P. Rogen
Present Yourself and Never Fail
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    "The Rogen presentation methodology, delivered personally by Neil Flett in 1987, is the best course and best methodology I have ever been taught. I became the best presenter in my company." - Peter Selleck 1996, MPSI Systems Inc, Tulsa, OK USA.

    Off Broadway actor Peter Rogen started this all off in the 1960's by developing a method and logical structure. Add evidence and do analysis of your audience and tailor the presentation accordingly.

    Many presentations that all of us have sat through seem to rely on the presenter keeping on talking.

    But Peter's philosophy revolved around how you delivered your presentation and that is way more important than what you said.

    This methodology was enhanced by New Zealand born journalist and PR man Neil Flett who eventually bought out Peter Rogen in 1993.

    Be presentable!!

    Most executives think they do ok. That is not always the case. Most appear to be untrained.

    Many think that training is unnecessary. Elevanto disagrees!

    Contact us now for an assessment. Discuss your options today.

    "Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the Ark, professionals built the Titanic." Unknown

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