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The 4 behaviours in this quadrant explained here plus more
  • High D
  • Description - High D - Assertive - Task Oriented

    General Characteristics: Decision maker; Direct; Decisive; High ego strength; Problem solver; Self starter. Extrovert / Task oriented. Achieves success by taking decisive actions towards their goals.

    General Characteristics in conflict: Tends to vent; Overly assertive; Autocratic; Unbending; Over-controlling; Strong-willed; Attempts to impose thoughts and feelings on others.

    Ingrained Trait: Ambition; The desire to succeed.

    Strengths: Comfortable in a leadership role; problem solver; can make tough decisions; not afraid to confront issues; sees change as a challenge; stays focused on the mission.

    Limitations (as seen by others): Intimidating, Insensitive, Brusque, Impatient; Intolerant; Unapproachable.

    Under Stress (as seen by others): Lack empathy (it’s inefficient, in a D's mind) and can be hurtful.

    Examples: Margaret Thatcher, George Patton, FDR, Frank Sinatra, Hillary Clinton, Steve Jobs.

    Approximate percentage of population: 21%

    Are any of these four behaviours you? If not, try another quadrant.

    Any categorization of persons, whether living or dead, is a matter of expert opinion and not the result of actual testing. We do not use third party testing; ever. This is part of the Oxor Method™.

    Remember, generally we do not know our own and one is not any better than another.

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    I'll administer by example. Director profile in pdf

    Formerly Creative - D; profile in pdf

    Approx. Population - 11%. This is derived from the Creative Pattern. Think of Creative with Dominant bias. MBTI - ESTJ. Extrovert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging.

    Full steam ahead. Developer profile in pdf

    Approx. Population - 3%. MBTI - ENTJ. Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging.

    It's only the results that count. Results profile in pdf

    Approx. Population - 4%. MBTI - ESTP. Extrovert, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving.

    I'm always here to help you. Inspirational profile in pdf

    Approx. Population - 3%. MBTI - ENTP. Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving.

    1 - Director - An overbearing leader. Examples: JOSHUA. John D Rockefeller. Lyndon B. Johnson. Bill O'Reilly. Frank Sinatra.

    2 - Developer - An innovative leader. Examples: SOLOMON. John McEnroe. Gordon Ramsay. Steve Jobs. Julia Gillard. Kevin Rudd. Tony Abbott.

    3 - Results - A dominant leader. Examples: PAUL. Richard Nixon. Jesus. Rupert Murdoch. Nicolas Sarkozy.

    4 - Inspirational - A motivational leader. Examples: APOLLOS. "Devil's Advocates". Thomas Edison. Tiger Woods. Eddie McGuire. James Hird.

    1 - Director - Uphold the law.

    2 - Developer - Independent work focused on logic.

    3 - Results - Dominance and independence.

    4 - Inspirational- Creating the vision.

    1 - Director - Will enforce the agreed rules.

    2 - Developer - Will be better at one-on-one conflict.

    3 - Results - Will push for closure.

    4 - Inspirational - Will try to understand and influence.

    1 - Director - Sloth (Sin Rank 4/7) - Apathy and inactivity in the practice of virtue. Spiritual or emotional apathy; neglecting what God has spoken; being physically and emotionally inactive in the sense of sadness, depression or the inability to feel joy. Extreme depression leads to have thoughts or plans for suicide. May lead to wrath. If love is lost or lacking, sloth may be extreme.

    2 - Developer - Lust (Sin Rank 7/7) - Self-indulgent sexual desire. Emotion or feeling of intense desire in the body. An insatiable need, desire, thought or action for sex or things of a sexual nature including pornography. If unfulfilled, it can lead to masturbation, rape, and even bestiality. Lust also includes desire for knowledge and power.

    3 - Results - Wrath (Sin Rank 3/7) - Belligerence aroused by a real or supposed wrong. "Love of justice perverted to revenge and spite" - Dante. A need to do harm to others. Emotional response related to one's psychological interpretation of having been threatened. Indicates when one's basic boundaries are violated. Extreme anger, rage, hatred, or a need for vengeance or revenge. Often resort to taking the law in their own hands if they feel the justice system has failed them. To the extreme, may even turn to physical abuse of themselves or others, murder or even genocide.

