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“Our boutique style of consultancy upholds a purposeful approach to our work, achieving decisive and unambiguous results.
Our assertive standing, within our expertise of improving business performance, is the result of goal-oriented diligence.
We integrate Disc behaviour techniques with 'Good to Great' philosophy. We replace a 'must talk' mentality, that encourages inevitable failure, with 'can-do'.

It is this thoroughness, overseen by the values of a five time world champion, that allows us to say we are not opinionated; we are right.”

Currently accepting assignments on the Sunshine Coast.

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Do you have passion for what you do?

In one circle you must tell what you are passionate about; Another what you or your company do better than anyone else; Lastly, how you measure your performance. These must intersect.

Do you know your own behaviour pattern?

You must know your own Disc behaviour pattern.

Without this knowledge you cannot apply our unique methodology.

What pattern are you, exactly?

Do you impose correctly on others?

You must know how to pick others' behaviour patterns without them knowing or even meeting them.

Otherwise you will not be able to impose on others willingly using our methodology.

Do you have the right people in the right jobs?

Get the right people on the bus;

Get the right people in the right seats on the bus;

Get the wrong people off the bus;

Put who before what.

Do you have the correct leader?

The best leaders have these:

1. Humility.

2. Fierce Resolve.


Only one behaviour pattern matches this. Which is it and does your leader have it?

Do you know how to find your 30% waste?

30% of your effort is wasted! But where?

Improvement pursuits (2%)

Passion pursuits (55%)

Optional pursuits (13%)

Squandered pursuits (30%)

Engage Us

  • We compose your approach

    If you just need a letter, proposal or business plan written to get yourself out of trouble or into profit, let us do it for you.

    With your input, we assess the disc of the recipient. We compose to impose accordingly. We (or you) send it off. You have a better chance of getting off or obtaining approval. Similarly, although we are not lawyers, if you knew how to treat the magistrate or judge how they wanted to be treated, would that give you a better chance?

  • Partner as trusted advisor

    We come to you. While each case is different we basically do Next Level Thinking test. We have never found an organisation that passes all the six criteria. We charge by the hour or an agreed share of your benefit. Remember, we are not aware of any other advisor with our unique skillsets and methodology. Think of us as having 'Hands-on guidance and Hats-off results'.

  • An energy company; Simply Awful

    A client advised payment will be one day late which was acknowledged as 'ok'. Days later they call to advise payment has been processed but would not do so without asking for name, address, DOB which they already know. If common sense was lard, some companies wouldn't have enough to grease a frying pan. Contact Elevanto today to eliminate waste in your company.

Let's avoid making you a Vacuous Leader. Which Manager would you prefer?
What manager would you prefer

1. Richard deCrespigny - the hero of Qantas Flight QF32.

2. Deborah Thomas - The CEO who presided over the Dreamworld disaster yet allowed a bonus to her of $860,000 to be approved.

We would advise clients to fire Deborah on the spot. When she was asked if she knew how to operate a rollercoaster, she said, “my response was that I am not here to operate the rollercoaster; I am here to make sure that people queue up and want to spend their money to take a ride on it”. Tell that to the grieving families.

According to the University of Phoenix, "What stifles critical thinking in some cases is an unwillingness to do research." In other words, if you are not humble, you will avoid examining alternate opinions for fear of being proven wrong. Deborah, you have symptoms of being indoctrinated, have a lack of intelligence, are arrogant and have cognitave impairment. This is based on an article in eHow by Alex Saez. The full article can be sourced by clicking here.
Achieve the unlikely with our methods

1. Ensured a request for review was done prior to the fines being payable and do not pay the fines.

2. Submitted separately, four days apart, to try to have a different person handle them and avoid a possible 'must be guilty as two offences committed together’ attitude by Victoria Police.

3. Sent on deluxe A4 paper with attachments; unfolded to create classy and professional impression. Used business letterhead to give a professional feel to it

4.Using the developed methodology, analysed, by making the best call, as to what Disc quadrant the recipient of the letters will be in and apply our methodology. We were correct again. Click here.

Amateur management

This was our Resultant's own issue. His credit card expiry date had come and the YMCA advised by SMS after the event even though they had two years to do this.

Action was taken promptly to advise the new date; within minutes.

An undated letter, an unprofessional touch, arrives in the mail advising a $15 administration fee.

It is easy to see that the YMCA are not within any of Next Level Thinking Test criteria. A woeful outfit! But the secret is not to go mad at them as the whole purpose is to have the fee waived. And it was.

