Conscientiousness - The Owl
The 4 behaviours in this quadrant explained here plus more
  • High C
  • Description - High C Reserved - Task Oriented

    General Characteristics: Thinker; Analyser; Accurate; Analytical. Conscientious; Careful. Fact-finder; Precise. High standards; Systematic. Introvert / Task oriented. Works within rules and procedures to achieve success.

    General Characteristics in conflict: Tends to suppress; Less assertive; Keeps thoughts to self; More controlled; Withdraws from other people and/or undesirable situations; Plans next move.

    Ingrained Trait: Engineering; The application of theory.

    Strengths: Thorough, Follows standards; Accurate; Conscientious; Diplomatic; Accurate, Fair (because of following the rules).

    Limitations (as seen by others): Overly concerned with perfection; Aloof; Delays decisions; Wants more data; Fussy about minor issues.

    Under Stress (as seen by others): Can be avoidant, disagreeable and maybe hostile. May get their backs up and become very resistant.

    Example: Colin Powell, Warren Buffett, Jackie Kennedy.

    Approximate percentage of population: 31%

    Are any of these four behaviours you? If not, try another quadrant.

    Any categorization of persons, whether living or dead, is a matter of expert opinion and not the result of actual testing. We do not use third party testing; ever. This is part of the Oxor Method™.

    Remember, generally we do not know our own and one is not any better than another.

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    Based on my experience, the most effective way to proceed would be… Practitioner profile in pdf

    Approx. Population - 13%. MBTI - ISFJ. Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, Judging.

    Just the facts please Objective Thinker profile in pdf

    Approx. Population - 13%. MBTI - ISTJ. Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging.

    Let’s take time to do it right the first time! Perfectionist profile in pdf

    Approx. Population - 3%. MBTI - INTP. Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving.

    Tell me your ideas and I'll tell you mine. Enhancer profile in pdf

    Formerly Creative - C; profile in pdf

    Yes, this also pattern 1 when Extrovert. Approx. Population - 2%. MBTI - INTJ. Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging.

    13 - Practitioner - A proficient leader. Examples: JACOB. Henry Kissinger. Queen Elizabeth II.

    14 - Objective Thinker - An analytical / thinking leader. Examples: LUKE. Condoleeza Rice, George Washington.

    15 - Perfectionist - A competent leader. Examples: MOSES. Albert Einstein. Isaac Newton.

    16 - Enhancer - A progressive leader. Example: ELIJAH. Peter Selleck - your Resultant! Colin Powell. Elon Musk, Vladimir Putin.

    13 - Practitioner - Self-discipline for growth.

    14 - Objective Thinker - Correctness and critical thinking.

    15 - Perfectionist - Stability and competence.

    16 - Enhancer - Unique accomplishments through change.

    13 - Practitioner - Will stay on track.

    14 - Objective Thinker - Will tend to become cautious and avoid the conflict.

    15 - Perfectionist - Will be persistent about details.

    16 - Enhancer - Will engage if for progress.

    13 - Practitioner - Reaction to social pressures (Assigned sin by this site) - Anger, impatience, touchiness, or of having a sensitive nature. Often resentment and retaliation when disapproved or contradicted. This area of sin may generate jealousy, sour grapes, envy and the accompanying bitterness, hatred, carrying of grudges, revenge tactics and so forth.

    14 - Objective Thinker - Gluttony (Sin Rank 6/7) - Over indulgences of anything to the extreme, usually food or drink. Alcoholism, drug abuse. "The most delicious meats may be eaten without sin, if the motive be good and worthy of a rational creature; and, in taking the coarsest food through attachment to pleasure, there may be a fault." Pope Innocent XI.

    15 - Perfectionist - Envy (Sin Rank 2/7) - Spite and resentment at seeing the success of another. Emotion which occurs when a person lacks another's superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it. The need to have better or be better than others. In extreme cases, may turn to voyeurism to feed the need to see what others have that the envious person wants.

    16 - Enhancer - Greed (Sin Rank 5/7) - A need for material possessions or wealth. If this need is unfed, a greedy person may resort to hoarding their goods, theft, robbery or obtaining material possessions by means of trickery, violence, deception, or manipulation. Greedy people may be easy to bribe, may take any bet or may do anything for a dollar. "Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind." Gordon Gekko.

    13 - Practitioner - Expert.

    14 - Objective Thinker - Sleepy.

    15 - Perfectionist - Nit picker.

    16 - Enhancer - Shy.

    13 - Practitioner - Be aware that when under pressure you may become overly sensitive to criticism.