    4 - Inspirational - Pride (Sin Rank 1/7) - Unreasonable and inordinate self-esteem. Inflated sense of one's personal status or accomplishments. Hubris (Loss of contact with reality; overestimation of one's own competence, accomplishments or capabilities, especially when in a position of power). Once considered a need to be the most beautiful, Pride can also mean a need for public acceptance in all acts and / or a need to be more important than others. Those who suffer with Pride issues, usually fail to give due complements to others, but instead fish for complements for themselves. They find ways to be better than those around them and usually have a "One Up" story. Pride is said to be the original and most deadly of the seven sins, leading straight to damnation! Derogatory explanations often assist our clients to remember things. Try "Archdeacon of Sneakiness" or "Auctioneer of fine goods about to be stolen."

    1 - Director - Networker.

    2 - Developer - Speedy Gonzales.

    3 - Results - Troublemaker.

    4 - Inspirational - Show off.

    1 - Director - Be aware of your overuse of stubbornness, strong convictions and being forthright.

    2 - Developer - Be aware of being a selective listener, hearing only what you want to hear.

    3 - Results - Be aware of being too impulsive at times as ego and optimism combine.

    4 - Inspirational - Be aware of overusing the philosophy "the end justifies the means”.

    Style - Tend to Convince.

    Result - Tend to be they win and the other side loses.

    Outcome - Somewhat short sighted.

    Style - D's prefer to evaluate others by how well they meet the standards and challenges set forth by the D.

    Result - I's , S's and C's are likely to get the feeling that the reception is cold and un-empathetic.

    Outcome - Appraisee is likely to be relieved it's all over while the D can get on with things.

    Style - High D's put relationship building as secondary to fixing the problem. Never put a High D across the counter from the customer who wants to vent.

    Result - Perfect when customer service means getting to the point, fixing the problem, and moving on to the next customer. For all other situations there will be problems.

    Outcome - Maybe two-thirds of the population hear an abrupt “tell me what you want me to do to the fix your problem” as cold and un-empathetic. High D's are really not suited to these roles.

    1 - Director Prestige - Define newer standards. With Power as Secondary, The Guardian - Prominant, Genuine, Sure-Footed.

    2 - Developer - Innovation - Encourage others to explore alternative ideas and new techniques. With Power as Secondary, The Maverick Leader - Pioneering, Irreverent, Entreprenurial, Big Picture.

    3 - Results - Power - Actively lead rather than sitting back. With Power as Secondary, The Aggressor - Dominant, Overbearing, Dogmatic.

    4 - Inspirational - Passion - Leverage high energy to fire up person or team to achieve a specific goal. With Power as Secondary, The People's Champion - Dynamic, Inclusive, Engaging.

    DD - D with D - Competition, Threat.

    DI - D with I - Priority. Guarded, Task-Oriented v. Open, People-Oriented.

    DS - D with S - Pace & Priority. Direct, Fast-Paced, Guarded v. Indirect, Slower-Paced, Open, People-Oriented.

    DC - D with C - Pace. Direct, Fast-Paced v. Indirect, Slower-Paced.

    1 - Director - Mr. Governor. Penguin. Real Ale. Border Collie.

    2 - Developer - Mr. Exploder. Eagle. Vintage wine. German Shepherd.

    3 - Results - Mr. Sherman-Tank. Kingfisher. Energy Drink. Jack Russell Terrier.

    4 - Inspirational - Mr. Manipulator. Cockatoo. Shots. Bull Terrier.

    1 - Director - Stubborn.

    2 - Developer - Bully.

    3 - Results - Mows you over.

    4 - Inspirational - Schemer.

    1 - Director - Leading a cycling tour.

    2 - Developer - Organising a group ski trip.

    3 - Results - Sailing the Atlantic.

    4 - Inspirational - Last minute booking.

    More information is available on other sites. This is a summary.

    1 - Director - Best with Achiever and Specialist.

    2 - Developer - Best with Perfectionist and Agent.

    3 - Results - Best with Objective Thinker and Practitioner.

    4 - Inspirational - With Appraiser , Persuader , Practitioner , Perfectionist and Investigator.

    More information is available on other sites. This is a summary.

    1 - Director - Best with Achiever and Specialist.

    2 - Developer - Best with Perfectionist and Agent.

