Load the Bus
So simple - most get it wrong
  • Load the bus
  • Load the Bus like this:

    The philosophy of Jim Collins is a four stepper:

    1. Get the right people on the bus;

    2. Get the right people in the right seats on the bus;

    3. Get the wrong people off the bus;

    4. Put who before what.

    We really believe that linking disc and this is so simple but failure in Australia is almost legislated, mandatory and unavoidable - this item IV of the Next Level Thinking test. But, fear not, we can get you to pass the test!

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    Some really useful examples and situations to avoid.

    Our Resultant picked Ted Baillieu to fail as Victorian Premier on the day he was elected.

    And fail he did by doing absolutely nothing - maintaining the status quo.

    TED WAS IN THE WRONG SEAT ON THE BUS. Put him as Planning Minister - town planning applications.

    We assessed Ted as a Specialist; Never ever put a specialist as a leader... ever.

    Read this and you'll laugh if you are a Victorian. Specialist profile in pdf

    John Howard was a hopeless Treasurer and a very good leader as Prime Minister.

    He is Disc Inspirational. Inspirational profile in pdf

    So he he was moved into the correct seat on the bus.

    He never attacked - he used the pit bulls for that - Peter Costello and Peter Reith who both have the Developer Pattern. Developer profile in pdf

    The Prime Minister has these in the correct seats. Every time someone needed to be attacked - the Opposition, Indonesia, the ATO, the Greens, the backbenchers, the Unions etc, he never did so.

    See how elevanto.com.au makes seemingly diverse concepts sing!

    Australia are in a delusional situation - we have a bus but the leader is in the wrong seat - the PM's driver's seat.

    Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott are all Developers.

    Wrong seats on the bus. They should be on the bus, no question.

    Developer profile in pdf

    Mark Neeld will go down in AFL history as one of the most abjectly hopeless coaches of all time but it was associated with the incompetence of others.

    Folklore has it that he was not even properly interviewed. That is shameful, if true!

    He is a schoolteacher for starters. No professional athlete wants to be treated as a child. It is axiomatic that schoolteachers should teach at schools and not coach a football team.

    If only Melbourne had asked elevanto.com.au!

    Specialist profile in pdf

    Given the lack of talent in the playing group, Mark was doomed to fail on Disc alone.

    Never should have been on the bus and the good thing is that the wrong person (Mark) was pushed off the bus while it was moving (=break the contract).