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    1. Expert knowledge of William Marston's Disc behaviour model. Just having that has limited use on its own but is an essential foundation.

    2. You cannot impose willingly on someone else unless you know, or can estimate reasonably accurately, the other person's Disc pattern. We have the technique to do that.

    3. You must be a hedgehog and not a fox. You must detail your passion; what you are best at and how you are going to correctly measure what you do. Jim Collins (From Good to Great fame) called this the hedgehog concept - we have it represented by a green Venn Diagram.

    4. Waste must be eliminated. Quality systems are all about measurement but we do not put in a quality system, per se. We identify waste and seek out the cause and suggest rectification strategies.

    5. The importance of loading your bus is critical. Disc expertise identify matches and clashes, too.

    6. Choose your leader. Just pick the person with the Disc behaviour that matches the 0.76% of leaders that took their companies from good to great.

    7. Our Resultant has the knowledge and know how. It is likely that a) you do not have a Resultant or b) your Consultant is unaware of how the proven concepts can be linked to go from good, to better to best.

    8. Just implementing some gets you on the pathway towards best!

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    Quick background

    William Marston theorized that the behavioural expression of emotions could be categorized into four primary types, stemming from the person's perceptions of self in relationship to his or her environment. These four types were labelled by Marston and are now known as Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S) and Conscientiousness(C).

    It is this site's view not to overcomplicate Disc and attempt to have it more accurate yet render it unworkable in a commercial environment.

    The DISC personality test, which we do not have individuals complete as part of our methodology, has been taken by more than 50 million people and published in books in 35 languages. Per the American Journal Of Business Education, with editing,: Studies have revealed that more than 81% of a participant’s colleagues see DISC Assessment as a very accurate picture of a person’s habitual behaviour patterns. Among those who are High D, accuracy is rated at 91%; High I 94%, High S 85% and High C 82%. This gives us an 88.49% perceived accuracy, with a standard deviation of 6.43%. In other words, the DISC Profile generated by this process is perceived as highly accurate, in most situations, by most participants.

    Jim Collins surveyed 1435 companies in the US and only 11 went from good to great.

    This site takes the hedgehog, the bus and the attributes of the 11 leaders.

    Why not just follow what was successful and is proven?

    Edwards Deming is the founder of the Quality Management System.

    "Inspection does not improve the quality, nor guarantee quality. Inspection is too late. The quality, good or bad, is already in the product."

    We take the concept of measurement to identify waste and then find the cause and then remove the cause.

    Marc Márquez is a modern day sporting hero in one of the most dangerous and demanding sports. We consider it important to have a hero; someone to whom you can look up to irrespective of whether you know them or not.

    Marc has leadership attributes that illustrate our concepts. Peter Selleck has not met Marc but is available to alter this situation. Marston and Deming would not have known him (after their time) while Collins' hobby is rock climbing and not motorcycle racing.

    His values are teamwork, responsibility and a can-do spirit. How good is that?

    Peter Selleck is our Resultant. Simply, he has what it takes to understand and implement these concepts. Contact him and interview him!