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A word from Disc creator, William Moulton Marston:

"Realize what you really want. It stops you from chasing butterflies and puts you to work digging gold."

"Besides the practical knowledge which defeat offers, there are important personality profits to be taken."

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We are masters of Disc behaviour techniques which we thoroughly integrate with 'Good to Great' philosophy.
We replace a 'must talk' mentality, that encourages inevitable failure, with 'can-do'.
Being overseen by the values of a six time world champion, allows us to say we are not opinionated; we are right.

Elevanto your way to success

What's your Disc?

This is how where you must start
or you will proceed
without your engine.

Want to go better?

Our aim is to give you a better chance
to impose on others

Treat the other party?

A: Could not care less.
B: As Richard Cranium or Ms. Douchebag.
C: As they want to be treated?


There is a huge amount on Disc here.
This is the 'What'.
We teach the 'How'.

Why us?

Elevanto your way to success

The Disc Method is proven

The base for your success is the philosophy of William Marston, the 1920's psychologist.

All the Disc behaviour patterns are on this site.
And much, much more to assist in working out someone's Disc.

But how do you use that to impose correctly? That's what this boutique consultancy does.

ONE: Your Pattern

William Moulton Marston developed the Disc behavioural methodology in 1928. (He also created "Wonder Woman" and the systolic blood pressure test).
Your behaviour pattern is unearthed based on this proven theory.
This is the starting point. You can do it for free on this site.

But it may be a challenge....

TWO: Their Pattern

It is axiomatic that you will impose on someone willingly in a better fashion if you know their Disc pattern.
Is this pidgeon holing? Yes!
Their behaviour pattern is known based on this proven theory.
This is the second step. You can also do it for free on this site.

But it will be a challenge....

THREE: Imposition

We use our proven techniques to allow you to impose willingly on the other party.
Our proprietary method ignores the Golden Rule.
(Luke 6:31 records Jesus saying: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”) by replacing it with the TITANIUM Rule:

“Do to others as they want to have done to them.”

FOUR: Jim Collins

This all leads to the bus. Right people on; wrong people off; right people in the right seats; putting who before what.
This consultancy knows.

Your organisation can be transformed using Marston and Collins' proven theories.
Who else does this?

Our service sequence

Although this will potentially upset some viewers, 40 years in business gives us the view that everyone will do way better if they are trained to impose correctly. We have that many stories of abjectly hapless efforts when success was in reach if only they knew how.

“Never fall in love with an idea. They're whores: if the one you're with isn't doing the job, there's always, always, always another.” - Chipp Kidd

We are the other idea. We hope you'll grasp but not fall in love with our idea now that you have read this far.

"Realize what you really want. It stops you from chasing butterflies and puts you to work digging gold". - William M. Marston 1893-1947

  • 1. We cannot guarantee success.
  • 2. Because we are not you.
  • 3. It's about your preparation.
  • 4. Who you are.
  • 5. What they are.
  • 6. How you impose.
  • 7. Make speaker & listener equally responsible.
  • 8. Don't be better.
  • 9. Be different.
  • 10. Contact us today!

Never lose sight of our philosophy

Impose on others the way they want to be imposed on.

What we really care about is that you get the best chance to impose on others willingly. Do you want to fail?

  • 1. You know your Disc.
  • 2. You know their Disc.
  • 3. You impose willingly.
  • 4. You put the right people on the bus.
  • 5. You chuck the wrong people off the bus.
  • 6. You have people in the right seats on the bus.
  • 7. You'll put 'who' before 'what'.
  • 8. You repeat.
  • 9. You repeat.
  • 10. You repeat.

The appreciation of quality lasts long after the thrill of a discount price is forgotten.

We are all about worth and value. e.g. The renowned architect Daryl Jackson designed the Great Southern Stand at the MCG on a serviette over lunch. Yet he would have charged many thousands of dollars for his design. That is totally fair and the MCC got what he designed. That serviette is in the museum and the project has turned out to be a monumental success.

  • A phone + email interchange is $59 per hour.
  • A consultation in person is $129 per hour.
  • A phone + email + consultation is $129 per hour.
  • This is the unique Elevanto know how.
  • Why not impose in a correct fashion?
  • You might find that your team goes better.
  • (Prices are in $A and include GST.)

You may or may not be better but you will be different.

If you focus on being different you will attract a loyal following. If you focus on just being better you are fighting a uphill battle. What makes your company different from everyone in your space?” - Deon Graham, Digital Architect (produced with some editorial discretion).

To your right are eight benefits you will take with you.---->

  • Know yourself.
  • Work out others.
  • Impose correctly.
  • Have the right people in the right jobs.
  • Leverage our experience.
  • Make better decisions.
  • Energise your workforce.
  • Grow your cash.