    14 - Objective Thinker - Be aware that you may be extremely cautious about decision making so as to avoid acting without a firm precedent.

    15 - Perfectionist - Be aware that you might become rather stubborn once you have made up your mind on a decision or procedure.

    16 - Enhancer - Be aware of your overuse of bluntness, critical comments and attitude of aloofness.

    Style - Tend to Capitulate - eventually.

    Result - Tend to be they lose and the other side wins.

    Outcome - Very costly.

    Style - High C's conduct performance evaluations in very much a "matter of fact" style.

    Result - Reviews are well-documented, detailed and critical. They will be objective.

    Outcome - Appraisee is likely to have the whole story but not sure anything that requires remediation will change.

    Style - High C's need to understand everything about everything. Will believe failure to read directions is the root cause of most problems.

    Result - The specific issue will be fixed and any apology will have conditions and contingincies.

    Outcome - Customer is likely to accept that the company has the whole story but not sure anything will really change.

    13 - Practitioner - Alert - Maintain order by keeping things on schedule and on budget. With Power as Secondary, The Coordinator - Constructive, Organised, Practical.

    14 - Objective Thinker - Mystique - Maintain a professional distance at all times. With Alert as Secondary, The Archer - On-Target, Reasoned, Pragmatic.

    15 - Perfectionist - Trust - Build relationships through dependability. With Mystique as Secondary, The Control Freak - Compulsive, Driven, Exacting.

    16 - Enhancer - Prestige - Define newer standards. With Prestige as Secondary, The Diplomat - Levelheaded, Subtle, Capable.

    CD - C with D - Pace. Indirect, Slower-Paced v. Direct, Fast-Paced.

    CI - C with I - Pace & Priority. Indirect, Slower-Paced, Guarded, Task-Oriented v. Direct, Fast-Paced, Open, People-Oriented.

    CS - C with S - Priority. Guarded, Task-Oriented v. Open, People-Oriented.

    CC - C with C - Possible Threat.

    13 - Practitioner - Mr. Knowall. Weaver Bird. Cup of Tea. Papillon.

    14 - Objective Thinker - Mr. Genuine. Woodpecker. Malt Whiskey. Bernese Mountain Dog.

    15 - Perfectionist - Mr. Bogged-Detail. Crow. Martini. Alaskan Malamute.

    16 - Enhancer - Mr. Reliable. Owl. Irish Coffee. Afgan Hound.

    13 - Practitioner - A know-it-all.

    14 - Objective Thinker - Engages in Analysis Paralysis.

    15 - Perfectionist - Very difficult when in the role of customer.

    16 - Enhancer - Sulks.

    13 - Practitioner - Cookery course for two.

    14 - Objective Thinker - Well planned city break.

    15 - Perfectionist - Solo fly fishing.

    16 - Enhancer - A reading weekend.

    More information is available on other sites. This is a summary.

    13 - Practitioner - With Counselor and Results.

    14 - Objective Thinker - With Results and Counselor.

    15 - Perfectionist - With Developer and Persuader.

    16 - Enhancer - With Inspirational and Promoter. (Elevanto questions this; from personal experience, an Enhancer cannot stand bullies and those who are unreliable. This is always a discussion point.)

    13 - Practitioner - Making others happy. Providing practical services for others; Helping people with information; Planning social events; Being patient with others; Caretaking; Getting answers for people now; Finding resources for people; Following written procedured; Making others feel comfortable and at ease; Serving; Focusing on what people need.

    14 - Objective Thinker - Getting things right. Analysing information in a detached and subjective way; Collecting and keeping track of data; Managing projects; Doing budgets and overseeing them; Instructing; Finding more efficient ways of doing things; Controlling information; Applying principles consistently; Doing cost-benefit analyses; Improving; Focusing on what needs to be done now.

    15 - Perfectionist - Designing Systems. Developing systems that contribute to the understanding of knowkedge; Developing systems and models; Applying theoretical principles; Teaching; Solving theoretical problems with set guidelines; Mastering knowledge; Starting from scratch to make things better; Understanding; Focusing on theoretical systems.

    16 - Enhancer - Designing Systems. Developing systems that contribute to the understanding of knowledge; Developing systems and models; Applying theoretical principles; Teaching; Solving theoretical problems with set guidelines; Mastering knowledge; Starting from scratch to make things better; Understanding; Focusing on theoretical systems.

    13 - Practitioner - Supportive. The friend who always cooks for you and is willing to relax with some Netflix. They are very supportive and warm, and you sometimes wonder if they just pretend to like all the same things as you.

