Using your Behaviour Pattern
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  • Why not use the best methodology?

    We have 35 years of proven, practical expertise in 'hiring and firing'.

    Is your résumé in line with the behavioural interview coming up?

    Why not? You think it does not matter?

    Behavioural styles are the best indicator of preferences in communication. Why leave them out of a résumé?

    You have around five seconds for the recipient of a résumé to decide whether to grant you an interview or to put your résumé in the bin and then promulgate the standard 'no thanks' email.

    Being prepared is the first priority.

    Recruitment agencies know about 1980's research undertaken by Weisner and Cronshaw and Hunter and Hunter. So should you, because theirs, together with other studies, know that Structured Behavioural Interviews cause about a 70% prediction of job performance which is what the 'headhunter' is after.

    So it surely makes sense to have everything aligned. 'Singing out of the same hymn book'.

    At a crowded lift in the peak hour rush what would you do?

    A - Press the button to close the door?

    B - Say "Always room for one more" or "Come in, you're going to be late; we'll wait for you!"

    C - Wait in line, moving from one line to another, appearing unable to make a decision.

    D - If it's crowded, 'count' the number of people and, if the number is over the limit, suggest someone get out.

    This is the start of our process. Putting your behaviour pattern in the résumé, in a very subtle manner, differentiates it from others.

    Engage us today.

    Are you results driven (strategic planning and action towards identified aims - extroverted)?

    Do you like to influence (persuasion, affability - communication and people skills - extrovert)?

    Are you steady (like process - routine, dependability, reliability, credibility, trustworthy - introverted)?

    Or do you comply (with rules - proven principles, detail, accuracy - introverted)?

    What does your résumé really say about you? You need to know!!!!!

    How long should a résumé be? It's four pages that's the absolute maximum!

    Behavioural Résumé - The Value Equation

    $388 - payment generally up front! Banks don't do résumés and Elevanto does not lend money!

    Download Résumé Sample Here

    Download behaviour pattern form if asked!!

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    Some situations to avoid.

    We recommend a classy white paper; not wedding invitation stuff but definitely not the standard 80gsm copy paper that you snaffled out of the work copy machine when the boss was distracted.

    Do not fold it.

    While online submissions are common, candidates run the risk that their résumé is printed on some tacky recycled paper where the boss has said that internal documents must used paper that has been used before - i.e. printed on the other side. So this is how your résumé is presented. A fine paper copy will stand a better chance.

    Coloured paper is generally a no no. Maybe okay for a job at the advertising agency or equivalent.

    Avoid trivial or dated achievements. Achievements from primary school are something to be proud of but they really are not going to cut the mustard for an adult applying for a job.

    We are of the view that this applies to the most junior work experience applicants to that of a CEO.

    Never ever indicate that you are anyway keen on surfing. Surfing, rightly or wrongly, conjures up wild weekends, which translates into late for work on Monday to the conservative boss. A way around it is to indicate a commitment to beach safety as a qualified lifeguard who is trained in first aid and resussitation sort of angle.

    Avoid a myriad of eccentric fonts. Keep to the basics. San serif fonts for the headings and Serif for the text.

    In his book Cashvertising, Drew Eric Whitman cites a 1986 study of fonts (printed on paper) that found only 12 percent of participants effectively comprehended a paragraph set in sans-serif type versus 67 percent who were given a version set in serif typeface.Those who read the sans-serif version said they had a tough time reading the text and "continually had to backtrack to regain comprehension."

    An Elevanto resume includes how you tick (bahaviour pattern) in a very subtle way. We are not aware of any other company that provides such a service and with such an experienced composer.

    Never put your contact details on the front page; always on the last. Everyone has contact details and therefore these do not differentiate you and give you a better chance of being granted an interview.

    Never give out ammunition that can be hit back to you. We're talking here of views regarding causes or various hobby horse ideas that you may have.

    Never sex, politics or religion.

    Never any 'causes' - anti jumps racing, anti gambling, gay marriage, green energy and so on. This may be more difficult for Agent and Achiever patterns.