Eliminate Customer Pests

G2. How to handle any customer using the Platinum / Titanium Rule. Click on Treat All Customers Guide