    14 - Objective Thinker - Trustworthy. The always dependable and extremely organized friend. Sometimes, they don’t mind making the plans and are willing to organize any event with ease. On other occasions are more than happy to go along with others plans as long as they are well thought out. You somehow feel you can trust this friend with anything.

    15 - Perfectionist - Hesitant. The friend that never initiates hanging out, and doesn’t really like to make plans. When you finally get to hang out, they always have some new and interesting topic to discuss. Even though they aren’t your most openly affectionate friend, you always somehow know they will be there for you when you truly need them.

    16 - Enhancer - Up front. The friend who is a bit snobbish about their unbelievably intellectual mind. They also have a way of giving you solid advice that opens your mind to things you weren’t previously aware of. If you need someone to tell it like it is, they are the perfect friend to go to.

    13 - Practitioner - Myers Briggs MBTI - ISFJ. Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, Judging. KIERSEY - Guardian - Protector. Artisan (=Craftsman) - Crafter. iPERSONIC - Good-natured Realist. Career: Medicine, education, social service, electrician or photographer. Key hate: Harm to family members. Examples: Henry Kissinger; Queen Elizabeth II; Snoop Dogg.

    14 - Objective Thinker - Myers Briggs MBTI - ISTJ. Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging. KIERSEY - Guardian - Inspector. iPERSONIC - Reliable Realist. Career: Accountant, insurance underwriter, office manager, bank examiner, detective, IRS agent, teaching, medicine, and legal and technical occupations. Key hate: Crowds. Examples: Bill Gates; Isaac Newton; Angela Merkel.

    15 - Perfectionist - Myers Briggs MBTI - INTP. Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving. KIERSEY - Rational - Architect. iPERSONIC - Analytical Thinker. Career: Optometrist, plastic surgeon, neurologist, scientist, lawyer, architect, financial analyst, higher academic levels - archeology, chemistry, philosophy or mathematics, musician, inventor, or photographer. Restorer of antiques or old cars. Key hate: Rejection. Examples: Albert Einstein; Stephen Hawking; Isaac Newton.

    16 - Enhancer - Myers Briggs MBTI - INTJ. Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging. KIERSEY - Rational - Mastermind. iPERSONIC - Independent Thinker. Career: Scientific researcher, design engineer, environmental planner, genetics, medicine, college and university level educator, lawyer, business analyst, strategic planner, an artist, inventor, or designer. Any position that requires intensity. Key hate: Insanity. Examples: Warren Buffett; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Vladimir Putin.

    13 - Practitioner - Artificially Frugal. Lives somewhat frugally despite earning a decent income, leaves everything in their will to animal welfare.

    14 - Objective Thinker - Careful. Sets a strict budget, accounting for every dollar spent, down to the fractions of a cent. Occasionally splurges on something and then feels guilty for ages.

    15 - Perfectionist - Subscriber. Basically everything goes toward tuition and self education. Likely to have subscriptions to science and academic magazines.

    16 - Enhancer - Effective. Optimizes spending and saving for maximum utility. Earns the exact amount statistically correlated with happiness, using an Excel Spreadsheet, leaving enough spare time to work on side projects.

    13 - Practitioner - Reserved. Do not require much from their financial purchases to be satisfied with life but do like to spend on a few social displays of wealth such as eating out at restaurants with friends, clothing etc. More reserved with money than the Objective Thinker. Thinks of the future, buys the same brands in same stores. Might not take low risk investments or good value holidays. May have bad decisions in a panic. Wants to have an emergency fund of six months salary.

    14 - Objective Thinker - Nest-builder. Frugal and spend little on luxury goods compared to other types. Tend to spend large amounts on a few image items such as expensive cars, clothing or other items, but will be cheap for the most part everywhere else. Motivated to provide a “good life” for their loved ones. Sets a strict budget, accounting for every dollar spent, down to the fractions of a cent. Occasionally splurges on something and then feels guilty for ages.

    15 - Perfectionist - Subscriber. Life is an endless amount of possible experiences to have which they wish to experience some day. Frugal in general, their spending will typically go towards funding new experiences, which can take on expensive tastes e.g. Grange Hermitage. Able to scale back their spending more than most if they have to, but if have large amounts of money, may find themselves spending more exuberantly than they should be. Basically everything goes toward tuition and self education. Likely to have subscriptions to science and academic magazines.

    16 - Enhancer - On self. Very future-oriented, often frugal and generally won’t spend above what they make. However, they will spend high amounts on items they feel are important to them after extensive analysis, more than other types would even consider. Can be very susceptible to randomly high spending because of stress if they are not careful. Optimizes spending and saving for maximum utility. Earns the exact amount statistically correlated with happiness, using an Excel Spreadsheet, leaving enough spare time to work on side projects.

