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    All we need to do is to assess your people and match the Disc pattern with the criteria that Walgreens used in selecting "Cork" Walgreen. Bear in mind potential. There are two categories: Without potential - want fame, fortune, power, etc… and With potential - Are capable with abilities that need aid in developing

    1. Level 5 leader. Personal Humility: Modest, never boastful; Quietly determined; Relies on standards not charisma; Sets up successors for greatness; Looks out the window to apportion credit for the success of the company. Personal Will: Superb results; Unwavering resolve; Won’t settle for less than greatness; Looks in the mirror to apportion responsibility for poor results.

    2. Emphasize the development and empowerment of a highly talented group of top executives and using the group to then set company direction.

    3. Confront the brutal facts of core competence and market environment.

    4. Focus on markets where the firm can be the best in the world and for which the company has a passion and developing the strategy around the one financial variable that has the greatest impact on long run profitability - this is Item III - the Venn Diagram or Hedgehog concept.

    5. Instil a culture of discipline.

    6. Proactive deploying technology as an accelerator.

    We're not about to tell you which Disc pattern this is. But you'll pay us multi thousands of dollars to do so for your company based on the company's results. We'll partner you for mutual benefit. Item V of the Next Level Thinking test was missed on 1424 out of 1435 US companies which is staggering.

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    Some really useful examples and some situations to avoid.

    The chainsaw.

    In May 2009, Conde Nast named Dunlap the 6th worst CEO of all time.

    Results profile in pdf

    Marius was CEO of BHP Billiton.

    He is Disc Perfectionist. Perfectionist profile in pdf

    Folklore has it that he used to wander around the office making sure all desks were cleared and any photograps that you might have on display were of the approved size.

    So much has been hived off after thus guy left - South 32. So he was not a leader with humility and fierce resolve but a very wealthy guy who never initiated anything per the Hedgehog concept so they got into all sorts of deals that have now been unwound.

    As CEO of GE, Jack led one of the 1424 companies that never made it from good to great with Results behaviour.

    Results profile

    This leader presided over a disaster. Specialist profile in pdf

    Humility and fierce resolve was not evident. No collaboration for common benefit. Tried to be the 'tough guy' and appeared to be held in contempt by the players. Should have stuck to teaching at a school.

    Mark Neeld will go down in AFL history as one of the most abjectly hopeless coaches of all time but it was associated with the incompetence of others. Including those who selected him.

    No professional athlete wants to be treated as a child. It is axiomatic that schoolteachers should teach at schools and not be leaders nor be automatically qualified to coach a football team.

    Specialist profile in pdf

    Given the lack of talent in the playing group, Mark was doomed to fail on Disc alone.

    Never should have been on the bus and the good thing is that the wrong person was pushed off the bus while it was moving (=break the contract). Good luck to Essendon but their ex chemist coach is Developer and will look on Mark as a subordinate which High S profiles always are and are no threat.

    This famous school is preoccupied with making everyone a leader. Not everyone wants to be a leader nor do that have the behaviour pattern to support such a plan. But they may well be a key person on your bus in the correct seat.

    No one is a leader all of the time. Winston Churchill was one but he's a follower if the person at the next seat at the table asks him to pass the salt. That is Situational Leadership.

    It will never work if everyone is a leader. It is just not possible to lead if there are no followers!

    Australian runner Ron Clarke, AO, 1937-2015, broke 19 world distance records yet never won Olympic Gold.

    What was his behaviour pattern with a philosophy like this?

    "If to succeed [in sport and business] you need to resort to dishonesty or trickery, then all satisfaction and challenge is lost. You're in it for the wrong reason."

    Contrast that with James Hird over at Essendon.