How we work

We have assembled a mountain of information

The what and the how is all here. History says you cannot do it all on a self-service basis.

1. Have a management disaster

Contact us. It's a simple start to see if we can partner with you.

2. We prepare written scope of work + fees

We ensure who has committed to do what and by when.

3. Train you and your organisation

Your Behaviour. Theirs. Bus Loading.

4. Ongoing Personal Support

This is unconditional.

Our Objective

To have you develop the ongoing skills that combine and implement two of the most successful management theories. William Marston's Disc and Jim Collins Good to Great. Be different, not better.

1. Your Pattern

2. Their Pattern

3. Imposition

4. Jim Collins

Like our unique approach?

What we are in statistics

Former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."


Behaviour Patterns


your max. $ investment p/h


Postcode of base


Mentor's experience in years

Your mentor's skills

Peter Selleck's skillsets are the key component here.

This boutique style of consultancy promotes a purposeful approach to our work, achieving decisive and unambiguous results.
Our assertive standing, within our expertise of improving performance, is the result of goal-oriented diligence.
We integrate your Disc behaviour, their Disc, imposition and Jim Collins' philosophy.
It is this thoroughness, overseen by the values of a six time world champion (Márquez), that allows us me say we am are not opinionated; we are right.

My own behavior pattern is Enhancer. Click here.

"Peter is affable, quirky & proved to me to be a rare, judicious, diligent urbane, erudite & intelligent professional to compliment, dutifully perform, collaborate & cause Caltex Oil Australia's Victoria State Melbourne Metropolitan retail marketing great success outcome. I enjoyed training Peter, & I do so recommend him to you."

"The Hyphen", Esq. Caltex legend....

Hey Peter, Long time no hear. I remember all the work I did at Caltex. I hope things are well. I haven’t been near Pitch Doctor for years. I am fully retired except for charity work. We sold rogenSi to Teletech and I think they’ve even got rid of the name. Thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate it.

Neil Flett Founder rogenSi.

Disc Expert
Without us

The Participants

Who am I and who else is involved?

The team is you and me. But the team has to interact with others. Our team will work as a team(!), take responsibility and carry on with a can do spirit. Are we ready to interact with each other?


"Carole Paulet"

Your Boss

You may have to manage this person as well. How?


"Phillip B. Willis"

The Auditor

How do you impose correctly on this person?


"Aron Gorski"

The Problem Employee

Is this you? Are you late?


Peter Selleck

Your Resultant and Mentor

Peter personally works with you to give you an edge...

Clients love us

The following are a few examples where success has been achieved. The stories are true but the names have been changed. It's all about the imposition being correct.


3rd .05. Drove car without interlock and recorded 0.035. Looking at maximum of around $18,000+ fine and up to 18 months. Received $900 fine, $120 court costs.
Sacked hopeless barrister who charged $770 per day and represented himself with our guidance.

"Benjamin Hearn" Accountant, Victoria

Driving unregistered car in Queensland and therefore uninsured. Fines of around $800 and told "you cannot write to us, see you in court". Wrote in; matter being considered. That's a victory in itself. Probably cost the Queensland Government $400 in handling costs already.

"Charlie Highett"Project Manager, Major Building Co.

Rachel's credit card expiry date had come and the YMCA advised her by SMS after the event even though they had two years to do this. New date advised within minutes. An undated letter, an unprofessional touch, arrives in the mail advising a $15 administration fee. This was waived. Elevanto did this 'pro bono'.

"Rachel Winchcombe"Swimmer, Hawthorn Pool

Driving unregistered vehicle. One day late due to oversight by brother. Licence two days late due to carelessness. Very embarrassed as has reputation as a reliable individual. $738 fine. And unlicensed $361. This method got him off in 2014. Think about what's on offer here!!

"Daniel Murphy"Tradesman, Victoria

What are the benefits?

We have an awesome methodology

Do you have the skills?


Do you know how to pick that?


Do you know how to pick that?

Your IMPOSition

Can you impose correctly to achieve a willing action or outcome?

Jim Collins

Why is he so important?

Friendly support

I encourage and mentor you. I'll give strategic advice as I've been doing this for decades.

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Why not? All prospective clients receive around 30 minutes of advice, free of charge. There is no obligation, no commitment and no risk. Call 0417 605 688 and speak to Peter. Or use the form below.

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This may be the best decision you have made if you are having problems with your staff, your boss, your customers or your suppliers and you have no knowledge of Disc and how to use it. Plus, the method is applicable in a wide variety of settings, including yours.

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