    13 - Practitioner - Chiseler. Complains about the quality of a product or service purchased. Whether it's writing letters to companies, calling them, or simply complaining at restaurants likely to get free things by expressing displeasure at how they didn’t get what they expected. These people will tarnish your own reputation.

    14 - Objective Thinker - Safe. Pay what's due, when it's due. Simple. Won't splurge on themselves or you.

    15 - Perfectionist - Slacker. Acts like they need help though they really don’t need it - 'crying wolf'. They ask for money, though they actually aren’t doing anything to try on their own. Living off others is what they would rather do, instead of taking the difficult step of trying to be self-sufficient. This can be a challenge, so don't lend.

    16 - Enhancer - Safe. Pay what's due, when it's due. Simple. Won't splurge on themselves or you.

    13 - Practitioner - Forgiving Judgeology™. Try not to be judgmental and can often be very forgiving towards others. Exception - people harming others. Aware of how their actions affect others become disappointed in people who do not possess this same ability. When they see people hurting others constantly and refusing to be considerate, will immediately dislike those people. They want everyone to get along and truly despise discord. When people disturb this peace (e.g. not following their political ideology), will become frustrated.

    14 - Objective Thinker - Black & White Judgeology™. Keep judgments to themselves. This might potentially build up into a negative opinion of others over time if it is not expressed. Hold themselves and others to very high standards. If they can find someone with whom to express the judgments that they feel that can help move past them. They often see how the people close to them could better their own lives and want to help them understand how to do so. Very strong sense of right and wrong that is often very black and white and this means that they can be seen as judgmental.

    15 - Perfectionist - Shallow Judgeology™. Openly critical but often without deep judgment about others. They will outwardly point out other people’s errors, but only become judgmental if their advice is ignored. They are more judgmental towards people who put on a fake face in front of others and do not show people their true colors. Good at reading people. Annoyed and judgmental at people who pretend to be something that they are not (e.g. better than others, obnoxious, self important) and at others who believe these lies. Oddly forgiving when people make mistakes and care how they affect others.

    16 - Enhancer - Incompetency Judgeology™. Just cannot tolerate incompetent and stupid people. Will always judge on intelligence. Cannot stand those who constantly make mistakes in their jobs especially if they can identify someone who is way better equipped for the duties at hand. Can easily see how things should be done with a natural ability to be the solution provider. Consequently, may (will) become frustrated with incompetent people and consider them lazy and inept. Will understand one off mistakes and that others will make them. Will be angry at repeated and stupid mistakes. Tend to keep many of the judgments to themselves and avoid openly offending others but might assassinate their character privately.

    This technique emanates from the service station industry where it was always necessary to understand the attitude of operators and staff towards 'sparkle and housekeeping'. Elevanto's techniques are all about observing so if you can see how someone approaches the issue of clutter, it's another tool to work out their pattern to reap the advantages of using these techniques. You'll need to look in the four quadrants at all sixteen clutter descriptions.

    13 - Practitioner - Anti Clutter. Everyone can go do what they want to do and leave you to clean your happy place. Who needs a therapist when you've got shoe bins to organize?

    14 - Objective Thinker - No Clutter.Your home or car may trend to look like chaos inc. but you know exactly where everything is. Items may be illogically grouped. As you do not like clutter, if it all becomes too much, you order everyone out of the house. You cancel your plans for the day because that’s how long it will take you to clean everything the right way as determined by you. Your office, on the other hand, looks picture perfect.

    15 - Perfectionist - Pondering Clutter. The bin is full again, already. As you tie up the garbage bag to take it down the hallway, you think, “There has to be a better system”. You consider the volume and sources of trash generated daily, how much space it would save to compress empty containers, the pros and cons of recycling and whether or not a smaller bin can would psychologically induce less trash-generating. You have now been standing for ten minutes blankly staring at the full bag, totally unaware of the steady stream of liquid trailing onto the floor.

    16 - Enhancer - Masked Clutter. Your house appears to be in a consistent state of cleanliness, with bench tops wiped and sink clear, but inside every drawer and wardrobe there is likely to be a jumble of objects. A cleanup therefore is likely to involve making sure all the doors are closed and the place will look immaculate.

    This is the sort of kitchen you may like and how you organise things in the kitchen. This is useful if you have the chance to observe how someone else handled the kitchen. Another very useful indicator to pick their pattern. You'll need to look in the four quadrants to explore all sixteen kitchens.