    3 - Results - Best with Objective Thinker and Practitioner.

    4 - Inspirational - With Appraiser , Persuader , Practitioner , Perfectionist and Investigator.

    1 - Director - Lecturer. The friend who is either lecturing you about your life choices, or being larger than life and trying to keep you entertained. They often pretend to know more about the topics you are discussing than they actually do, but they are seriously good at convincing you.

    2 - Developer - Controlling. The sometimes controlling, but always entertaining friend. When they aren’t in work mode they are fun to be around and always give you a good laugh. They somehow always make you feel like you should be doing more with your life.

    3 - Results - Up for anything. The fun friend who is always up for absolutely anything. If they truly care about you they probably shower you with gifts and try to remind you of how awesome they are.

    4 - Inspirational - Outgoing. The outgoing and fun friend, who is always ready to do something new and exciting. They constantly make you laugh with their witty sense of humor, and enjoy being able to entertain you. They are capable of discussing a large array of topics, which makes the conversation always interesting.

    1 - Director - Myers Briggs MBTI - ESTJ. Extrovert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging. KIERSEY - Guardian - Supervisor. iPERSONIC - Determined Realist. Career: Run own business, ladder to positions of influence, leadership in volunteer positions, government employee, military or police officer, engineer, computer analyst, dentist, judge or physician. Key hate: Incompetence / procrastination. Examples: John D. Rockefeller, Bill O'Reilly; Lyndon B. Johnson.

    2 - Developer - Myers Briggs MBTI - ESTP. Extrovert, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving. KIERSEY - Artisan (=Craftsman) - Promoter. iPERSONIC - Energetic Doer. Career: Top executive, senior manager, head of sales and marketing, project managers, investment brokers, financial planners, labor relations leaders, business consulting, management consulting, stockbroker, economic analyst, judge. Key hate: Losing control. Examples: Donald Trump; Steve Jobs; Winston Churchill.

    3 - Results - Myers Briggs MBTI - ENTJ. Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging. KIERSEY - Rational - Field Marshal. iPERSONIC - Dynamic Thinker. Career: Paramedic, military personnel, police officer, pilot, financial advisor, stockbroker, news reporter, sportscaster, auctioneer, fitness instructor or skilled tradesman. Key hate: Mediocrity. Examples: General Patton, Rupert Murdoch, David Letterman.

    4 - Inspirational - Myers Briggs MBTI - ENTP. Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving. KIERSEY - Rational - Inventor. iPERSONIC - Groundbreaking Thinker. Career: Politics, real estate development, advertising, marketing, PR, venture capitalist, management consultant or sports agent. Key hate: Being controlled. Examples: Tom Hanks, Steve Wozniack, Celine Dion.

    1 - Director - Sound. Earns a good salary working in management, takes two holidays per year, retires on time on a good pension.

    2 - Developer - Risk taker. Makes good money being a day trader or similar, spends most of it on risky leisure pursuits such as buying a Harley.

    3 - Results - Keeps going. Makes millions as a CEO, ‘retires’ by 40 but remains majority shareholder or director of several multinational corporations.

    4 - Inspirational - On the edge. Spends entire pay on electronic gadgets and the like but always finds a way to pay the rent.

    1 - Director - Saver. Can develop a reputation for being cheap. May accumulate wealth or possessions etc. to be seen as high status. Work creates happiness so dollars not needed to spend. May adapt to the spending habits of friends but will want to cut costs when they can.

    2 - Developer - High Spender. Spending will be very high for 'fun' events (typically with many friends) including traveling and dining out. May encounter choppy seas if the 'high life' or adventurous pursuits exceed the income required. Investments in themselves may pay off big time in proportion to the high risk.

    3 - Results - Work Hard and Play Hard. Great income producers, indifferent attitude towards saving. Free spenders on what they want. Money is to be spent on themselves or invested for bumper returns; that's what it is for.

    4 - Inspirational - Spend today. Great income to get things now will be ahead of saving for the future which is not part of now. Savvy purchasers with the right attitude e.g. talk down the car price.

    1 - Director - Extractor. Pretends to reach for the wallet but always comes up short, so the other party pays. Or gets up to go to the bathroom when they see the waiter coming to the table with the bill.

