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  • Is your brand fascinating? What's its advantage?

    We discover your brand fascination. Ask yourself? Is this important?

    You probably know how you see the world. But do you know how the world sees YOU? How can you make the best possible first impression? How is your personal brand most likely to be seen by others… at your best?

    Sally Hogshead, the founder of How to Fascinate, sent us a gift code that allows us to invite 100 people to take the Fascination Advantage® assessment free of charge.

    Here’s how to take the assessment:

    1. Go to HowToFascinate and use our code: YOU-elevanto

    2. Take the assessment (28 questions - around 3 minutes).

    3. Get your fascinating results, and see what makes YOUR personal brand most captivating. Then we discuss the next steps. Adjectives, colour, logo and so on.

    “You and your brand are as good as the value you bring to the marketplace” Bernard Kelvin Clive, Brand Strategist

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    Sally Hogshead's 7 Advantages of Fascination - Examples

    Play-Doh is soot cleaner rendered redundant when coal heating was superceded

    How you operate: You change the game

    Who you are: Creative, Visionary, Entreprenurial

    How you fascinate: Invent solutions that tweak tradition

    Slurpee - has an an irrestitable message that makes you crave

    How you operate: You create connections

    Who you are: Expressive, Intuitive, Engaging

    How you fascinate: Apply your natural oprimism and energy to instantly build relationships

    Tesla requires you to go to HQ to sign an NDA

    How you operate: In command of the environment

    Who you are: Confident, Goal-oriented, Decisive

    How you fascinate: Become the opinion of authority

    Grey Goose decided to have 2x the price before the recipe was invented

    How you operate: Immediately earn respect for your results

    Who you are: Ambitious, Results-Oriented, Respected

    How you fascinate: Use admiration to raise the value of yourself and your company

    Twinings have had the same logo since 1706

    How you operate: Build loyalty with stability and dependability

    Who you are: Stable, Dependable, Familiar

    How you fascinate: Repeat and reinforce patterns

    Copperfield's float across stage trick is disclosed in US Patent 5354238

    How you operate: Reserve communication for best and highest use

    Who you are: Independent, Logical, Observant

    How you fascinate: Keep focus on results. No drama. Carefully select what you reveal

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    How you operate: Incite immediate and urgent action

    Who you are: Proactive, Organised, Detailed

    How you fascinate: Focus on deadlines, structure, potential negative consequences