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D = Loud Mouth Larry 18.0%

Tactics: FIRE - READY - AIM.

Characteristics: Direct, Decisive, High Ego Strength, Problem Solver, Risk Taker, Self Starter, Bully.

I = Chatty Cathy 31.2%

Tactics: READY - AIM - FIRE.

Characteristics: Enthusiastic, Trusting, Optimistic, Persuasive, Talkative, Impulsive, Emotional.

S = Plane Jane 20.0%

Tactics: READY - AIM - FIRE.

Characteristics: Good Listener, Team Player, Possessive, Steady, Predictable, Understanding, Friendly.

C = Nervous Nellie 30.8%

Tactics: I'M NOT READY - AIM - FIRE.

Characteristics: Accurate, Analytical, Conscientious, Careful, Fact-finder, Precise, High Standards, Systematic.

Simply imposing on others
the way they want to be
imposed upon.

"PLEASE, v. To lay the foundation for a superstructure of imposition."
-- Ambrose Bierce, "The Devil's Dictionary".

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"Realize what you really want. It stops you from chasing butterflies and puts you to work digging gold".
- William Moulton Marston 1893-1947

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