    2 - Developer - Over Generous. Insists on paying for your dinners every time you go out. Tries to be the one who handles things, gives expensive gifts, or just does more financially than necessary. But there's a trick. While it may appear to make them happy, they are creating a circumstance that you have some sort of debt / commitment / time / emotion etc. They'll be upset but it is wise not to get into debt.

    3 - Results - One upper. You might find that you are dragged into spending more than you want. They want to impress with cars, home, golf club membership, clothes etc. and to stop their bragging you might try to keep up. Be careful....

    4 - Inspirational - One upper. You might find that you are dragged into spending more than you want. They want to impress with cars, home, golf club membership, clothes etc. and to stop their bragging you might try to keep up. Be careful....

    1 - Director - Disorganised Judgeology™. Judge people who cannot seem to get their own lives together. They see how things could be done more efficiently and often become annoyed that people refuse to listen to them. They have a strong sense of duty and want to get things done the right way not the wrong way. People who are messy or disorganised and cannot seem to get the job done, will receive judgments from the Director. They might make snap judgments towards people who don’t follow the guidelines of society the way they do.

    2 - Developer - Ignorant Judgeology™. Very competitive, feel judgmental towards people who are too over the top or continue to seek attention. They dislike people who are ignorant and who will not accept the new knowledge provided. Willing to teach people but become frustrated when people turn them down. They often try not to be judgmental but it does come out more often than they would like.

    3 - Results - Inefficient Judgeology™. They have little or no patience for individuals who cannot seem to get their work done properly or who are inefficient. Being driven and hard-working leads to being totally frustrated with laziness or incompetency. No excuses made and no excuses given. Loyalty is a must and watch out if you are a liar or commit acts of betrayal.

    4 - Inspirational - Stupid Judgeology™. Appear more judgmental than they actually are. They occasionally will express judgments about others, but are usually just being playful or sarcastic. They don’t hold those surface judgments very deep and will often forget about them as soon as they are spoken. They do have a strong impatience for stupid people who spit out their incorrect opinions constantly. They are very conscious of their knowledge and work hard to understand a wide variety of subjects. When aware of people who are ignorantly acting as though they are smarter than they are they will become very frustrated. They are mostly judgmental towards people who lack intelligence and knowledge. They also dislike people who act as though they are smart, but refuse to debate the issue to prove their point.

    This technique emanates from the service station industry where it was always necessary to understand the attitude of operators and staff towards 'sparkle and housekeeping'. Elevanto's techniques are all about observing so if you can see how someone approaches the issue of clutter, it's another tool to work out their pattern to reap the advantages of using these techniques. You'll need to look in the four quadrants at all sixteen clutter descriptions.

    1 - Director - Strategised Clutter. You'll have the chores assigned and posted on the calendar on the fridge. You will strategize, delegate and supervise, but no one resents it because you signed yourself up to scrub the unidentified sludge from the bathtub and tackle the rat’s nest in the garage. You are the Alexander the Great of spring cleaning.

    2 - Developer - Demolish Clutter. You'll get on with it. You'll fly around the house, jump shooting laundry into the basket and dropping dishes in the sink. You'll take the chance that the overfilled dryer will be able to handle that many towels without giving up. If another party is of the Perfectionist pattern, their ten minutes staring at the leaking garbage bag is the time you'll take to finish the whole task.

    3 - Results - Organised Chaos Clutter. Messiness and religious tidiness are both inefficient. You are a firm advocate of organized chaos. As long as everything is right where you know where it is. Arguments with your significant other may start with: “I can’t believe you threw out those papers scattered on the laundry machine. Those were important!”.

    4 - Inspirational - Non rational Clutter. You’ve never cleaned your home the same way twice. You would prefer someone else did such a menial task. You jump from task to task in a pattern that defies rationality. But, like the menagerie on top of your dressing table, it makes perfect sense to you.

    This is the sort of kitchen you may like and how you organise things in the kitchen. This is useful if you have the chance to observe how someone else handled the kitchen. Another very useful indicator to pick their pattern. You'll need to look in the four quadrants to explore all sixteen kitchens.

    1 - Director - The Traditional Kitchen. You are traditional, methodical and organized. You get things done. People often tell you your kitchen looks timeless. It's just classic, they say, with subtle details that are interesting without being showy. Its familiarity calms you, so you can tackle your to-do list with a clear head.

