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  • Website Composing
  • Have your website composed, not just coded...

    Why not have your website composed by an experienced business person?

    Peter Selleck composes sites from world class templates.

    Why not leverage business experience and ensure your site makes your business take off? Have your site built by the businessman!

    This site is one of the sites composed. See what we mean!!

    What you get is more of Elevanto partnering with you. It's a joint venture. The experienced business expert does it all. We follow up. We analyse the traffic. We treat clients as if they are the only one.

    Relevant content; Content in line with the businesses objectives; No waffle; Avoidance of potential negatives - e.g. Political views, alignment with a sport or team; Overuse of social media - what do you want from it?; Over complicating things just because a system is available - e.g. bank encrypted password systems when the only risk is someone might pay you.

    What you don't get is shoddy workmanship motivated by invoicing being our sole objective. e.g. We receive the cheque and then bugger off. No!

    Plus a quality template saves time and money to go with your brand identity.

    "He blew the old hosting out of the water." says Joe O'Neill Prime Thoroughbreds

    We have used Hosting Bay for over 15 years. So should you. They are excellent. Click here for Hosting Bay.

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