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"...the world of today has changed and to my thinking not for the better, efficiency, honesty and integrity no longer top of the ladder." - Frank Baines, Ethicist and supporter.
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Client:"Hi, I'm having problems understanding my booking history. On some, I receive 1000 for booking, 1000 for review, total 2000. Others 1000 for booking, 1000 for review, total 1000. Others 1000 for booking, 1000 for review, total 0. Help please!!"

Provider:"I’ve had a look in your account and can see that you’ve been using many of your points to make redemption bookings. When you do this the system will remove the points and it will look as though you’ve lost them, when actually you’ve used them for a redemption.

Sorry for the confusion. We have been in discussion with our tech team to update the system so that you can see when points have been used – so that they do not appear to have just disappeared. Hopefully we will see those changes this year."

Director of First Impressions, Elizabeth Hunter™: "The 'Can do' spirit seems to be replaced with 'Must talk'."

A simple winning strategy - Using the Platinum Rule
5 minutes effort - $220 refund

Situation: Client charged a call out fee in error.

Use our method: We do not know the recipient of the email so we have to use a method that we know give the best chance of success. It is incorporated in the following email that was sent, however, it is not shown set out in proper paragraphs due to space limitations.

The email: "Good Morning, Let me start by saying that I am very impressed with your service and your technician, Tom, whom I found both courteous and knowledgeable. Tom attended my home on March 23 (Inv. 12739) and again on March 31 (Inv. 12774). What I am about to outline now may cause you some angst and I apologise in advance if this turns out to be the case. The first visit detected a small refrigerant leak and R22 gas would be required to be added. Tom indicated that he did not have enough of this product with him as it had been used on a previous job that day. I understand that. However, I have been charged on the second invoice another callout fee. That's not really what it is as I did not request a second visit. The second visit is only because there was insufficient R22 gas available. That's not really the customer's problem. In fact, if I had been the first customer on March 23 then there would have been no need for a second visit. So I guess what needs to happen is that I respectfully ask what relief can be offered by {Name Withheld} given the second visit was not at the request of the customer for the reasons outlined above. Let me say that given the age of the units, you may well be asked to give a quotation for two new units in the future as the R22 gas becomes extinct and, if the leak reoccurs, it's game over. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day. Regards, {Name Withheld}

The result: A phone call within 20 minutes apologising and bank transfer organised. Engage Elevanto is the answer. We cannot guarantee the refund as it's not our decision. But we can guarantee the best chance of success if our methods are employed....

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