11 out of 1435 - lesson learned

There is no better example than of Walgreens of the USA who became only one of eleven companies to go from good to great in the period 1965-2000 out of 1435. It does not matter that this is a while ago.

Cork Walgreen is in the American National Business Hall of Fame. And no wonder. Cumulative stock returns were at or below the stock market for 15 years, punctuated by a transition point out of restaurants to solely on drug stores, then cumulative returns at least three times the market over the next 15 years.

They got 7.34. GE got 2.80 and are not in the eleven.

Improvement Opportunity

This club is not a client of ours, despite a flurry of approaches. They should be. Lets benchmark Next Level Thinking Test - something we do in client presentations.

1. Own Disc - The Chairman and CEO appear not to know their own. (They are Inspirational pattern).

2. Impose correctly - The technique may be known but evidence of use appears hard to find.

3. Venn diagram. The key mission is to be a raceclub. Three divisions - racing; property development and poker machine hotels. Where does the bakery fit in? Racing loses money. Sandown was closed due to poor surface (this outsourced) and they have no lease at Caulfield.

4. Business Process Failure - One committeeman told our Resultant that there is no waste when it is likely to be 30% plus.

5. Bus - It appears to have a 'boys club' culture and the service at the Promenade Dining in 2015 featured the dirty cutlery placed back on the table.

6. Leaders - The leaders do not appear to exhibit humility and fierce resolve. Inspirational pattern leaders find this very difficult.

7. Ethics - The conduct of the Special General Meeting on April 28, 2016 might have been legal but certainly attracted the attention of the former Victorian Premier, Jeffrey Gibb Kennett Esq., who forcefully entered the fray. Our Ethics policy may be downloaded here. They should implement it!

Bank of New South Wales

We'd love to get into Westpac. But we are realists. Dinosaurs (something that is unwieldy, outmoded or unable to adapt to change), aka a large corporation, do business with other dinosaurs.

Readers challenge us that this is a terrible statement to make. Their auditors are PricewaterhouseCoopers. Game, set, match.

1. Westpac’s vision "is to be one of the world’s great service companies, helping our customers, communities and people to prosper and grow". Editorial comment: Bulltish / waffle.

2. Finance News Network: Westpac announces new operating model June 10, 2015 10:50 AM. Westpac Banking Corporation (ASX:WBC) will split its business into two divisions in a bid to simplify banking operations and focus on the customer. Editorial: Slow learners - it's taken them 198 years to come up with such an outrageous and innovative concept.

3. Look at one of their children: Bank of Melbourne. "our mission is simple: to prove we are more than just the Bank of Melbourne, we're the bank for Melbourne. We're Victoria's local bank. We have 97 branches spread around Victoria, with our headquarters and call centre located in the heart of Melbourne's CBD. All our branches and corporate banking centres are staffed by locals."

4. Facts - you are a division of what started our as the Bank of New South Wales and are really are St. George Bank - ex. St. George Building Society of Sutherland Shire Sydney. You run on the St. George software. Your history has nothing to do with Melbourne.

5. Claims could be misleading but lawyers will claim 'Puffery' - a seller's privilege to lie his head off, so long as he says nothing specific.

C20 Genius

“If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

Only 30% waste

“Australia should adopt discrete city-wide entities with the responsibility for whole of-urban planning. These entities should, preferably, be vested with hypothecated funds from sources that generate it within the jurisdiction, such as the fuel excise and appropriate congestion pricing, to ensure adequate investment in the infrastructure that makes these cities liveable.” Comment: Bulltish.

Elevanto Webmaster says: "At 258 pages, no one other than the authors is likely to read it and the average 'man in the street' would laugh at it."

2014 Revenue just over $9M and seven executives average compensation is just over $220,000 each.

It is 100% waste - a waffle tank!! Why can't the government do it themselves?? Read the 258 pages here!

Have they analysed their audience using Disc? Who will read this? How much did it cost?

With (then PM) Abbott as Developer and Shorten as Inspirational, "Would they read it?" we ask our clients.

"Less is more". They should implement this phrase from the Robert Browning poem 'The Faultless Painter' - 1855.

Is this a sheltered workshop?

The following is from an email dated February 9, 2016. Really, is this Level 5 Leadership? Not only do they create their own spin and bulltish, they actually believe in it.

"As the weather cools, the Victorian racing season hots up with two of the most important sporting events of the year: the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix and Relaxed Racing."

ANZ Piggy Bank

AFR, March 2016: "ANZ's new CEO says his experience running businesses will help prioritise different businesses within the bank, while stressing collaboration and diversity of thought."

