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What countree™ are you?

Director - ESTJ

Countree™ China.
Why? World superpower - sheer force of influence. Trades with neighbours unless conflict. Massive military. Law is well-developed, systems, roads and infrastructure sturdy and efficient.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being hardworking and diligent but somewhat stuck in their ways.
Negative: Less cultural or creative output in comparison to the others.

Developer - ENTJ

Countree™ Russia.
Why? Intimidating from the outside but well-organized and governed from within.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being to-the-point, competent and patriotic.
Negative: Abrasive during world conferences but otherwise an expert negotiator.

Results - ESTP

Countree™ Australia.
Why? Well-known for its tourism. Sport plays a large role in entertainment and the party culture is alive and kicking.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being easygoing, enthusiastic and energetic but more than a little reckless.
Negative: Disorderly government but the infrastructure manages to hold itself together.

Inspirational - ENTP

Countree™ Israel.
Why? Medium-sized country, part lax, part hard working bordered by one or two other nations with which they regularly trade.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being opinionated, resilient, strong-willed, conflict-prone and argumentative.
Negative: Has a number of allies but only really trusts a few.

Persuader - ENFJ

Countree™ India.
Why? When something goes wrong within the nation, all sixteen countries feel the seismic shift of something terrible about to happen.
Fit with pattern: Citizens mostly live in harmony with one another and are generally positive people.
Negative: Welcoming to outsiders but inhabitants tend to meddle with each other within.

Appraiser - ESFJ

Countree™ USA.
Why? Massive sphere of influence and plenty of trading partners. Often offers humanitarian aid abroad. Trendsetter for popular culture.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being heads down, outgoing and friendly but also obnoxiously loud.
Negative: Sends disproportionate time interfering in the affairs of other countries.

Promoter - ENFP

Countree™ Italy.
Why? High output of fun, art and culture but is also a beautiful country in debt that generates a fair amount of its wealth from tourism.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being lively and talkative but volatile and temperamental.
Negative: Wields a decent amount of power but its government is more than a little impractical and disorganised.

Counselor - ESFP

Countree™ Mexico.
Why? A fantastic tourist and entertainment country with lots of festivals and holidays and doubtful economy.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being optimistic and energetic but somewhat on the lazy side.
Negative: Systems tend to be inefficient or inconsistent.

Specialist - ISFP

Countree™ Iceland.
Why? Gorgeous country with breathtaking geographical landmarks and is made up of small businesses and industries.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being humble, quiet, calm and creative but a little sheltered.
Negative: Accepts few imports, develops their own goods or services locally.

Investigator - INFJ

Countree™ Norway.
Why? Lesser known, safe and peaceful, natural beauty, welcoming to tourists. Channels the majority of its energy into an off-the-charts human rights record.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being quiet and observant but private and hard to get to know.
Negative: High quality of life that is expensive to maintain. Few allies, but good reputation.

Agent - INFP

Countree™ Finland.
Why? Lots of nature, a high degree of cultural and creative output, including art, literature and music. Loved by visitors.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being protective, sincere and individualistic but also a little moody and self-deprecating.
Negative: None. Peaceful, tolerant, low crime rate.

Achiever - ISTP

Countree™ South Korea.
Why? Highly cosmopolitan modern infrastructure and dwellings. High industry, technology some traditions. Hands-on education style.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being savvy and quick-thinking, but a little gruff and impatient.
Negative: None. Hip, scrappy attitude as influencer of pop culture. Has bad near neighbour.

Practitioner - ISFJ

Countree™ Canada.
Why? Welcomes tourists. Has a great quality of life, of resources, friendly and accepting. Large agricultural output. Offers vast amounts of humanitarian aid and keeping world peace.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being exceedingly kind and polite, but unassertive and somewhat pushovers.
Negative: None. Harmonious.

Objective Thinker - ISTJ

Countree™ Germany.
Why? Extremely efficient, clean, predictable and organised.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being hardworking, practical and dutiful but overly serious and sometimes humourless.
Negative: Only a few close neighbours.

Perfectionist - INTP

Countree™ Switzerland.
Why? Significant contributions to science and technological advancement as well as education.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being independent and objective but standoffish and hesitant to open up.
Negative: In conflict, undecided, neutral with tiny military.

Enhancer - INTJ

Countree™ United Kingdom.
Why? Modern and technologically advanced. Trading partners keep the economy thriving. Could be very self-sufficient if need be.
Fit with pattern: Citizens are known for being stoic, perseverant, logical, pessimistic and cynical.
Negative: Bad weather.

Elevanto appears
to have started its own world.

-- Emeritus Professor Ridley Kive™, 1944-, Ghost Writer --

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