    2 - Developer - The Happy Modern Kitchen. You are energetic, playful, and social. You social butterfly, you! You love to have fun, and your kitchen is just like you: happy, playful, colorful and maybe even a little silly or whimsical.

    3 - Results - The Sophisticated Industrial Kitchen. You are logical, assertive and influential. Sometimes it takes a hard edge to really push things through. You appreciate strong industrial-style elements — cage pendant lights, metal stools — but you're not interested in roughing it. Traditional cabinets (painted black) keep the look sophisticated and only slightly intimidating — just how you like it.

    4 - Inspirational - The Eclectic Kitchen. You are clever, witty and unconventional. When it comes to designing your kitchen, rules are made to be broken. You find inspiration in all kinds of styles and periods and you're not afraid to mix and match. If it doesn't work, that's okay — you're just going to change it again anyway.

    How you go and they go in the bedroom may not be the starting point to pick someone's pattern. However, as with any model, the more information you have, the more likely you can reap the benefits of picking others behaviour patterns. You'll need to look in the four quadrants to explore all sixteen positions.

    1 - Director - Bragging Bedroomer. Your natural aggressiveness and eagerness towards life translates directly into the bedroom. You have a very take charge attitude and see sex as an opportunity to be the best at yet another thing. If you are young, you will explore ranking in the sexual conquests but as you get older you find casual sex meaningless. You are instantly turned on if you realize the other person is attracted to you. You thrive on knowing you are doing a good job in the bedroom and want to be as impressive as possible. Bragging rights are definitely a plus even if you are just bragging to your partner.

    2 - Developer - Greedy Bedroomer. You probably have an extremely high sex drive and find it very hard to be satisfied completely. You enjoy the physical aspect of sex and are very willing to explore new things. You are eager and athletic during sex more than willing to put forth a lot of the work. You don’t always need an emotional connection to experience good sex, but you are willing to explore that aspect of it as well. You can be very giving towards your lover, but are also very greedy as well.

    3 - Results - Vigorous Bedroomer. Your natural aggression is something that translates very well into the bedroom. You are willing to take charge and know how to keep a healthy balance. You have a very creative and intuitive way of making sex interesting for both you and your partner. You don’t want things to become too boring, but with you that is unlikely to ever happen. You may have a tendency to schedule sexual encounters, but make up for it in your ability to keep things fresh. You take your partner on a vigorous and imaginative love-making journey, which they will never forget.

    4 - Inspirational - Kinky Bedroomer. You take sex very seriously and do not just lust after someone’s physical presence. You feel deeply attracted to people whose minds you can respect and admire and who excite you deeply. Once you reach a level of connection with someone, sex is an intense and wild ride. You dislike the idea of boundaries and want to keep the passion alive. You dislike selfish lovers and want someone who will be just as giving to you, as you are to them. If you find someone who is willing to give back, you are eager to please them in phenomenal ways. You probably have a very kinky side.

    One of our latest techniques is to match these bratty descriptions to the person you are studying. Then you have their Disc pattern. You'll need to look in the four quadrants at all sixteen bratty descriptions.

    1 - Director - Lecturing others. Self-assured and worldly, tendency to genuinely believe that they know what’s best for those around them, but that may not necessarily be the case. Need to be more tolerant of other people’s choices, irrespective of how illogical they may seem to them.

    2 - Developer - Playing people to get what they want. Can talk their way in or out of anything and may take advantage of this. Need to remember that they’re accountable for everything they say while the charm is turned on. If they make a promise in order to get something they want, they’re still accountable for delivering on it and sometimes they will not deliver, causing bravado when it ends up in conflict.

    3 - Results - Coercing others into submission. A powerful self-starter. Masters of pinpointing the most efficient way of getting things done and sometimes this requires the participation of other people. As long as things are going okay, will respect others’ boundaries. When a derailment occurs, may manipulate and force and threaten others into acting in a way that serves them. The end justifies the means. This is extremely effective in the best of times and morally questionable in the worst.

    4 - Inspirational - Taking advantage of people. By manipulation and knowing how to push people's buttons will get what they want, generally with no concern for the other party. Will deny this attribute. Should learn to reign in the manipulative tendencies before their bad behaviour blows up in their face when they take advantage.