What about Disc, impose correctly, hedgehogs, 30% waste, right people / right positions and correct leader?

The customer was not even mentioned. Interesting...

Prediction: Proficient leader and his teams they will stay the course. Not much will happen. Biggest challenge is following the CEO who was there too long. With a Developer pattern he would have marginalised or moved on any threats. The cupboard might be pretty short on talent using our war chest of history as a guide. Hire me, ANZ!

Melbourne Cricket Club

Melbourne Cricket Club President, Steven Smith, announced the following in the March 2016 newsletter:

"We’ll also be working with our hospitality partner, Epicure, to ensure an improved level of service is provided throughout the stadium. It's an exciting project with a number of initiatives planned and we will be looking to our members for regular feedback after the project is rolled out."

Comment: Perfectionist leaders tend to be competent which is in line with their emotion which also indicates they are both restrained and cautious.

Question: What is going to be more effective? Command and Control or Collaboration or Contribution?

This is a perfect example of a competent leader when a Level 5 leader would be way better. After 178 years, they suddenly think about service. All their claims to fame are on attendance, honours lists and who won their golf tournament etc. etc.. They do not want to do anything rash and the President's personal fear of antagonism dictates no details at all are provided, thereby avoiding the possibility of criticism. He wants feedback so he can say it's the members who judge and not himself. He may well have some teamwork, yet no responsibility or 'can do spirit'.

Fact from March 26 game: Only one POS terminal in the Carvery and long queues yet Mr. Smith is wandering around with no tie and a pair of casual slacks. This is just non leadership. Mr. Smith, you cannot dress like this if you are the leader! It is simply not on if you think the MCC is a prestige organisation....

New Committee appointees, who were not elected, will not help either. Ms. Cannon is an Agent, who are terrible leaders with an 'Appreciative' style, while Mr. Anderson is a Practitioner who, while 'Proficient' knows everything about everything and makes simple tasks amazingly complex (e.g. how the AFL Tribunal 'works').

Another organisation primed and ready to leverage their reputation from concepts contained on this site. Come on Stephen Gough, Creative pattern, give us a call, oh no you have retired!

Best business article:

"The best business article I have ever come across is an article by James C. Collins III, 1958 -. U.S. Management consultant and writer." Download here from HBR

We cannot have this article on our site per a request from one of their staff. That's fair enough, too. What would you say that person's Disc behaviour pattern would most likely be?

Peter H Selleck - Resultant and Proprietor

Next Level Thinking

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It is our passion to provide assistance to work it all out and how to implement our unique Next Level Thinking methodology into practice for success. You must be SMART - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time based. Call us today on 0417 605 688.





Marston & Collins

Marston to Platinum Rule
to P. Rogen = Oxor Method™

  • Test: What does DISC stand for?
  • Are we the only resultants to link these proven theories?
  • Test: What is Oxor Method™?

The Team

Some invigorators right here

William Marston founded the Disc behavioural methodology in 1928. He also created "Wonder Woman" and the systolic blood pressure test (the pressure in your arteries during contraction of the heart muscle) which became a component of the polygraph (lie detector). James C. (Jim) Collins III, 1958 - is a U.S. Management Consultant and writer (whose image is not shown here). We implement his outstanding philosophy. Heroes are essential. Marc Márquez has all the attributes of the type of leader a company should have. What's his Disc pattern? If you see this, Marc, please contact us! We will tell you.

Our Philosophy

This consultancy is PASSIONATE about assisting organisations who display mediocrity and eliminating it.
This consultancy is BEST at linking business philosophies of Marston, Collins (and others) and infiltrating proven hands on business operations and techniques.
This consultancy MEASURES its success by recording the demonstrated value added by clients.

Key areas we are best at working with you so you have the skills to:


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Why not give us a call to discuss how we can be the catalyst to get you from good to better to best? By just doing one step you will be better off. Even if you are in a mess now. Call Peter on 0417 605 688 today.

Do you do this?

What is your behaviour pattern? How do you find out other's patterns so you can impose on them willingly?
What's your passion? What are you best at? How are you measuring it? How much do you squander?
Who's on your bus? Where do they sit? Who's there that shouldn't be? Who's driving it?

Here are some important aspects of our brand

1. We lead the way

2. We take control

3. We pursue specific goals

4. We voice our opinions of authority

1. Confidently leading the pack

2. Voicing opinions in no uncertain terms

3. Being decisive and ready to take action

1. Meekly asking permission, hesitating, second-guessing or communicating with insecurity

2. Being passive, indifferent, or neutral in communication

3. Being a follower, behind others in our category