Impose Correctly
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  • Impose Correctly
  • How is this achieved?

    Before you can do anything you must have the other person's Disc profile known or the best estimate.

    This is the whole point: give a better chance of getting what you want - a business proposal approved, flirting, a parking fine, a court case, a salary increase, the explanation of an idea or proposal... anything.

    Many clients think that this is too much trouble and we let them go - generally this is predictable as we have their behaviour pattern right in front of us!

    Basically, it's part art and part science. We have a series of questions that we either ask or assess by observation. Sometimes these work; sometimes not. We look at other factors. We read the play. Whatever it takes.

    That's a huge difference imposing on someone what they want willingly and not what you want.

    Our methodology takes Dr. William Marston's four quadrants of behaviour patterns (and the 4 specific types within each)

    These help to understand a person's behavioural characteristics.

    These are shown on this site and the concept is widely discussed in the public domain.

    Our unique methodology trains you to pick others behaviour patterns without having to even speak to them.

    We then apply the technique - obviously we do not publish it here as that would be a tad revenue neutral and therefore unacceptable to Mrs.

    There are many Disc suppliers who can supply your profile. We reckon we are the leaders in going without reports and doing other people's profiles.

    Ask Bill Clinton to do a questionnaire. Your mother-in-law. Your boss. See what we mean!!

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    Case Studies - some will make you laugh. Or cry if you failed using your preferred method and not ours.

    The email and reply, below, demonstrates how to treat someone the way they want to be treated. A client has used the methodology to assess that the person receiving the email as being a Promoter. How? Engage us.

    By recognising their discomfort with conflict or loss of approval, the issue is based on facts without criticism of them as a person. 'Who' questions were not required in this case. The text is designed to limit any attempts to minimise the problem or sidetrack the discussion and to keep on the subject as they are very likely to wander off it. It contains light hearted banter about the damage to the package.

    The email concludes with a clear statement of what is going to happen, not telling them what to do, and when and affirms the relationship with them by wishing them a 'happy day'.

    Result: By treating the recipient how they wanted to be treated, the request was agreed to without question and in a very timely fashion.

    Successful email and the reply. This actually happened. Names have been altered. Read this first

    A format that would be more likely to fail or have delay. Accordingly, this was not sent by the client. Read this second

    The letter that was sent using's proven method.

    It is to seek reimbursement for costs of a plumber when the sewer was actually blocked in the street.

    $396 reimbursed. Better than investing your money in a fixed interest deposit; even after our fee for a one pager.

    No acknowledgement, which is disgraceful business practice, but the credit applied to the account.

    Easy win here. How was it done? Why were we so confident? Engage us.

    Here is the letter to Yarra Valley Water. Real names; it's our CEO. This actually happened. Names have been altered. Read this letter!