    13 - Practitioner - The Farmhouse Kitchen. You are compassionate, loyal and grounded. You want wood, warmth and wonderful people around you in the kitchen. A big wooden table is essential, as is an old-fashioned range and farmhouse sink. And of course, a fire in the hearth in colder climates.

    14 - Objective Thinker - The Restaurant Kitchen. You are responsible, neat, orderly and love systems and rules. You have no use for frivolous things in the kitchen. Everything should be totally functional and if it doesn't serve a purpose, out it goes! You prefer stainless steel bench tops, which are easy to clean, with everything within easy reach.

    15 - Perfectionist - The Contemporary Kitchen. You are philosophical, complex and non-traditional. Clean lines and cool tones. You're too busy trying to figure out the mysteries of the universe to be preoccupied by the kitchen.

    16 - Enhancer - The Rustic Industrial Kitchen. You are analytical, intellectual and a perfectionist. You like the weight and history of iron and reclaimed wood and prefer a kitchen with deep colors and antique details — a good place for brooding.

    How you go and they go in the bedroom may not be the starting point to pick someone's pattern. However, as with any model, the more information you have, the more likely you can reap the benefits of picking others behaviour patterns. You'll need to look in the four quadrants to explore all sixteen positions.

    13 - Practitioner - Pleaser Bedroomer. To you sex is the perfect opportunity to express your love for someone else. You see it as a chance to please your partner in every way possible and you will try your hardest to do so. You want them to fully understand that sex is important to you and that making them happy means everything. You are willing to experiment (although you have some boundaries) for your partner, if that is what will please them. You enjoy feeling a connection to your loved one and see sex as a prime opportunity for that.

    14 - Objective Thinker - Coordinated Bedroomer. Sex to you is a natural part of any good relationship and is vital in keeping things happy. You enjoy sex, just like anyone else, but you prefer when things are predictable and scheduled. You dislike too many surprises in the bedroom, and enjoy following what you know best. You are sure to please your partner and know how to perform well, as long as you can maintain some level of control. You like the idea of someone else being able to take charge and that may be in the form of a Promoter.

    15 - Perfectionist - Experimental Bedroomer. Although you are not the most emotionally expressive person, you feel much more satisfied when there is an emotional connection during sex. You’ve probably experienced casual sex (because you are never averse to exploring new things) and found that it was seriously lacking. You don’t necessarily open up easily and tend to only enjoy sex fully with someone you feel completely comfortable with. Once you do find someone you are relaxed with, sex is a great opportunity to get outside of your own head. You are very keen on experimentation and enjoy trying new things in the bedroom. You have the perfect combination of wanting to be satisfied but of also wanting your partner to be satisfied.

    16 - Enhancer - Taking Charge Bedroomer. When it comes to sex you see it as another opportunity to be excellent at something. Although you can be in your own head when it comes to your daily life, sex is entirely different. This is your opportunity to stop overthinking and be in the moment. You are sometimes aggressive and very capable of taking charge in the bedroom. You are capable of having a very high sex drive in the right circumstances but it all depends on the person and situation. You are focused on making sure both you and your partner are satisfied in the bedroom. You aren’t necessarily easy to please, but you are more than willing to take action to rectify that.

    One of our latest techniques is to match these bratty descriptions to the person you are studying. Then you have their Disc pattern. You'll need to look in the four quadrants at all sixteen bratty descriptions.

    13 - Practitioner - Unwarranted passive aggressiveness. While wanting to make others happy, often feel uncomfortable expressing their own needs. May hold onto grudges for ages while feeling bitter about their needs going unmet, despite the fact that they never divulged them. Need to get it that most are not mind readers and that passive aggressiveness is not warranted until concerns have actually been raised.

    14 - Objective Thinker - Assuming moral superiority. Very principled individuals who take their duties and commitments incredibly seriously and appreciate when others do as well and have issues when they do not. May decide that others are morally corrupt and fail to understand that their own system of morality differs from those of others and realise that they only have control over their own values, not others' values.

    15 - Perfectionist - Neglecting loved ones. Living in in 'own mind' may be seen as a lack of investment in a family relationship. May shut people out. Need to appreciate others who stand by them when there is trouble. Reclusiveness may be seen as a lack of investment in a relationship.

    16 - Enhancer - Assume they have nothing to learn from others. Very knowledgeable. May be self-absorbed and refuse to listen to what anyone has to say as they assume that they are the only competent individual around. This type needs to remember that there are different forms of intelligence and they don’t possess them all. There is always a lot to learn, even from those originally deemed incompetent.