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Decisionmaking Aptitude™

Director - ESTJ

Decisionmaking Style: Powerfully lead the way with decisions based on logic.
Risk: Stubbornly believes that they are always right.
Can improve by: Trusting new ways and ideas from others.
Image shown: Border Collie.

Developer - ENTJ

Decisionmaking Style: Unfeeling and cold and a dislike of thinks being in limbo.
Risk: Often make decisions too quickly.
Can improve by: Conferring with people whose insight you trust and those who might be affected by your choices.
Image shown: German Shepherd.

Results - ESTP

Decisionmaking Style: Decisions are made rationally with passion and energy and looking before you leap. Preference is to deal with challenges or mistakes as you go.
Risk: No contingency plans. Forget to consider others.
Can improve by: Considering how other people might feel about your decision.
Image shown: Jack Russell Terrier.

Inspirational - ENTP

Decisionmaking Style: Decisions are based on "thinking outside the box” with a unique perspective for solutions.
Risk: Coming up with potential solutions more than settling on an actual decision.
Can improve by: Getting others to share their thoughts even if differing with you.
Image shown: Bull Terrier.

Persuader - ENFJ

Decisionmaking Style: Based on natural charisma; the ability to admit not having all the answers. Consider input and opinions of others.
Risk: Trying to please everyone 100% of the time.
Can improve by: Use logic; to step out of the emotions of everyone and consider all the input from a intellectual perspective.
Image shown: Boxer.

Appraiser - ESFJ

Decisionmaking Style: Based on avoiding conflict - smoothing ruffled feathers. Strong moral compass. Expect others think the same on everything.
Risk: Needing to make a decision about something new.
Can improve by: See data on results by consulting someone else who has been faced with a similar decision.
Image shown: Great Dane.

Promoter - ENFP

Decisionmaking Style: Decisions are based on imagination, curiosity, enthusiasm, charm and compassion.
Risk: Impulsive nature can lead you to make snap decisions without considering all the facts.
Can improve by: Take a big breath before you jump into the next step; be patient.
Image shown: Golden Retriever.

Counselor - ESFP

Decisionmaking Style: Decisions are based on sensitivity and feeling.
Risk: Worrying about other’s immediate unhappiness.
Can improve by: Keep your needs in mind as well as the future.
Image shown: Poodle.

Specialist - ISFP

Decisionmaking Style: Decisions are accompanied with big risks.
Risk: Total dislike of conflict.
Can improve by: Ruffling a few feathers. Show compassion to the people who are having trouble with your decision but realise it’s your life and ultimately your choice.
Image shown: Saint Bernard.

Investigator - INFJ

Decisionmaking Style: Decisions are made with warmth, sensitivity, morality, idealism with strong opinions and fighting for what you believe in.
Risk: You assume what others are feeling and others can become frustrated because you do not share what you are thinking.
Can improve by: More collaboration. Tact.
Image shown: Greyhound.

Agent - INFP

Decisionmaking Style: Decisions are based on idealism seeking a perfect solution to problems.
Risk: Trying to understand the motivation behind the choices of others can lead to you feeling isolated and not making decisions.
Can improve by: Being true to yourself, having faith in yourself.
Image shown: Tibetan Terrier.

Achiever - ISTP

Decisionmaking Style: Decisions are based on speed, unpredictability and shortcuts.
Risk: Ability to live with uncertainty; often dismisses what the longer term future holds if involves a new direction.
Can improve by: Taking a little longer to think things through.
Image shown: Bassett Hound.

Practitioner - ISFJ

Decisionmaking Style: Decisions are based on stability.
Risk: Hate change even when it is necessary.
Can improve by: Exit comfort zone. Realise that for every major change you make, there will be at least three things that will remain the same.
Image shown: Alaskan Malamute.

Objective Thinker - ISTJ

Decisionmaking Style: Decisions are based on integrity, patience and accuracy preferring to know exactly the pros and cons of each decision.
Risk: Only choose a path where you can see all the possible outcomes.
Can improve by: Taking a little longer to think things through.
Image shown: Bernese Mountain Dog.

Perfectionist - INTP

Decisionmaking Style: Decisions are based on examining every conceivable possibility running the risk of being stuck permanently in this phase in lieu of actually making a decision.
Risk: Once a decision has been made, you begin doubting it almost immediately.
Can improve by: Taking a little longer to think things through.
Image shown: Papillon.

Enhancer - INTJ

Decisionmaking Style: Decisions are based upon personal knowledge.
Risk: Forgetting that others hold deep wisdom.
Can improve by: Keeping family and close friends in mind when you make decisions.
Image shown: Afghan Hound.

Decisiveness is a characteristic of high-performing men and women.
Almost any decision is better than no decision at all.

-- Brian Tracy, 1944-, US Author --

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